Houston to San Antonio

The drive from Houston to San Antonio was a WINDY one!! Lord, a few times I thought we were going to get blown off of the highway. Craig had to hold on tight to that steering wheel!

And then we see hurricane evacuation signs.😳 What the heck?! This made me a little uneasy. That wind was really ROUGH.🌬🌀 I think being in a high profile vehicle added to it.

On a lighter note something pretty cool that we noticed is that the highway numbers are printed on the highways!

Can we do this across the country, please?! Thank you Texas for making highway driving easier. 👍

My favorite place to stop in Texas; Buc-ee’s. I LOVE Buc-ee’s! It is a 7-11 on steroids! They sell just about everything; FRESHLY made on the spot sandwiches, salads, roasted candied pecans and potato chips. They have more spices and sauces than you can imagine; T-shirts, souvenirs and specialty items. I love meandering thru the isles, you never know what you might stumble across. Oh, and they the BEST beef jerkey, and the largest variety I have ever seen. And gas pumps, did I mention the massive amount of gas/diesel pumps they have? No waiting in line here!!

It is a one stop shop! I LOVE Buc-ee’s!! They also have the CLEANEST bathrooms anywhere. Hands down!

Oh here are a few interesting items I saw at a local Walmart. King cake and duck fat. I didn’t know duck fat was a thing? Did you?🤔

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