Travel During These Uncertain Times

The c-virus has interrupted lives worldwide. Travel has become minimal for many reasons; health and safety, first and formost. I understand that anyone can be a carrier of the virus, however according to what I have heard on the news, the very young and older populations are more at risk.

We have a few trips planned, but wisdom dictates that we reconsider. The first trip that we have scheduled is an RV camping trip to Yucaipa with a camping group. However, the majority of the California state parks are closed thru April 3nd, and probably beyond. This particular trip is scheduled for the 2nd-5th of April. BUT, We decided to aire on the side of caution and cancel. I had mixed emotions about this one because the location is only a little over an hour away from home AND we would be in our RV, more that 6 feet away from anyone else. We would technically be sequestered, right? So, why not be in our RV parked somewhere out in nature? Well, wisdom dictates that we stay home, because of the many unknowns. We are healthy, but in the 60’s age bracket. So we nixed  this trip, and home we will stay.🙃

Our next trip is scheduled for Las Vegas, Nevada, mid-April, a non camping trip. We are scheduled to stay at the Elara hotel. But, I have seen recent photos of the the Las Vegas strip, and it is a ghost town. I haven’t cancelled this trip yet, but probably will reschedule it for later in the year.

Las Vegas Blvd. aka ” the Strip”
Las Vegas Blvd. aka ” the Strip”

Las Vegas has probably never had its streets so bare. This 24 hour city of glitz and glamour is being hit hard, just like every where else.  Las Vegas may just have to wait for us to visit. There really is no point in going since the casinos, buffets, shows and restaurants are closed.  After all we have been there SEVERAL times before. Vegas can wait.🙂

We have a family trip scheduled for Hawaii this summer; 🏝 but we will have to wait this out for a couple of months to see if rescheduling will be necessary. Hawaii will be there, so if we have to reschedule, so be it. BUT, I am hopeful that all will be well with our world by the summer and we will begin to return to a state of normalsy.

The last scheduled trip we have this year is for the New Mexico Hot Air Balloon festival in October. I am really excited for that trip and am very hopeful that we will be back to normal by then. Time will tell.

During these uncertain times it has become the norm to see  empty shelves as we venture out to the grocery stores to get basic supplies and food items.  In my 64 years, I have never  experienced anything like this pandemic. These are indeed strange times. It is during times like these that brings out the best and worst in society.  Many are hoarding basic supplies such as water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels and bleach, and selling them at a premium. We are seeing price gouging at its finest.👎 Shame on them!  On the flip side I have seen more cooperation from neighborhood grocery stores than ever. Many grocery stores are accommodating seniors by providing special hours to shop before the hoards of the population come in, storm the aisles and strip the shelves. Some even provide free home delivery! I have seen more neighbors helping each other out in various ways, like checking on each other, volunteering, sharing supplies and bartering. Awe, the best and worst in us always comes out when we are under pressure. That’s when you find out who YOU REALLY ARE.🙃 Are you being helpful or hurtful? Think about it. 🤷‍♀️

I consider myself 50% optimist  and 50% realist, so I like to look for the silver lining (with a hint of reality). If you think about it there is one, or a few silver linings.   With people working from home and the schools shut down, families are being forced to spend more time together.  Home schooling anyone? Monopoly; learn about real estate. Scrabble; sharpen spelling skills. Jenga; motor skills and gravity. Nature shows and museums can be viewed on line. Get creative with the kiddos. It is a great time to teach life skills; sew on a button, stitch a ripped seam, or hem those jeans. Everyone needs to learn how to cook. Measuring cups equal fractions, equals math. Just saying.   Adults, we are probably cooking more and making our own coffee, thereby saving money. With the imposed “stay at home” mandates there are less cars on the road which equates to less accidents and less road rage. Bonus saving 💲 money on gas. I’d like to think that the air is a little cleaner because if it.😁 That makes me happy.

Final thoughts. Check your local news service to see how you can help. Remember to wash your hands. Be kind. Be patient. Check on your friends and family. Now might be a good time to learn something new or read that book. Facetime a loved one. Work in the garden. Eat healthy. Drink water. Take vitamins. Let’s extend grace to each other as we all wait for this to run its course. Most importantly. PRAY. 🙏 BE SAFE. STAY HEALTHY, we have more travelling to do, more experiences to share and stories to tell. Peace.✌

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