San Antonio’s River Walk

We opted to spend the night Alamo City RV park.

It is very reasonably priced with all of the amenities; laundry, showers, pool, wifi, movies and books available to borrow, free popcorn and nice folks!

We have been owners of our RV for one week now and today is the first day we are fully hooked up. 😊 Since it was our first time we needed help. We heard that RVers are a community of friendly folks willing to help another RVer. Well, we experienced that this evening. After we parked and got our hoses and such out, Craig couldn’t quite get things to work properly, so I walked over to a couple relaxing by their RV and asked for help. They were happy to assit in setting us up and explained how things worked. They suggested a few things that we would want to consider getting. Bill and Laura shared that they were new fulltime RVers and were loving it. As they left they said if we needed anything else to “just holler.”

One reason we chose this RV park is their location. They are a bus ride from the Alamo and River Walk. Bus #24 stopped directly in front of the RV park. We hopped on and enjoyed the ride.

We first saw the Alamo.

We enjoyed the River walk, it was so pretty in the evening.

On the streets there were these horse drawn carriages, each uniquely decorated.

Craig chillin.😘

After quite a lot of walking we headed to the bus stop to head back home. That was an adventure because we didn’t know exactly where to catch the bus to head back. We finally found it and boarded.

On the bus ride home we met other RVers who had also taken the bus to the River Walk. One of the three couples were full time RVers; new retirees who sold EVERYTHING and are travelling in their 36′ Class A motohome, towing a truck. Two of the couples were camping at the KOA park down the street from us. The third couple were actually our neighbors who had pulled in and set up after we had.

This is such an interesting journey. We are meeting some really NICE people. Could we live fulltime in an RV? 🤔 Hum, I don’t know. It is something I could consider…

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