Looking for Yogi and Boo-BooπŸ˜‰

FRIDAY: Destination Yellowstone. We left the house this morning at 8 a.m. thru the Teton Pass to Jackson, a route we have driven several times this week. The drive from Driggs, ID to Yellowstone National Park, South entrance is a tad bit over 2 hours. The boys always climb in the back beds and sleep until we arrive at our destination. My two daughters, Muneca and Jessica sit on the couch chit chat and enjoy the views.

Muneca and Jessica. (Middle and youngest daughters)

We passed several ‘Dude Ranches,’ fields of cattle, horses, and bison and beautiful open fields with tall green or brown grass dancing in the breeze. I noticed that these branch type fences are pretty common in these parts.

We ran into a traffic jam in Yellowsyone almost as soon as we arrived. There were Rangers, an ambulance a line of cars and people in the street. What was going on? An auto accident? Did someone get too close to a bison? Nope! It was the infamous Yellowstone grizzly bear 399! Mama bear and her 4 cubs!!

Screenshot, mama bear 399

We had the privilege of seeing mama bear and three of her cubs.

Mama bear 399 and two of her cubs. (U must look closely to see the cubs, after u see the mama.)
Baby bear number 3 going to catch up with mama 🐻
Throngs of people on the side of the road looking for a glimpse of 399
Rangers and paramedics on scene to keep the bears safe.πŸ˜‰

Such amazing views in Yellowstone. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This post will be mostly pix.😁 Enjoy!!

Tree line road to Yellowstone.

God’s beauty
God’s beauty
We got a couple of t-shirts from the general store

After shopping in the general store we walked around the visitor center and found Old Faithful. BUT, instead of waiting 30 minutes for it to errupt like the many other tourists, we explored the landscape.

Tourists waiting for Old Faithful to do its thing.

Chinese Spring
BEAUTIFUL clear blue HOT water
Beautiful color and design when the hot magma water skims the rocks surface.
Beehive geyser
Beautifully landscaped by the hot magma water, with walking trails in the distance.
Hot bubbling pot
A little water way and bubbling hot pot.
Old Faithful teasing us with a little spitting and steam.
Old Faithful.😁
There were AT LEAST a thousand + people sitting and waiting for Old Faithful to perform. Of course, afterwards the parking lot was a zoo.πŸ™ƒ

Well, the goal today was to see Old Faithful in action. CHECK. Now, time to hit the road. Craig wants to hit the pass BEFORE it gets dark and we still have to stop somewhere for the boys to do a little fishing as promised.

FISHING. We stopped off at a turnout by a bridge somewhere between Yellowstone and Jackson for the boys to fish for a bit.

Discussing the best spot to cast.
The boys fishing while Muneca counts the tiny fish🐟 and tadpoles near her feet.πŸ˜„
Muneca taking a stab at fishing.
My view from the river bank.
A lone fisherman.

Well, they didn’t catch any fish, but we sure did enjoy our time there relaxing. On to Driggs!

As we drove through Jackson we decided to stop to pick up some sweatshirts from a particular store that we visited earlier in the week. Can’t leave Jackson without a souvenir, right? We purchased our items and hit the road. We got to the pass at dusk and made it to Driggs about 8:30 p.m. just in time for dinner. If you are ever in Driggs, you have to try to Teton Thai. Delicious!

It was a LONG day and everyone is tired. BUT, now we get to go home and pack up so we could hit the road in the morning. Early.

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