FINALLY, I got to drive!

Spending Tuesday night in Winslow was nice because the next morning we went back to the famed “corner” to take more pix and have some breakfast.

We stopped in the little corner tourist shop for a souvenir; I got a magnet and a hat, and Craig a coffee mug.

While there we met Tommy Dukes, Arizona Blues Hall of Famer. He was setting up on the corner to jam for the tourists. Tommy is a really friendly guy who talked as though he had know us his entire life. A real sweetheart!

After being tourists and enjoying the little shops we stopped for breakfast at the Falcon Restaurant on Route 66. The food was good and there is plenty of RV and Trucker parking.

At the Falcon restaurant our outstanding server Keanna was just as lovely as she could be with that southern hospitality and her sweet spirit. It was such a blessing to meet and talk with her! She shared a little with us and we with her.

Keanna, remember to dream big, because dreams do come true!! πŸ’Blessings always!!

After breakfast we hit the road heading to Prescott to visit our friends Roxanne and Mark; who we met on the Panama Canal cruise in December. But you know what?! It feels like we have known each other for YEARS. They are the nicest, most precious, sweet spirited people!πŸ’—πŸ’ They are a gift and blessing in our lives. Kindred spirits. It’s not often in life that one meets such beautiful people that you bond with so quickly. That was Mark and Roxanne.

While on the Panama Canal cruise we met some lovely people! We had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Mark and Roxanne; Janice and Jerry, and Donna and Larry. We forged lasting friendships and plan to visit each of them…there are talks of a reunion cruise. Time will tell.πŸ˜‰

I FINALLY got to drive. Craig drove across the country because it was so doggone windy! Anyway, I got to drive a couple of hours from Winslow to Prescott, AZ.

Typically I am the navigator while Craig drives, but he was while I drove. Here is my navigator acting up, being silly.

He took a lot of great pix while I drove. Too many to post. But here are a couple.

There was plenty of snow along side of the road on the way to Prescott. We arrived at Mark and Roxanne’s late Wednesday afternoon. They greeted us with much love and a tour of their beautiful home; which is HUGE! We settled in and were treated to a dinner of steak, baked potatoes, salad, and green beans, which they prepared. YUM. After dinner we retreated to the TV room to relax and be entertained by Trevor Noah. Roxanne being the wonderful hostess that she is provided cake and ice cream for desert.

We spent the night warm and cozy in one of their many guest rooms.

We feel so at home; it is lovely here.πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ’

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