Silverwood Lake, CA – 7/16-18/19

Late post.  In July we took our 17 year old twin grandsons, (Reign and Remil) to Royal Palms for the day. We had a great day and talked about going camping with “Shorty.” Well, here we are here camping at Silverwood Lake.😊

Sunday I spent the day taking inventory; making a list of what supplies we needed and planning a menu for four. Monday I hit the grocery store and started pulling things together. The boys love spaghetti, so I made a big pot. Toilet tissue, check. Paper towels, check. Towels, sunscreen, water shoes, clothes, toiletries, check.

We got up early Tuesday morning and began the process of loading Shorty up. Craig always remembers to turn the refridgetator on for me the night before, thank goodness!! The refrigerator is the last to be filled.  We arrived Tuesday afternoon.

Lots of dragon flies; beautiful florescent blue and a deep red orange. The flies and mosquitos are relentless. I think they have built an immunity to this bug spray. They fly by and land on us as if to say “HA! That doesn’t phase us!” And proceed to biting.

The scenery is beautiful. The lake peaceful. The sun is warm, even hot at times but the breeze flows by like a whisper to cool us. The warm sun kisses my skin and makes it warm to the touch, but it feels good and I welcome it. My skin is getting a little more golden brown with each hour I bask in this sunshine.

We explored the lake and its ameneties. It is a popular place to spend quality family time. Music filled the air as we walked around taking in the sights. Families were grilling, swimming and enjoying the music and conversation. As we explored, we discovered the Silverwood Lake rental office. Fortunately for us, they rent pontons, small fishing boats and jet skis! We inquired about renting a pontoon to take the boys fishing the next day.

We headed back to camp to relax for the evening.

Chillin’ at the sand bar.

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early and headed to the Silverwood rental office to secure a pontoon. Unfortunately they were all gone, so we had to wait until one was returned. So, we drove to another part of the lake for the boys to do some fishing from the beach. They found a cool sand bar, so we grabbed our chairs and headed over to hang out for a few hours. On one side of the sand bar, one of the boys set up some catfish traps. Afterwards, they set up their fishing poles to try some fishing from the other side of the sand bar. Unfortunately, they were not successful, so they decided to take a swim. About noon we drove to the other side of the lake to get the pontoon. The boys were so excited!

As we approached the rental office the boys chatted about stategies to catch some fish. The excitement was brewing. Once we secured the pontoon and loaded up the boys fishing gear, bait and a bucket for the fish the boys were ready to go!

Craig was our captain; and we cruised around the lake as the boys pointed out places they wanted to drop their lines in hopes of catching some dinner for us.

As Craig headed in the direction that the boys pointed, they got their lines ready with bait, little stinky fish and worm, yuck! They dropped their lines. After a little while they started getting some bites.

While they were waiting patiently, I received a call from my older brother, Rick, who was in the area and stopped by the lake!

We went back to the dock to pick him and his bike up to join us for a ride around the lake. While chatting away with him the boys started to get bites! Well, we were on the lake for about 4 hours. They caught four fish. The time didnt’ matter to them. The fact that they caught fish did! It was getting late so we had to return the pontoon. The boys were eager to get back to camp to prepare the fish for dinner.

Well, we got back to camp and the boys cleaned, gutted, fillet, seasoned and cooked the fish. It was enough for everyone to have a taste.

Fortunately, I brought speghetti for dinner. My brother stayed until dark and then went home. We retired for the evening and left the next morning.

It was blessing spending time with our grandsons. They have grown into some handsome, responsible, caring and funny young men.

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