Montgomery, AL

Our drive from Georgia to Alabama was pretty smooth. We decided to stop for a bite, and saw some familiar eateries, but we wanted to try a local place. We decided on the “Cook Out,” a local burger chain according to the young lady behind the counter. The food was OK. It was a standard burger joint. It was the prices that surprised us. Their cook out tray offered lots of choices.

It filled the space for two hungry travellers, as that was the only meal we ate yesterday.

We stopped for fuel along the way. Our RV felt pretty small next to the big rigs.

Craig behind the wheel. Our official driver. Me, I’m the navigator. We use GPS but I follow along with my maps, just in case we hit a dead zone. I just don’t totally trust technology!šŸ˜ Like I said, I’m old school.

We arrived at Deandre and Sheree’s home in the evening and visited with them for a few hours before we retreated to our RV for the night.

It was our first night actually sleeping in the RV. All went well. It was warm and cozy!

4 thoughts on “Montgomery, AL

  1. So glad things are going smoothly. Didn’t your friend/coworker/mechanic make the trip with you? Craig looks like he is still getti g use to the rv versus ups truck!šŸš›


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