The Land of Enchantment…

This morning we work up in Amarillo, TX and it was freezing!

We spent the day on the road.

We plowed thru The Land Of Enchantment and stopped only to eat at Sadie’s a New Mexico recommended restaurant. (Thanks cuz!)

We were hungry and it hit the spot. 😁🌮🌯🥘 New Mexico food is a little different than Mexican food, but it was good. The salsas were SPICY, but tasty!

Craig wanted to keep driving so we did.

There was alot of open land and highway to see. And SNOW on the side of the road. BRRRRR! It was COLD all day🌨🌬

So what does one do when they drive all day long? We sing to songs from Craig’s playlist; from James Taylor to Michael Jackson to Boney James to Aretha to Carol King to Keith Urban to Ella Fitzgerald! He has a great playlist. Well, Craig whistles – he is an awesome whistler and can whistle to anything. I sing, not well, but I love to sing!

Today during a bathroom stop we had a quick dance break, just to get the blood moving.🕺 Other than that we talk.

The other day while driving down the highway we practiced calling each other by name. Hahaa!! 😂🤣We RARELY call each other by our given names; Craig and Debbie. He is “hun” or “hunny” and I am “bun” short for “hunnybun.” We have used these names for each other for about 35 or so years! So when I call him “Craig” or he calls me “Debbie” it sounds so foreign! We always end up cracking up!! Anyway, we were purposefully making conversation and using each others names. IT WAS HILARIOUS (to us)!!

The New Mexico skyline is really pretty at dusk.

And night…

We hit the Arizona stateline after dark and drove past the petrified forest. Darn it! I was a little disappointed. But that’s ok, I will just add it to one of our future adventures when the weather warms up.😁🌵🦂🐝

As we entered AZ, I told Craig that I wanted to stop at the “corner of Winslow, AZ” so we did!!

The Eagles made Winslow, AZ famous with their song “Take it Easy.” This stop was the highlight of my day!🤩😊

Thank you HUNNY!!😘

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