On The Road Again

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with Mark and Roxanne in Prescott, AZ. They live on an acre in a spectacularly large and beautiful home.

This is their home, garage and private driveway.

A selfie on their property.

At the risk of repeating myself, I just have to say it again!😁 Mark and Roxanne are the SWEETEST, most hospitable, and genuine people EVER. Craig and I felt so welcome, comfortable and at home. 🏡 We were so relaxed that we took a nap, chilled and did laundry while there. We felt like family!😍

You know, life is interesting. In life you meet ALOT of people. There are times you might be more drawn to some people than others. Kindred spirits? I think so. That’s just the way life is. Some folks are in your life for a season, and others for a lifetime. For those of us fortunate enough to find those kindred spirits, it is a blessing. Mark and Roxanne are those “kindred spirit” kind of people. Sweet, sweet spirits.🤩😍

Anyway, Before we left town we got a quick tour of the historic downtown Prescott “Wiskey Row” where Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday used to frequent during the wild west.

We did a little shopping. I got a magnet and some jewelry, and Craig? A coffee mug.🙃

Mark admiring some art.

Craig and Mark peeking in Matt’s Saloon.

In this historic bar…those steps led to a brothel back in the day…😲

A cool piece of Art.😁

Afterwards we were given a tour of their recently remodeled church. 💒

We joined them to pick up their grands from school. I could see Roxanne and Mark beam at the sight of their little ones. It is very apparent that they play a very big role in their grandchildren’s lives; the kiddos were very happy to see them too. They are the CUTEST, well-mannered children.

#Proud grandparents.

Proud grandparents with their favorite little people and our RV. We gave the kiddos a tour of our RV; they thought it was pretty cool. Mark really likes it too.😁😉

Well, the time came for us to leave these lovely people and Prescott.😔

Thank you Mark and Roxanne for letting us be a part of your lives for a couple of days, and letting us meet your beautiful grands. You are very special people.

Until next time.😊

On to Tucson to visit our twin grandsons, Reign and Remil.😍

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