Idaho…we’re baaack!

We left cold 🌧 rainy, wet Wyoming for cold 🌧rainy, wet Idaho. 🥶

Beautiful sights though between the showers.

We stopped for lunch today at O’Brady’s family restaurant in Idaho Falls. Friendly server, reasonable prices and good food. Since we’re in Idaho, (land of potatoes) we indulged in some fries. They were crispity-crunchity just the way Craig likes them!😁

Some things you just can’t get away from; laundry. Our clothes got dirty and wet in this weather. We stopped at the local Walmart in Pocatello ID, got some laundry detergent and headed to the local laundromat. JAG’s laundromat caught our eye. (Hum…JAG our youngest daughter’s initials. 👍)

I don’t remember the last time I needed to use the laundromat, but it’s been YEARS. This one was very well kept. 😁

Anyway, while there we met a couple washing sleeping bags from a recent camping trip. Lenny was a paper map guy (like me). So we looked at the Idaho map and he suggested a few places to visit on our next trip. We talked about Yellowstone and shared a couple of stories. Nice people. We finished our laundry and bid them farewell.

It’s about 7pm and I was ready to find us a spot for the night, but Craig wanted to continue driving. So we hit the highway heading toward Brigham City, Utah.

We passed this pretty Idaho Farm Bureau building.

The Speed limit is 80 mph!!😳OH MY!!

Beautiful Landscape

Such a dramatic sky!

That skyline. 👀

We just can’t get over these postcard views and dramatic skylines. Wow!

The photos just don’t do the landscape justice.

Here are some from Utah.

So pretty and green.

This is Utah about 8:45 p.m. still dusky out. NO FILTER. The sky was actually this blue. It was AMAZING!!!

We hit Utah just before dusk. We were met with more rain. 🌧 Oh, I missed the “Welcome to Utah” sign because I was looking at the map and down at my phone for someplace to sleep for the night. That’s my job as navigator; select the destination, routes, and places to park and sleep. Craig drives. I was a little perturbed🤨 becaused I missed the sign. Hopefully I’ll see one when we leave Utah.

Sidebar: Just thought I’d mention that I DO drive. Just not at night, not if it’s too windy, not if it’s foggy, not when the road is too narrow or there is too much traffic, not in the city, not on twisty turney mountain roads, not if it’s raining, not if I’m tired.. hum 🤔 I hardly drive.🤭😂🚐


Well, we found “Shorty” a spot at the Walmart parking lot in Brigham City, UT. He is resting now.

Sidebar: Since we left California the weather has been in the 60’s, 50’s and 40’s. It is 45 degrees tonight. I miss CA weather.😔 As BEAUTIFUL as these states are…they are too cold for our comfort.

Time to hit the hay! Tomorrow is a new day!

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