We returned from The Alamo and River Walk earlier. As we are settling in for the evening it starts to rain. The wind is blowing and it’s raining. Fortunately we are warm and snug in our RV.

You know, you REALLY have like someone and thoroughly enjoy their company because these are such close quarters. 😁 Fortunately, we do. Not that we don’t get on each others nerves, LOL, because we do. Anyway, here we are hunkerd down chillin in our RV.

Earlier at the Flying J having our propane tank filled. This guy had to take a class to do this, it requires safety training. He said whever he fills a tank that everyone must vacate the vehicle – in case it explodes! What the what?!? That is what he said, and he was SERIOUS. He also said its never happened, but it is safety precaution.

Settling in earlier getting ready to blog. Craig looking for some tunes.

OK, enough writing tonight, my eyeballs are tired. Until tomorrow.😊

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