Rainbows and Sunshine

While travelling can be exciting and an adventure, it is not all rainbows and sunshine, as you probably well know. Driving thru traffic, getting to the airport, changing planes, and wondering if your luggage will be at your destination when you arrive can bring a certain level of stress. Fortunately for us, everything worked out perfectly. OR, so I thought. Before we arrived at Mike and Julie’s house we stopped to top off our tank with diesel. Our RV is diesel, not gas. While there I opened my luggage to retrieve the rest of our maps. Well, what a surprise! TSA had gone thru my luggage which typically wouldn’t be a problem except that 90% of my clothes and items were WET! aughhh! It had been raining heavily just before we left LA. I imagine that they opened my luggage in the rain or near some puddles, to inspect it, and tossed my items on the ground. Fortunately I use packing cubes. Nevertheless, the majority of my items were wet…in both of my suitcases! That was annoying. Fortunately, I knew I could wash everything at Mike and Julie’s; which I did. 🙂

Did I mention how COLD it is in GA? Where we are it is mid 50’s during the day and the nights have been in the mid 30’s! Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like the cold. I know, I know, it’s January. It is supposed to be cold, and it is! Craig and I will spend time in our RV today making sure we know how to use the heating system, and stove before we hit the road in the morning. We don’t want to freeze out tushies off on the road! LOL, I’ll post more pix later.

The view from our basement suite.

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