All geared up,, Ready to roll!!

Friday finally arrived! I woke up this morning anticipating   adventure and relaxation!  With Shorty loaded up and ready to roll I waited for Naomi to arrive.

SIDEBAR:  Naomi and I have been friends for 30 years. We met while working together in 1990. While there we met Carle who I have also been friends with since 1990. (He was, in fact, my boss. Yes, I was his secretary.) Through  the years the three of us have gotten together a couple of times for dinner to catch up. We have seen each other’s children grow and have children of their own children. These are those rare and special friendships whereby you may not see or be in contact with each other for months at a time, but when you do connect it is as though you haven’t skipped a beat!  We are able to pick right back up and enjoy each others company; laugh, share and chill. No matter how long it has been  we have a bond; a special admiration and love for each other.🥰 These are two very special people in my life.

Circa 2013.  My two long time, special friends.🥰

OK, for u grammar  buffs, I know ‘gurls’ is spelled incorrectly; that is on purpose. Even thought we are in our 50’s and 60’s respectively, ‘Woman’s weekend’ or “Women’s weekend or trip” just doesn’t have the same ring, you know? “Gurl’s Trip” just sounds like more adventure and fun!🙃  This was my second trip driving our RV, “Shorty” without my husband, Craig. AND, my first camping trip without him.  This was a “gurl’s weekend.”

Friday, Keough Hot Springs, Bishop, CA

Like I said, My friend Naomi and I have been friends for 30 years. It has been rewarding to watch our children grow up, thrive and develop into kind, caring and productive humans.  Now,  our children have children. Yes, we are grandmothers. 🤭🤗  Anyway, the timing was perfect for our schedules to get away and just be US.  Adult women. Not mom. Not Nana.  Not any other name that we are referred to, just Deb and Na.

Carle invited me (and Craig) to go Razor riding with his group of Razor riders. I am always ready to take Shorty out on a trip, so I jumped at the opportunity. My husband, Craig had some business to tend to, so I asked Naomi to join me. Bam!  Gurl’s Trip!!

The four and a half hour drive up to Bishop was  relaxing.  We laughed, talked and listened to music. We stopped for gas and later at a rest stop to dine on peanut butter and jelly sandwichs and talked and laughed some more!🤣😂

We arrived at camp early afternoon and checked in, it was about 100 degrees.😰🔥  We had a dry camp spot with no hook ups, just a picnic bench and fire ring in the gravel covered dirt.  It was hot and dry. 🏜 Well, we settled in and decided to take a quick survey of the campground. While our side of the facility was pretty much a dry dessert,  the opposite side of the grounds was a green oasis with water sprinklers,  green grass, big green trees and a stream!😲   As we surveyed the grounds we saw an empty campsite at the base of a small grass covered hill, a large green weeping willow type tree and a cobblestone parking pad.  I thought (and think I said out loud) “what a prime camping spot!” Wow, how nice!

HOT, Dry camp

After our quick survey of the grounds we headed back to camp to set up camp and prepare dinner. We opened the awning and moved the picnic table into the shade.  I got the little propane grill out and proceeded to prepare dinner of carne asada, corn 🌽on the cobb and watermelon. We were so hungry, and it was so hot that we enjoyed the cool, refreshing watermelon 🍉  while waiting for the meat and corn to cook. As dinner was just about ready Carle came to our camp and announced that one of the couples couldn’t make it and that they had an empty spot in the nice  green oasis area, near them.  Naomi and I were thrilled! We quickly finished dinner, packed everything up and drove to the oasis side of the camp.  The spot he said we could have was the VERY SPOT that we had admired earlier with the cobblestone parking pad and green trees. Hallelujah!! That is what I call GOD’S FAVOR!😁😇  AND, the spot was next to Carle and another couple that I knew, Renee and Robin, who we had razored with before. No longer were we stuck out in the dessert. We were in the Promise Land! Thank you Jesus!! (And Carle😉) We now had electricity and water hook ups. Thank you Jesus! Electricity meant AIR CONDITIONING!🥶 We could sleep comfortably though the night without sweating bullets.😆

The Promise Land.😉

Saturday Razor Riding

We woke Saturday morning to the hustle and bussel of the drivers getting their Razors ready for the day.

Renee and Carle’s razors (& RVs)

I believe there were a dozen razors ready to go ride and make dust trails.  Everyone geared up and we hit the road.  Naomi and I rode in the back seat of Carle’s Razor.

On the road to the trails.
And  they’re off!  Follow the dust trail.🙃

The ride is always bumpy and dusty, but it is fun!  This run had alot more rocks than the first time I rode in a Razor. I found myself tensing up my thighs, stomach muscles and butt cheeks!🤭 I almost felt like if I relaxed something in me might shake loose!🤣😂  Well, all that shaking was absolutely worth it! We stopped at a beautiful lake where there were campers with their four wheel drive trucks, tents, chairs and ice chests relaxing. 

Folks and their 4-wheel drive trucks camping at the lake.
Our crew.
Beautiful View from up on the hill where many of us found trees and bushes to relieve ourselves.🤭
The crystal clear lake is ONLY accessible via a four wheel drive vehicle or helicopter!😉
Little butterflies fluttering around a dirt hole. So cute.
View of the valley below. We had assended 10,000 feet and it was a bit chilly.
Na and I enjoying the vast valley view before us.
Spectacular views as we decended.
There were mud pits.
We bounced over MANY trails of rocks and small boulders.
Caravan back down the trail.
Precarious parking skills. One wheel in the air.
Two wheels on and two wheels off of the ground.  They got skills!!
Me, trying to look cool.😎
A little preview of a smoother road. I could not film bumpier ones for fear of dropping my phone.

When we returned back to camp we were sweaty, dusty and dirty; but it was totally worth it!!  We hit the camp showers, and then relaxed with a bottle of wine,🍷🧀 cheese and crackers.    Later in the evening we grilled some burgers🍔 for dinner. What a great adventure we had today!!🤩 This was my second time and Naomi’s  first time Razor riding. We met some nice people and made some more memories.


Sunday morning we had a cup of coffee and hit the Hot springs pool to relax and chill. Everyone else had day two of razor riding; not us, we opted for the pool.  😁

Thermal headed pool.
Our view.

Naomi and I lounged at the pool from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The pool is closed from 1 to 2 p.m. to clean and sanitize the tables, chairs and restrooms. It was the perfect time for a lunch break.  A tuna sandwich, chips and fruit fit the bill.  Since the Razor riders had planned to be gone all day I had previously volunteered to break Louie, the French Bulldog, out for a while. After I consumed my lunch, Louie and I took a walk around the oasis part of the facility on the grass by the steam so he could stretch his little legs and get some fresh air.  Of course while we were walking he dropped a tootsie roll 💩 for me to dispose of.😂🤣

Louie chillin’
Louie, Louie!

After lunch I returned Louie to his air conditioned quarters, and Naomi and I headed back to the pool.  We spent time 🏊‍♂️  swimming, lounging poolside and soaking in the hot mineral pool. We chilled there until about 5:30. We showered and fixed dinner of polska keilbasa, zucinni and potatoes. It was tasty!! By then, the Razor riders had returned. We ate our dinner and hung out with razor folks for a bit and listened to their stories of the day; the flat tire and loss of breaks! Na and I were so happy that we stayed back at camp all day.

Homeward bound

Heading home was pretty uneventful except when we stopped by a popular drive thru to get a morning cup of Joe.☕ The establishment didn’t offer walk in service. Since we were in the RV we couldn’t drive thru, so I did the next best thing and asked a couple in the drive thru to purchase two small coffees for us. 😊☕ I gave them the money and met them on the other side. Well, while we were sitting there sipping on our coffee a guy on his bike rode up and placed his order. It stuck us funny.🤣

The rest of our drive home was smooth as silk. We had a great weekend filled with adventure, relaxation, good food and cool people. Until next time.🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

2 thoughts on “GURL’S TRIP!

  1. Great blog as always Deb. I had THE best time. Tell Craig thanks for letting me borrow you and Shorty for the weekend!


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