Tuesday, 3.10.20 – Date Day

I told you that Tuesday is date day, right? We have fallen into a routine of either going to the movies and taking a walk at the beach or we will take Shorty (our RV) out for the day.

Today we decided to take Shorty to Royal Palms, a beach in San Pedro, CA, we affectionately call The Palms.

View from the passenger seat.

This is one of my favorite childhood places. My dad used to bring us here as kids to walk the beach, explore and search for interesting rocks. We would walk and hop from rock to rock all while listening to him talk. I really don’t remember many of our conversations, but I KNOW without a doubt that I was loved; I could hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes.  I always “feel” my dad’s presence when I am here. It is very calming.

Sidebar: My dad was murdered shortly after I graduated from high school. I was 17. 😭😭

Anyway, whenever I need comforting or a place to feel safe and loved, this is my place.😍 It calms me and brings me a kind of peace. If I have things on my mind and need to think, this is my safe place. Warm feelings and very fond memories of my dad come flooding back whenever I sit and listen to the waves. Sometimes when I sit very quietly on a rock and listen to the waves I could almost FEEL him sitting next to me. It is a feeling like no other. πŸ’ž

Sidebar: Craig proposed to me here at the Palms one December night in 1983.πŸ₯°πŸ’˜

When here I love to walk among the billions of stones and pick a few interesting ones to take home. I have a round planter container on my porch where I place them all. When we move to Arizona I will bring them with me, a little bit of a California beach, and place them in my yard.

Captivating rocks

I find I am drawn to rocks with lines and  layers in them. They seem show some history of decades gone by with each layer. The largest one is no bigger than a golf ball.

So, today on our way to the Palms, Craig and I grabbed a pastrami sandwich from a popular local deli, BUSY BEE.  If you are ever in San Pedro you MUST stop by BUSY BEE. (Oh, and they only take cash.) The sandwiches are so big and hearty we only eat half! One sandwich could actually be shared, but we like our own.πŸ˜‰ I brought some cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and baby bell peppers from home to accompany the sandwiches. YUM.

Anyway, after we got our sandwiches we found a nice spot here at the Palms. We sat and watched a couple of  surfers refining their skills and practicing on the smaller waves. I could watch the waves crash against the shore for hours.

A lone surfer.
The view from the comfort of my bed. Like my sunhat?

The day began cold and rainy, but the sun decided to grace us with its presence this afternoon. It is after 5 and I have long since settled in relaxing and writing and Craig is playing jams, whistling and reading a book. A very chill date day, together with Shorty.

Craig reading. Ocean view.

Tomorrow I will begin preparation for our Lake Elsinore trip.

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