Montgomery & Mobile

Deandre, Sheree, Craig and I walked to breakfast at a local eatery called Filet Vine aka “Dirks” to the locals. It was a cozy little corner store/deli/buffet with friendly folk and good food.

After a nice breakfast and some much needed coffee they gave us a tour of Downtown Mongomery and it’s history. We visited the Legacy Museum.

If you are ever in Mongomery, AL I highly recommend that you visit this museum! It chronicles the history of slavery like I have never seen. It was very informative and educational. It was difficult to read about the many accounts and injustices of slavery. 😒 I was moved to tears at a couple of the exhibits.

We then drove by the river front where ships brought slaves, and saw the route that they walked on Commerce Street to the fountain where they were sold at auction.

We saw where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , spoke on the back of a truck near the Capitol steps just a block from his church. We saw this Civil Rights Freedom Rider sign.πŸ’”

It was so apropos that we were in Montomery on the weekend of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday. Thank you Dr. King, THANK YOU. πŸ’–

Thank you Deandre and Sheree for the informative tour and your hospitality.

The family.πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸ’ž We love you guys! Keep up the good work in your community through COMMON GROUND!!πŸ‘

On another note, something I’ve never experienced before…

A TORNADO WARNING! 😬😳 I gotta say that freaked me out just a little bit! It had rained a bit during our tour and as we decided to continue our RV journey again, it began pouring rain! Sheets of rain pounded our RV. We took refuge at a corner gas station and waited.

The rain lightened up after about 30 minutes so we continued our journey down the highway. Observation: The Waffle House and Cracker Barrel restaurants are quite popular in these parts! Just thought you’d like to know. Oh, and Carle’s Jr. is Hardy’s out here. I didn’t know this.

Some interesting sights off highway 64… We passed Murder Creek. MURDER CREEK! Really? Who came up with that name? Is there a reason it’s called Murder Creek? One has to wonder.πŸ€” We also passed Little Lizard Creek. That one makes sense, little lizards. 🦎 But Murder Creek???

Anyway, we are hunkered down in a Walmart supercenter parking lot. FREE overnight stays for RVers and Truckers, or any weary traveler, I suppose.

It sure is WINDY. We will be rocked to sleep tonight!

Like I always say, “Life is an adventure!”

2 thoughts on “Montgomery & Mobile

  1. I love your insight on the museum, definitely a place to visit if I ever go that way. As for the weather warning, yes that can be very scary, winds were really blowing here in Fort Worth yesterday, Mija told me DC got hit with 50 mph winds yesterday as well.
    I was wondering if y’all would meet up with some of the snow that hit along the line from TX/OK to Chicago.
    Here’s to a restful sleep, God Bless.


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