Sunday, the Lord’s Day

We went to church with Jess today. She attends and volunteers as a Greeter at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill.

Pastor Hennessy taught on the Holy Spirit. Excellent message! Craig got the CD so we could listen to it again.😁

After service we went to brunch at Mudhen’s, a farm to table organic, vegan and Keto friendly place. We walked around the Farmer’s market and drove thru some neighborhoods looking at homes. (I think Jess wants us to move here.😉) Afterwards we came back home to her place to chill for a while.

We met up with her very good friend Ashley. We all enjoyed dinner at Twisted Root Burger, a real good burger place that serves, buffalo, elk, bison, turkey, boar and some other types of gamey meat burgers. They make their own buns and grind their own pasture raised, organic cattle. Nothing is frozen; everything is fresh! Oh, they make fried pickles; and a variety of sliced pickles are availabe in barrels; ranch, sweet n spicy, butter, dill and a couple of other flavors. Unfortunately neither of us took pix. 😐 But we recommend this burger joint. Jess knows all the good spots to eat!

Overall, it was a chill day. We enjoyed the weekend with our baby gurl.😉

Well, we hit the road in the morning…THANKS JESS! We loved our visit in Arlington. We love u!🤩😘😍💗💝

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