New Friends, 5.19.19

We woke up this morning to the wind and one amazing view!After making a quick breakfast of soyrizo and egg burritos and coffee I went outside to chat with our new friends.Wiskey, Rachel and Matthew.Rachel, Matthew & their View.Lea, Holmes and Chris.

We chatted for a bit this morning and then everyone went their separate ways. Matthew, Rachel and Whiskey Colorado bound; Craig and I to Arches National Park and Lea, Chris and Holmes homeward (Utah) bound.

Matthew, Rachel, Chris and Lea, THANK YOU. Thank you for being so kind, trasparent and just super cool people! We TRULY enjoyed our time with you four around the campfire under the stars and the moonlight. Blessings and travelling mercies to you all.

Matthew and Rachel, we will see you on Facebook! And YES, If you are ever in Southern California, the Long Beach area PLEASE stop by!! Even if it’s just to take a hot shower, a bath or to do some laundry!😁 You have our numbers!πŸ₯° Peace.✌🌹

Chris and Lea thanks for the invite, if we are ever back in Utah we will look u up!✌

All of us!πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ•πŸ• Happy Trails!

2 thoughts on “New Friends, 5.19.19

  1. So glad we got to meet and spend time with you!!! Last night was such a highlight for us up. Can’t wait to follow along for more updates on your adventures!!!


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