I name my vehicles. I understand that not everyone sees the point, but to me, each vehicle has a personality (so to speak) or a style about them. So naturally, I began thinking about a name for our 2016 Winnebago Navion.

I had a little Black Toyota Prius back in the day that I named “Keimo” which is a nickname that Craig and my brother-in-law used to call me because I am part Native American. My current car is a Hyundai Elantra who I call “Ethan;” Ethan Elantra. He is my current ride. Way back in the day I had a little green Mazda 626 that we called “the booger” because he was green. LOL.

Anyway, I started calling our RV “Winnie” because she is a Winnebago. I liked it, but Craig was not too fond of the name. After some polling in an RV Facebook group we considered the name “Benzie” as was suggested by one of the group members, because our RV has a Mercedes Benz chassis. However, neither Winnie nor Benzie stuck or felt right to BOTH of us.

It’s funny how names come about. Anyway, after this weekend’s camping trip to Boulder Creek with some friends…and seeing just how small our RV is compared to the “beasts” as we called them, “Shorty” just seemed to fit! We found a name we can agree on. Shorty is 25’ long.

That’s “Shorty” on the right.

Caravan to the campsite.


Our friends Carle & Joyce have an RV that is about 38’ long; a Class A. Some of his other friends have RV’s easily over 30’ in length, and they tow toys! These toys are Razors. If you are not familiar with “Razors” (I wasn’t) they are kind of like dune buggies except (they’re not) they are specifically made to climb up and over boulders, easily drive thru sand, dirt, and mud! They are some rough and tumble little vehicles with roll bars of Nascar quality – just in case you flip over or roll!

Carle’s Razor & Class A

Boulder Creek RV Resort and Park is located in Lone Pine, California. Craig and I joined Carle & Joyce and several of their friends in a caravan heading to Boulder Creek so they could do some Razor driving over the weekend. We arrived at camp, checked in and set up on Friday.

Boulder Creek R V Resort & Park

After we set up, it was interesting to watch Carle and the others unload their razors in anticipation of Saturday mornings ride. We got to know some of his friends; Mr. & Mrs. *T&B and Mr. & Mrs. *R&R, plus many others. Altogether, I think there must have been about 10 razors and at least 20 folks getting ready for the Saturday morning ride.

Craig and I took our bicycles fully intending to take a bike ride into town while they all went Razor riding on Saturday. However, Mr. & Mrs. T&B invited us to ride in their four-seater razor – most were two seaters. Being newbies and having no gear and very little knowledge on what was in store, we accepted their invitation for the adventure.

Saturday morning everyone was out and ready to hit the road by 9 a.m. Mr. & Mrs. R&R loaned us helmets and goggles for the ride. We were advised to bring a blanket, as it might get cold because we were heading up to the snow- capped mountains. AND we were told “don’t worry if we roll, our roll bars are Nascar quality, just grab on to your harness and hold tight! Keep your arms in at all times.”

So, Craig and I hop into the back seat of this razor, put on the helmets and goggles and strap on our harness. The harness consists of two very sturdy over the shoulder belts and one across the lap. There are hooks and latches to ensure that you stay snug and tight in your seat, but a safety latch that will release it all with one swift tug should you need to exit quickly.

Mr. T ensured us that we would not roll, but not to worry if we did. I thought “roll?! I just might pee my pants!!”😳

Craig and I all geared up!

So everyone is all geared up, strapped in and lined up waiting to hit the road.

Shortly after we hit the road the razor we were in throws a belt and it must be replaced. Craig and I watched in awe as all of the razors stopped, some of the guys hopped out and started working on Mr. T’s razor. Like a Nascar team they huddled, talked, removed and replaced the belt and within 15 minutes or so we were on the road again. It was one of the most amazing, flawless and fast teamwork efforts I have ever witnessed. Craig and I were thoroughly impressed at how prepared and skilled these guys are! They certainly know their stuff!

The team fixing Mr. T’s Razor

As we began to climb the mountain, I could see the road above and below me and the other mountains at a distance. It was a pretty amazing sight. The roads were bumpy and very dusty.

It got a little bumpier and dustier the further up we went with mud splatters here and there. We stopped at one point for a break to enjoy the awesome view.

Heading up the mountain.

Quick break.

What an amazing view!

We hopped back in the Razors and began to climb the mountain again and drive over rocks, and when we were near the edges of the road at an angle I could feel my heart begin to race. In my head I kept saying, “we will NOT tip over, we will NOT roll down this ledge” as I held on tightly to the bar in front of me. While the entire ride was exhilarating and exciting it was a little terrifying at some points (for me). I have to admit, I was feeling uneasy here and there. Craig loved it all. Granted the ledges weren’t THAT high, but the thought of tumbling down one…Well let’s just say that I don’t like roller coasters.😳

From what I could tell all of the other riders seemed to enjoy the trails; it was old hat to them.

Rocky Roads.
Even the dog had a good time!

We drove through mud and snow, and arrived at the top of the snow-covered mountain and had to turn back because it was deemed unsafe to go any further.

On our way back our razor got stuck in the muddy snow. We all got out of the vehicle and Mr. T tried and tried to get out of the muddy snow, but could not. His wheels spun and kicked up snow and mud over and over again.

Once again, that awesome Nascar team came together to help. They had wenches and ropes, as did Mr. T’s razor. Within about 20 minutes Mr. T’s vehicle was pulled out of the muddy show and we were back on the road.

On the way back down the mountain we stopped for a lunch break and chatted. The ride back down the mountain was not as bad as going up.

Lunch break! Carle snacking.😁

We got back to camp about 3 in the afternoon and we were ALL dusty, muddy and tired. It was an adventure I won’t soon forget.

All tucked in for the night.


Sunday morning they were all on their razors heading for another trail. Shortly after they all hit the road Craig and I and hopped on our bikes and went for a ride into town. Town population was about 2,100 and was about 5 miles away and consisted of about maybe 12 blocks long with a Visitor Center, a McDonalds, a few restaurants, two gas stations and a small film museum.

What a spectaular mountain view!
We stopped to enjoy the view at Diaz Lake on the ride back.

When we got back to the RV park all of the razor riders had returned. BUT some of them were ready for a second run, and Craig joined them.

Craig and Carle ready to ride.

They drove to an old mining cave…and drove in it!!

My brave husband.💗🥰

Some sights along the way to the cave.

Spectacular view!
Some field residents.🐄

These are some of the nicest folks! There is something special about RVers. Their willingness to share and help a fellow RVer has been apparent in our travels. This was a different adventure for us. 👍

Monday morning we all packed up and headed home.

Thank you Carle and Joyce for inviting us, for the memories, and for introducing us to your very cool friends!

Until our next adventure!

*NOTE: Out of respect for people in my blog I do not use their names or post their pix unless I receive permission prior to blogging. therefore: Mr. & Mrs. *T&B and Mr. & Mrs. *R&R were used.

Great folks!!

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