Utah, 5.18.19

We woke up to, yep you guessed it, rain. After it stopped we walked to the Walmart to pick up some eggs and a few provisions.

We have stayed in alot of Walmart parking lots and will typically patronize the establishment and you know what?! I never see “those” interesting Walmart people referenced on Facebook. I always meet the friendliest, most helpful staff and generally friendly, normal looking people.😁 Idk about those Facebook posts… πŸ€”.

Some pix on our way to Arches National Park.The pix don’t do this landscape justice and I have way too many to share.

SIDEBAR: OH!! I forgot to mention that while we were at Yellowstone I spoke with a seasonal park ranger who told me about summer park ranger and other seasonal positions. He provided me with a website to look for potential seasonal jobs, and he gave me his email. He told me that they are always looking for retired seniors and college kids for seasonal positions. CHECK. βœ… This is something I will DEFINATELY LOOK INTOβ€Ό #EXCITED.πŸ‘πŸ˜ I have wanted to be a park ranger for years. I have always said that if I had a do-over in life, I’d be a Park Ranger.🐿🐻🐏🦌🦝🦊

Arches National Park

We arrived at Arches National Park late afternoon and popped in the visitor center to take a look around. As we were walking to our rig we noticed a Winnebego View and stopped to take a look at it. Just as we hopped in our rig the owners of the View approached their vehicle and we started chatting and comparing notes. The four of us hit it off; the conversation flowed easily as we toured each others coaches. Matthew shared some knowledge with Craig about our TV and tips on how best to get service.

We learned that Matthew and Rachel are 10 months into their RV journey heading to NY to celebrate their nuptuals with family and friends.

They were on the hunt for a place to park their rig for the night as were we. So, we decided to camp together in Canyonlands National Park. There is plenty of (BLM) Bureau of Land Management land that provides free camping locations. We followed them to an off road location and turned off the paved road to a rocky dirt road and drove for a bit. We settled on a little plateau with a great view.That is Shorty on the left and Matthew and Rachel’s View on the right with the most amazing moon in the center. We each settled in and prepared dinner and dined outside and chatted. Their mellow dog Whiskey joined us.

I had never used the convection oven before so I asked Rachel if she could teach me. I naturally assumed that she knew how because they had been living in their rig for 10 months. Surley she knows how it works, right?! She absolutely did, and graciously taught me.πŸ‘ In fact Matthew has actually made bread in their convection oven. πŸ‘πŸžπŸ₯–πŸ˜With this newly acquired knowledge I made cornbread to accompany the Polska and cabbage for dinner. The cornbread came out surprisingly well thanks to Rachel and Matthew!!We met another young couple parked across from us camping in their truck, Chris and Lea (and their dog Holmes.) We chatted at their camp and we saw a bit of the sunset. BUT, we were blessed to see the most AMAZING moon rise. We all ended up staring at it enjoying it in all of it’s glory. 😚 None of us had ever seen such a captivating sight! It was truly a magical, being in the right place at the right time, moment.Earlier Matthew had started a great campfire so we gathered around it to warm up. The six of us chatted and shared stories of our families, travels, health, water and life in general. Oh, and Whiskey and Holmes joined in too! πŸ•πŸ˜We exchanged social media and contact information and decided to call it a night about 11 p.m.

Craig and I agree that this was the BEST day we had on the road since we left California.πŸ‘πŸ‘

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