IDAHO – Thursday

Elk and Buffalo horseback riding tours

THURSDAY – We got up early this 🌄 morning to go horseback🐴🐎 riding. Well, Muneca, Jessica and our grandsons Reign and Remil went riding.   When we arrived at the location a cute little slender little girl with long blonde hair, about 12 years old, greeted us with a huge welcoming smile. She was wearing blue jeans, boots and a long sleeve button down shirt; Typical ‘ranch hand’ attire that you could tell she was very comfortable wearing.  She directed us to another part of their property to park where her grandmother would meet us and review the rules with the riders. When we arrived,  just as she said, her grandmother greeted us with a big smile and invited the riders in the little home office by the bus.

After they all took off in the truck with the horses, Craig and I debated on going back to the house or exploring the town. We ended up  exploring a neighborhood health food store and grabbing a cup of ☕ coffee for me and tea🍵 for him. Craig and I hung around town until it was time to return to pick up our riders.

It was a two-hour ride with the little blonde girl’s grandfather, Kent, as their guide. During the ride Muneca learned that the Elk and Buffalo horseback riding tours is a small family run business, and has been for five generations.  The little blonde girl is the 5th generation to live on that land.  They raise cattle, chickens, and take guests out on their horses.  They are VERY WARM and FRIENDLY people. Muneca gave them a five star review on Yelp.👍🏽⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A few pix from their morning adventure.

What a view!😁
They had such a good time.

After we retrieved our morning riders we filled our gas tank, (in preparation for tomorrow’s trip to Yellowstone,) and headed back to the house. We returned to the house about 1 p.m. Everyone headed to the kitchen for a bite to eat. After they ate, they all took a nap.🥱 (I don’t remember horseback riding  being so tiring). 🤭  Craig and I sat at the table and dined on tuna sandwiches. Afterwards, we did some chores; he washed Shorty’s face, which was full of 🐛 bugs.  I cleaned the grill that cooked our burgers the day before, and then packed it tightly in Shorty’s storage bin.

Then came laundry. Sheets and towels that we used on our journey up here to Idaho were washed, and then our clothes. (What a blessing it is to be here and have access to full house amenities.)

Late afternoon when they all got up from their naps they were itching to do something. The boys wanted to go fishing, but by this time it was getting late, and I had settled in to watch a movie and relax, and Craig was on a Zoom call with a buddy of his. So, Jessica took the boys shooting instead.

The rest of this evening was spent folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen and deciding on what food items to pack for our day long outing tomorrow to Yellowstone. Hopefully we will find a place for the boys to fish🐟 somewhere along the way, at least for a little while.😊

Yellowstone tomorrow! Maybe we’ll see Yogi and Boo-boo Bear? 🤭🐻🐻

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