Penn Valley, CA

Day 1

We arrived in Penn Valley Monday night about 9:30 p.m. We woke up to this view.

View from our room.

We mosied into the kitchen for coffee and saw this cute little sign welcoming us. So sweet!☺

Cute little sign says: “Welcome Craig and Debbie” πŸ₯°

Larry and Donna live on a stunning 3.2 acre property on Wildwood Lake in Penn Valley. Their custom built lake home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It’s something you’d see in a Home and Garden magazine. There are fruit trees, a garden area, huge grass areas and many other cool and unique features. Oh, the dock! They also have a private dock with a pontoon, canoes and a paddle boat. After all, what is the point of living lakeside without a dock? Right?!πŸ˜‰

Let me put a pin here. We met Larry and Donna, and three other great couples on our Panama Canal Cruise in December and we have kept in touch with these couples. One of our goals as we travel is to stop and visit each couple. We’ve visited Mark and Roxanne in AZ and now Larry and Donna here in CA. πŸ₯° The other two couples live in Canada and Iowa respectively.πŸ‘

After a quick breakfast Larry and Donna gave us a tour of Grass Valley and Neveda City.

Our eldest daughter’s name is Athena.πŸ˜‰

The Holbrooke Hotel is the oldest hotel in CA and has been operating since 1849. It is currently under going some renovations.

Grass Valley is a cute little town with some quaint and unique shops and friendly folk!

Next was a drive to Nevada City, the little town right next door. Neveda City, CA has a very rich mining history.

Tribute to the Chinese workers who helped build the railroad.πŸ‘

Some OLD mining equipment.

After some browsing we decided to lunch at Stella’s Mexican restaurant.

Stella, this one is for you.πŸ˜‰

We stopped at the grocery store for some dinner items on our way back to their home.

When we got back we washed the bugs off Shorty before lounging in the afternoon sun.

SHORTY getting a bath.

After some lounging we took a ride around the lake on their pontoon.

Donna prepared a little platter of cheese, crackers, strawberries and grapes. With glasses and a bottle of wine in tow, off we went!

View of their home from the lake.

The homes on the lake were each beautiful and had their own unique qualities.

Some of the homes on the lake.

This home had a “dumb waiter” (on the left) to carry items to and fro.

Donna relaxing. She and “Captain” Larry shared some lake home history.

Me trying to take a decent selfie with Craig in the background.

Their little dog, sweet Sadie, went along for the ride and knew we were almost home.

Once back home it was time to get dinner ready. I prepared a sauteed cajun dish of shrimp, kielbasa, asperagus, bell pepper, onion and two kinds of squash. Donna made some skillet corn bread to accompany the dish. Donna also made strawberryπŸ“πŸ° shortcake for dessert! Oh my!

After that tasty dinner and scrumptious dessert we chatted for a while. Larry and Donna shared with us some of their many RV travel experiences. They have owned and travelled in various RVs for 16 years. They are seasoned and quite knowledgeable RVers who provided us with some great suggestions and sound travel advice. We are newbies, so of course I soaked it all in.

Larry and I looking over some maps.

Day 2

My view this morning as I enjoyed my cup of coffee.β˜•

After a quick breakfast of soyrizo and egg burritos we hopped in their SUV for a tour of the mountains in Yuba County.

After a twisty-turney ride through the mountains on Highway 49 we stopped to stretch our legs at the Yuba River.

Yuba River

Donna and Larry.

Craig, me, Donna and Larry@ Yuba River

We hopped back in the SUV and continued down the twisty turney highway to Downieville Town.

Population 325.

We walked πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈaround town; all five blocks of it, and stopped in the local store for a libation and a snack.

This sign actually says, “Grubstake Salon Vittles ‘n’ Libations.” 😁 They were closed.

Historic Durgan bridge. 1938.

Craig, Donna and Larry taking a break enjoying their “vittles and libations.”

It was a nice scenic ride back to Penn Valley. When we got back everyone chilled or napped for a bit before dinner.

Dinner was at a Pizza Parlor in town. Conversation is relaxed and easy. After dinner at their “lake house” we took some pix.

Donna is holding their sweet little pup Sadie.

It was a long day. We talked more about travel, looked over the maps once again, got a few more travel tips then we called it a night.

Some deer in the front yard at dusk.

Craig and I will hit the road in the morning. We’ll be heading West on the 20 toward the Coast.

We had a WONDERFUL couple of days with Donna and Larry! What gracious hosts, and loving, God-fearing people. We are blessed to call them “friends.”

Got much love for you two! πŸ’žπŸ₯° Thank you Larry and Donna for opening your Lake home and hearts to us. Until next time…

Sidebar: Henry if u read this; LOVE YOUπŸ’ž much and we’ll see you on our next trip.πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

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