Room with a view – Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!🙋‍♀️

What an AWESOME way to spend Mother’s Day. On the road with my hunny waking up in OUR RV!🥰 Retirememt is GOOD. #BLESSED.😁 #GRATEFUL. #HAPPY.

The view from our room.🌲


We are heading on over to Tillamook this morning.😁 CHEESE!🧀


We had to stop! After our tour of “cheeseville” we shared a scoop of rocky road ice cream; so rich, creamy and chocolaty,🍦 a grilled cheese oozing with cheddar cheese-a bit much for us- and some razor clam chowder. Had to try it. Neither of us is really a clam chowder fan so we cannot say if it was good or not.🤔

Cheese sampling.🧀 Holding on tight to his camera.📷

Grilled cheese and razor clam chowder.

Glad we stopped! Donna and Larry, thanks for the tip!

Tillamook is a HUGE operation with an eatery, ice cream parlor, a souvenir store and the factory where all of that cheesy magic happens! What an 🧀 operation, it is quite impressive!

Where the cheese magic happens and you can watch it happen below.
Loads of souvenirs! Shirts, hats, etc. and of course CHEESE🧀.

We were particularly impressed with the story on the milking process and care the cows receive. I have Tillamook cheese in my fridge now and will look for Tillamook dairy products when I shop. Tillamook, great product, great marketing!

After our time at “cheese heaven” we continued our trek Northbound toward Washington. We passed some of the cutest little towns.

We kept seeing this rich yellow folage along the mountain roads and along the side of various highways. It really stood out after seeing so much green.🌲

Once we entered Washington I began to see this bright reddish-pink flowering shrub. It was so pretty.


As we approached the state of Washington we crossed a waterway and could see a LONG bridge in the distance (on the left). It appeared to be the bridge that we would cross over to enter into Washington.

YEP! We crossed that LONG HIGH bridge. I thought of a former coworker (GD) who DOESN’T like bridges. She would have cried going over this one! It was HIGH!

As we began to descend the tall portion of the bridge another LONG portion of concrete beckoned to us, as if to say “there is no turning back, come on down!”😮

This bridge crossing over the bay from Oregon to Washington was the TALLEST and LONGEST that we have been on in our lifetimes! ⛵🏗

Just before we exited the bridge there was a little sign that said “Welcome to Washington.” Craig saw it. I missed it, so I didn’t get a pic.😑 Shucks!

There were no other references to the state of Washington other than the highway signs with George’s image.

This is our first time in the state of Washington. We noticed that they have too their share of bridges.

…and here’s a tunnel.😁

We thought this was a cool overpass.

As we continued to drive we saw more forests. I was saddened to see the patches of deforestation in South Bend.

We saw alot of muddy, empty lake like water beds. Don’t know what that is about, but it made me think “tsunami.”😣Like in Oregon we saw lots of tsunami zone signs.

Initially we were going to head all the way up the 101 to Port Angeles and take the ferry across to Canada, BUT quite frankly we had both seen enough forest and trees and twisty roads. Don’t get me wrong, I am the “Nature gurl” and even I was tiring of the same mountain twists and turns and trees and all of the tsunami signs. We thought let’s head inland. SO, we opted to change up the scenery and head East toward Olympia. We’ve got our sites set on Spokane, WA via the 90 tomorrow morning.

Oh, I didnt want to cook today so we stopped at Outback for Mother’s Day dinner. It was nice.🥰

We are tired and decided to hunker down for the night at a Cabella’s in Lacy, WA along with some other RVers and big rigs.

Until tomorrow..😴

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