We have officially been RV owners for 9 days, YAY US! 😁 Until now we have been fortunate enough to be overnight guests at friends homes. On the nights that we have slept in our RV, we have dry camped. Dry camping?! What?! 🤔 This is basically when you don’t have access to a dump station. Essentially your bodily waste and shower water stays in your RV tanks. 😵😳 However, last night, as I mentioned we spent the night at an RV park with full hook ups. Well, this morning we stuggled a little trying to figure out which levers did what. We did get a crash course when we picked up the RV, but, hey, it was alot to remember. Any who, it was a bit of a stuggle trying to empty the tanks, but with a little help we got it done. It will take us a little while to learn all of the features, functions, noises and the little nuisances about our RV. But this cross country crash course has us learning quickly! AND, We are really grateful that Mark and Diana are just a phone call away!! ☎️👍Our answer people!

Well, we hung around San Antonio today and visited with an old friend of Craig’s from church; his name is Craig, too.

We visited for a while with Craig and his wife Monica. Sweet people. Craig is actually a pastor in San Antonio. They relocated from Los Angeles with their children several years ago. After visiting they treated us to lunch at Pappadeaus; a popular southern seafood restaurant. The food was spicy and tasty.

Us with Craig and Monica.

We hit the road shortly after lunch. It was a chill day. Thanks Craig and Monica for the relaxing day, your hospitality and lunch!

So, tonight we are hunkered down in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. Yes, they welcome RVers and truckers. I have a new appreciation for this establishment.😁

Staying in an RV park can get costly night after night. Rates could cost anywhere from $25 to $80 a night, so one on a budget looks for FREE 99 when we can get them.

We are Arlington bound in the morning to visit with Jessica, our youngest daughter. On our way we will stop by Waco.

Any HGTV Fans? Chip and Joanna Gaines? We love their show, Fixer Upper. 😁They are such a good team and sweet couple. Anyway, I want to stop by and see their shop Magnolia House. I understand that they have a restaurant too. We’ll see what we can see.

Until then.😊 Good night.

One thought on “OFFICIAL RV Owners

  1. Soooo exciting!!!!! I love waking up and reading your posts1 I’m so glad you are livin your dream 🙂 I love you guys!


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