Arizona bound.

So, Craig and I have had several conversations on where we’d like to relocate.

We have been traveling with Shorty and have ruled out several states mainly because of the weather. We are both California natives and DO NOT like the snow…yea its ok to visit for a couple of days, but to live in? That is a FIRM “NO” from both of us. We are better with the heat – NOT humidity, but dry heat. Hence our search.

Craig is easy. As far as “location” goes, he doesn’t want extreme heat, extreme cold or snow and the ability to park our RV on our property. Also, we agree that we’d like to experience MILD four seasons. 😉 I agree with his list and would add the following: Nature and hiking trails nearby. LESS congestion, meaning vehicular traffic, less of a concrete jungle, a smaller home town feel, friendly community and some space between my home and my neighbors. Ideally, I would love a quarter to a half acre of land for gardening and some fruit trees. BUT, have the city amenities we are acustom to; Costco, Trader Joe’s, restaurants and a movie theater within a reasonable distance.

Well, we think we found a city we can agree on that holds many of our wants; Prescott, AZ. 🏜😁

So, We are taking Shorty on an expedition to visit Prescott, Prescott Valley and and some surrounding communities to explore various neighborhoods, homes,🏡 etc. Zillow has been a great resource, but now it’s time to actually get into these neighborhoods and do some exploring. I am so excited!😁👏

We plan to take a random week EACH MONTH to visit Arizona and explore neighborhoods AND experience the weather changes. Such an exciting time in our lives.👏👏😁

We are on the 91 East, leaving L.A. THIS PIC HERE IS THE MAIN REASON I WANT OUT OF CALIFORNIA. Traffic here is NO JOKE.😑


Until later.🙋‍♀️

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