Prescott Valley, AZ

Our future home land.😁🏜

We have come to a point in our lives where the congestion and traffic of a Los Angeles suburb has become too much. We, like many of our friends, are considering relocating; some already have. One friend is thinking about Texas or Louisiana and another is considering Nebraska. Craig and I have talked about moving for a while, which is one of the reasons we bought our RV; so we could travel the country to see where we might want to plant our feet. Arizona caught our attention pretty quickly.🏜

Anyway, I have been searching on Zillow for homes in Prescott and Prescott Valley for a while now. We are drawn to the dry heat in the summer and mild four seasons. So, we began our day scouting neighborhoods and searching for some particular homes that I found on Zillow that that I wanted to see in person and check out the neighborhoods.

One of the homes I really like. Beautiful neighborhood.

This home is in our ideal neighborhood. Each home is on about a quarter of an acre of land with plenty of space between them, and it is an RV friendly neighborhood! They are not cookie cutter homes, have large back yards and LOW HOA fees.👍

We saw a couple of GOOD SIZE lots of land too and are kicking around the idea of purchasing a lot (in our desired neighborhood) and building a home on it. Lots of research would need to be done, but it is a possibility.😁🏡 Not posting a pic of the land on purpose so no one gets any ideas.😁🏜

Our agent, Simon Fort w/Arizona Prime Real Estate.

We contacted the real estate agent listed, Simon Fort, and had the opportunity to look inside of the home (posted) in the Mingus West subdivision. It checked many of my boxes; but sadly, it is no longer available.😔 Simon took us around a few neighborhoods to view some other homes. We shared some of our must haves with him. We agreed to meet Tuesday morning to look at a few more homes and neighborhoods that check our boxes. Tonight I will sit down and write a list of “must haves” and “pluses.” Some must haves: single story, three bedrooms, two bath, master bedroom with walk in closet, a soaking or garden tub, open floor plan, large lot to park shorty, and much more. A few of the pluses would be a landscaped yard, fruit trees and an RV garage. I am looking forward to our meeting tomorrow morning.

A new build we walked thru.

SIDEBAR: We will NOT leave Prescott without seeing our friends Mark and Roxanne! We agreed to meet for a late breakfast or lunch after meeting with our agent. As always, we are looking forward to seeing them!😁👍


We met with Simon at his office in Prescott this morning. Their real estate computer system was down. (I forget what he called it.)  😑 Technology. Love it when it works and hate it when it doesn’t. Oh well, such is life. 🤷😁 Anyway, Hopeful that it would come up, we waited and chatted. I provided him with a list of our “must haves” and “pluses.” We reviewed and talked about our list. He assured us that he would put the parameters in the computer to fine tune his search for us, later when the system comes back on line. Meanwhile, we chatted. He shared some of the town history with us, why he liked Prescott, information about different areas, neighborhoods and new builds. After about an hour of chatting about what we liked, our price point, etc. we hopped in his car for some sightseeing.

In chatting with Simon we learned that he has lived in Prescott for 20+ years, has a background in marketing, enjoys his job and is happily married. He is a real “genuine guy,” friendly, easy to talk to, a good listener and easy going. 👍

Simon took us thru several neighborhoods in Prescott and a couple in Williamson. South View, Granite Park Ranch and Pinon Oaks are a few of the areas he showed us.  His mother in law’s condo was in an area he was showing us and driving thru. Who happened to be outside? His wife and mother in law! Lovely ladies!😃

Really liked this area.

Following are some pix of homes from those areas. I love the use of boulders and stones.

The homes were beautiful with creative desert landscaping using boulders and stones. Many homes had RVs or RV parking in the Pinon Oaks subdivision with large lots that caught or eye!👀

After sightseeing with Simon we bid our farewells and then met with Mark and Roxanne for a late lunch. It is always nice catching up with them.😍😍 Such LOVELY folks! I forgot to take a group pic today, so I had to go to my archives.

An archive pic of Mark and Roxanne during a previous visit. Me photo bombing. 🤣
Phase 10 card game.😃

Some homes had tell tale signs of an earlier snow. The snow in the sun had long since melted, but the snow in the shade was hanging on.❄

Target, Prescott

This is about as much snow we are willing to deal with.😁❄ The 89, Mountain road leaving Prescott.

A cool sight on highway 71. Lone Indian on a horse, metal sculpture.

Driving down Highway 60 with a little Jazz.

Beautiful sunset drive to Jazz.

Drove thru Quartzite where the nationwide rally is being held. We saw thousands of RVs, trailers, vans, 5th wheels, and some converted busses. I’m sure they will have a great rally! We have to pass this year.

Homeward bound. It’s been a fun and fruitful trip. For me it is always a little sad when our trips end. Ideally, I would LOVE to travel for 3 months at a time, just think of how much of this country we could see! 👀 One day, one day…😁👍

2 thoughts on “Prescott Valley, AZ

  1. Thank you, I enjoy seeing your posts and hearing of your travels. We purchased a ’16 NV almost a year ago, and are enjoying it. Heading to California from Oregon the end of the month for a big off road event that our son will be at. Right now replacing all the batteries in the RV, updating the house batteries to 6 volt GC-2 s for more reserve capacity. That and a few odds and ends, like new tires on the enclosed trailer, etc, and I’ll be on my way!


    1. Don’t u just LOVE your rig? We have had ours a few days over a year. We have been to Oregon, it is beautiful! Get ready for the California traffic.😑 ugh! But the good thing about our rigs is that they maneuver so well! Happy travels!😁 Have fun at your son’s off road event.😉


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