Highway 36

After our morning coffee we bid our farewells and hit the road. We drove West on Highway 20 to the I-5 North.

On the I-5 in Colusa we saw rice crops, and almond & walnut trees. Further North we saw olive trees.

Rice crop

Rather than go on to Redding and cut across to the 101, we decided to go West on Highway 36 at Red Bluff. As we began on this route it was beautiful; rolling green hills and pastures with cows and goats. Picturesque.

Highway 36.

While on Highway 36 we passed a tiny town called Forrest Glen; Population 22.😮 We saw two people.

After driving Highway 36 for a while the road began to get REALLY twisty-turney!! From beautiful pastures to mountain terraine with steep drops and narrow roads.

Two minute video of twisty-turney roads.

There was a lot of road work going on in the mountains. A couple of times there was only one lane monitored by Cal Trans.

We passed a burned section of trees.🌲😣

After almost 4 hours of twisty turney roads on Highway 36 we were HAPPY to get to the 101.

We stopped in Eureka for a bite to eat and then we continued North on the 101 to find a spot to sleep.

We decided to spend the night at the Cher-AE Heights Indian Casino. They provide RV parking for $20, and you could stay for up to three nights for that $20 bucks. What a deal!

GPS provided two routes to get to this casino; highway or scenic. We opted for the scenic route. BOY WAS THAT A MISTAKE! 😮 While the scenic route provided excellent views of the ocean, the road was NOT SUITABLE for an RV. Thank God shorty is small!! A vehicle any larger than 25 feet would have had to turn back. There should have been a warning sign.😱 A couple of sections of the road was a single lane, some was unpaved, gravel, uneven and VERY NARROW! We held our breath a couple of times.😱

View from the crazy narrow “scenic” route.

We made it safely to our destination and are all hunkered down for the night…😴

On to Oregon in the morning.

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