I have a new found appreciation for Walmart. 😁

While travelling in an RV is exciting it poses certain challenges, such as where to park at night to sleep?

While there are many camping and RV accommodations across the country they are not always available when YOU are tired and want to rest. Like a hotel if you don’t make a reservation you are taking your chances. Sure, you can plan ahead city -by-city or state-by-state, calculate your driving time and reserve a place in advance. OR, you can fly by the seat of your pants (like we are) and drive until you get tired.

Have no fear! In the US there are several options for weary travelers to stop and rest. My favorite so far is Walmart!

Most Walmart Supercenters welcome RVers to stop and sleep OVERNIGHT. Now, you cannot set up camp, get your grill going or sit in your camp chair to enjoy the sun. NO. It is ONLY an overnight stop to rest and then get going in the morning. This has worked out well for us as we travel across country back to California. Why Walmart? It’s FREE-99. FREE. Who doesn’t love free? And it’s Walmart, they have everything! We bought a travel iron and ironing board and some snacks.😁 As a courtesy patronize them if you stay the night.

Other places that RVers could stay overnight free of charge:

– FLYING J Truck stops*

– Union 76 truck stops*
– Kmart factory outlets
– Some major shopping centers
– Cracker Barrell
– Cabella’s
– Bass Pro Shops
– Rest stops

– Some public lands

*Dump stations and propane available

As a courtesy, patronize the establishments that you stay at, when possible. It is a small price to pay.

Speaking of paying, RV parks and campgrounds charge anywhere from $25 and up depending on the amenities offered. The more amenities, the higher the daily price.

Now, don’t get me wrong I have no problen paying when I intend to set up camp and stay a couple of nights. But just passung thru town, I’ll take the FREE-99.


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