Lake Elsinore, CA

Lake Elsinore, Launch Pointe

We arrived yesterday, late afternoon. It rained the entire way here the 91 to the 15. On a good day the drive would be a little over an hour, but yesterday it took us 3 hours. There were SEVERAL accidents along the way.

We are a part of the Facebook “So CA RV” group, who organized the trip. Of the group at last count about 35 families signed up to participate in the outing.

I woke up early this morning to the sound of rain tapping overhead, it was actually quite soothing. I brewed a cup of coffee and planted myself on the couch enjoying the pitter-patter of the rain, waiting for it to stop so I could take a walk and explore the facility.

It’s a small four cup coffee pot. Yes, that is a BIG coffee mug.
Our dinette

I washed my coffee cup, put on my coat and boots, grabbed an umbrella and set out to explore. The air was fresh and the light sprinkles slowly came to a halt. This is a really nice family resort. They have a pool and jacuzzi, of course, but they also have a really cool play ground and splash pad for the kiddos! I have to admit if it was a hot day, I would have enjoyed the splash pad with the kiddos! 😁

Cool playground
A really cool splash pad!

The facility also has some really cool, vintage airstreams available for rent. They are strategically set up in a wagon train circle, surrounded by lush landscape and beautiful retro furnishings. A cool 60’s and 70’s throwback. Here are a couple.

Vintage Village

I met a couple of other couples that are part of the SO CAL RV group. We chatted a bit before continuing our morning explorations.

Shorty, by the lake
Shorty, in the mist

I got back to home base and chatted with Craig for a bit, we enjoyed some bacon and eggs, did some reading and then took an afternoon walk by the lake.

Lake Elsinore
Craig checking his phone.
Sheriff and Rangers safety training

While out walking by the lake we saw Sheriff and Park Rangers doing some water safety training. As we continued our walk we met our neighbors in the camp sight next to ours. We chatted for a while getting to know each other. In the middle of our conversation the safety trainer, Ramos, came over and started chatting with us. (It turns out that Ramos is a retired police officer who conducts safety training, rescue diving and other life saving classes to Sheriff and Park Ranger recruits.) We all talked about our children, travel, eateries and sports; the conversation was easy and flowed. We learned that he (Ramos) and I are from the same home town, and that he doesn’t live far from the couple we just met. Small world!! The conversation finally broke up because my legs and hands were freezing.🥶 I think we were all cold, but the conversation was flowing so well that no one really wanted to end it. Darn me!🙃

Craig and I returned to Shorty, waiting for us our camp site, and warmed up with a cup of coffee. ☕ We watched some videos on You tube and laughed sipping our coffee. Our youngest daughter Jessica called. The three of us chatted and laughed for a good hour or so. Unexpected calls from our daughters are always nice.💞 After our chat I prepared some dinner.

Dinner: polska kielbasa, onion, bell pepper & zucchini seasoned with cajun spices. Yum!

Well, my phone is down to 24%, time to recharge. Good night for now.

2 thoughts on “Lake Elsinore, CA

    1. Hi Roxanne! 🙋‍♀️We will be here untill Sunday. This is just a weekend trip. 😁 However, we will be in AZ NEXT weekend, 3/20. Our grandsons are coming out for a visit this Sunday and we will drive them back to Sahjurita (near Tucson) next Friday or Saturday. We may drive up to Dewey and Prescott Valley to look at a few homes. If we do, and time permits, we’d love to quickly swing by for a hello and a hug!🤩 I’ll keep u posted.


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