CA-101, Friday, 5.10.19

We hit CA Highway 101 about noon today. We took our time enjoying the sights and made a couple of “Visitor Center” stops along the way and checked out a few RV parks.

Sounds of the Sea RV Park

Azelea Green RV Park

Patrick’s Point State Park Visitor’s Center

We took in the sights at the Elk Prairie Campground Visitor Center and stopped for a bit to see the elk.🦌

Elk in the distance.

We passed through so many sleepy little towns. Orrick for example has a population of 357. Some towns were so remote that we wondered, where they go for medical/dental services? The grocery store? Clothes shopping? What do they do for fun? A few little towns were only a few blocks long…one has to wonder…πŸ€”

We saw alot of cow and some sheep and goat pastures sprinkled here and there.

Continuing up the highway we saw SO MANY TREES. So. Many. Trees. πŸŒ²πŸŒ²πŸŒ³πŸŒΏπŸ€ And the folage is so lush and green. If you haven’t taken a ride up CA Highway 101- it is a must! The ocean views, trees, folage, and sights in general are breathtaking! This is the first time we have been (North) past San Francisco.

The only downside was we had NO wifi service through the forest and some coastal areas so I couldn’t research different sites as we drove, (Darn you Sprint!) However, in retrospect I think it was a good thing because I took more pix to help jog my memory for this blog.😁

We drove through Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. OH MY, BREATHTAKING is the word that comes to mind. We took plenty of pix.

Our “Shorty” in the forest, oh my!

HUGE hollow tree
US πŸ₯° enjoying our forest immersion.
Practicing selfies; I’m not very good, yet.πŸ˜‰
I have a good dozen pix in this forest similar to this that I won’t bore you with. πŸ˜‰ It was just SO BEAUTIFUL!!

There were a few interesting sights along the highway besides RV Parks…


Paul Bunyan says “hello!”
Ship to shore shopping.πŸ›³

As we got nearer to the Oregon border the landscape became even greener. The weather went from warm to cool and damp.

Cloud cover. Overcast.


This is the first time for both of us in Oregon.

As we entered the Oregon border we saw an ABUNDANT amount of “weed” signs. πŸ‘€

We stopped at the Vista Pub in Brookings close to the CA/OR border for a bite to eat and met some really nice folks. Of the 9 or so at the table, 7 of them were transplants from Southern California!

Shout out to Vista Pub who is farm to table with the BEST burgers!πŸ‘

While speaking with some of the locals at the pub (California transplants in the pic above) we learned a few things…

  • Weed aka cannabis aka marijuana aka pot is abundant!
  • Most towns on Oregon, U DON’T pump your own gas, attendants do.
  • There is NO sales tax.
  • State property tax is LOW (compared to CA).

I learn something new everyday!😁

Oregon Coast

We just had to!😘
Awww, the ocean!

We continued North on the 101. Dusk was upon us so we decided to find somewhere for the night because the highway is DARK after the sun sets…we found the Beach Loop RV Park in Bandon, OR.

Until tomorrow, Good night..😴

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