IDAHO, Monday – Wednesday

Morning ☕ coffee.

MONDAY:  After a late breakfast we  piled into Shorty to head to Jackson, WY.   It is a beautiful and naraly mountain drive from Driggs to Jackson.

Beautiful view
Beautiful view
Steep mountain road, 10% grade 🥺
The welcoming sign😁

We drove down the main street and found some RV parking. We explored the town of Jackson before we had to get Jessica from  the airport. Here are some pix.

Main street
She didn’t want her pic taken, the horses didn’t mind.
Cool door handle, made from a pistol.
Reign, Remil, me, Muneca and Craig b4 we picked Jessica up from the airport.
Typical tourist pic, right?😁
Jackson Hole, WY Antlers.
One of the many rafting companies.

Well, we had to cut our exploring short and head to the airport to pick up Jessica.

It was a beautiful drive to the airport.

We noticed a bike lane that ran parallel to the highway. Very cool!

Jackson Airport. Small and beautiful.

We timed it perfectly. Her plane landed as we pulled up. Within 10 minutes we were heading back to Jackson for dinner.

We googled a few places and decided on BBQ at Bubba’s.

Near Bubba’s. Love the colors.
Reign, Craig, Muneca and Jess

We talked laughed and enjoyed the Grubb! We walked around town a bit while the clouds opened up and decided to sprinkle on us. We decided to head home back to Idaho. We got home, let Jessica settle in and we all chilled.

TUESDAY: Jessica’s first full day with us. After some morning coffee and tea, She and Muneca hopped on the ATVs and went to the forrest to explore.

Gearing up.
Craig giving his baby girl a quick review.
Almost ready.
One of Idaho’s many Amazing views!
Mr. ED?
On the way to the forest.

A chill day for us all. While Muneca and Jessica began their day on the ATVs, the boys waited for their turns playing video games and Craig and I read 📚 .

Later in the afternoon Jess, Muneca and I took a drive to the neighboring town of Victor so Jessica could try the famed huckleberry shake from the Victor Emporium. We were too late, they were closed!  We forget small towns close early.😬

Craig and boys went shooting while us girls went to town.

Reign taking aim.
Remil taking aim.

On our way back home we saw grey clouds gathering and it started getting really windy.  Was it going to rain?  Looked like it.  We got back and started dinner;  hamburgers 🍔, hot dogs 🌭, watermelon 🍉, and French fries. I know, I know, not the healthiest of meals. 😊 Anyway, while I was grilling burgers on the porch it started sprinkling and getting really windy!

Grey skys
The wind!

It did end up raining for a little bit just as I was finishing the burgers. We were gifted with a beautiful double 🌈  rainbow.

Double 🌈 Rainbow
Pot of gold?

Just as dinner was ready Craig and the boys got back. Talk about timing? They could not have timed it better. 😄 Dinner was tasty. After kitchen duty, we watched a movie and went to bed. Like I said, a chill day.

WEDNESDAY: Today was our float trip. Gotta say, Idaho and Wyoming are two very picturesque states. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Pictures speak louder than words. Have a look at the beauty and enjoy the trip.

On our way to the float trip in Moose, WY, inside the Grand Teton Park
Our raft.
Snake river
Craig, Jess & me. Our youngest🥰
Reign and his Papa.
An eagle’s nest
Look closely, An eagle on the branch.
Beaver’s had a munching party.
Floating on the river.
Our float guide Sam sharing his river knowledge.

While the river float was relaxing with spectacular views, we didn’t see much wildlife. It was still a really cool trip! But, I have to say that this is the first time I have ever seen a bald eagle in the wild.  👍🏽

The only downside, if there is one, was that after about an hour of sitting on the side of the raft, it did make for a sore tush….the float was two and a half hours.

Us, with our guide Sam.😊

We decided to stop for a bite in Jackson. Reign wanted Pasta. The place we wanted to go to in Moose was closed. We ended up at Miazga’s, (across the street from Bubbas BBQ.)  We dined outside and talked about the float. The fettuccine I had lacked flavor, but Craig said his burger was delicious. We all enjoyed our salads.😉🥗

After dinner we headed back thru the pass to Driggs.  We got home and watched a little TV together.

Sidebar: It is a little difficult for me to blog with my family here, because I just want to enjoy my time with them and make memories. When it is just Craig and I travelling it is my way to keep them posted on where we are and share our experiences with them. Now that we are together I have to slip away, or just sit in the room with everyone when they watch TV. 😄 Not complaining, just saying.

Tomorrow is another day and chapter in the Idaho vacation. Thursday to Saturday, maybe Sunday. We will see.👀

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