Sonora & Fredericksburg, TX

A fresh brewed cup of coffee ☕ in the morning is like a warm hug. 😁☺

Good morning from 🤠 Sonora, TX. It is Sunday morning. With our door open and the cool fresh air creeping in, I am enjoying my morning cup of ☕  coffee.  I can hear the birds chirping and singing  and an occasional dog bark.  Otherwise, it is VERY QUIET.  No lawn mowers, sirens, airplanes, helicopters, trains, music, voices, car engines, or toilets flushing: NOTHING. PURE UNADULTERATED  QUIET.  I LOVE IT! I REALLY LOVE IT.  I live in Los Angeles County and there is ALWAYS  some type of background NOISE, 24/7; I call it white noise, a constant background hum that you, I cannot turn off. I find it annoying.  It often impedes  my thoughts and inner peace. That is one reason I LOVE to travel, to find these little hidden QUIET gems.  When I do find these quiet 💎 gems it gives me such an inner peace and calm. I can TRULY relax and think, uninterrupted. I feel SO MUCH CLOSER to the Lord, MY God. The Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you JESUS that there are still so many little gems out here for me to discover and enjoy! THANK YOU for my future home in one of these little quiet 💎 gems.😉 What’s that?! 👂🏽Prescott Valley…I hear you calling…☎️

Unfortunately for us we were unable to tune into our Sunday morning broadcasts with Cottonwood Church or Sanctuary. We listen in EVERY week to get our Sunday morning encouragement and fellowship.😣😞

Oh!! 😂🤣😂 Wait!! We forgot about the time change, it is a two hour difference.  We WERE able to listen to the Sanctuary fellowship.  🙏🏽 Now, time to unhook and get ready to hit the road. While we were preparing to depart Kevin came over and was chatting with us, such a truly friendly man with a BIG❤ heart.  He shared that about two years ago there was a heavy rain and the river and water canal overflowed and the town flooded. The water got about three feet deep and about 200 homes were lost.  He said that Sonora is a largely based Christian community, so it was no surprise that they all got together and helped everyone, one-by-one rebuild their homes.  A GOOD Christian community behaving like Jesus would have them to be. He also shared that once a month ALL of the churches in town get together and have a big cook out. Praise the Lord Sonora, TX.🤠

Sonora RV park sign
There we are! See the pink 🦩flamingos? 😁

On to Fredricksburg for a little sight seeing. Then to San Antonio to visit with Craig and Monica.😃

Big sky country.
Big sky country. So clean.
Very clean highway
Speed limit: 80 mph
Highway  to heaven (minus the bug splatters.)🪰🐝
Roller coaster road in the distance.
Better view of “roller coaster road”
God’s  country.  So fresh and so clean, clean.😉😜
Unfortunate name for a town??🤔


Rolling into Fredricksburg.🚌💨
Our Grill; A few of God’s creatures who hitched a ride on Shorty’s face.🤭

In Fredericksburg there are butterflies a PLENTY.  It was a beautiful sight. Unfortunately, so many cars had butterflies in their grills, but we need not dispare. As we were walking into town we saw the birds dive bombing and dining on the bugs and butterflies who met their fate in the grill of a car.😔 It is the circle of life, (Simba).⭕✌🏽

Such a charming little town.
This shirt made me laugh out loud!!🤭

As we explored and walked around this charming town we stumbled upon a Veterans Memorial AND a Japanese Garden. Enjoy the pix.

Veteran’s Memorial garden.
Memorial wall, WWII
Memorial Wall, WWII
Japanese home replica.
Japanese garden
Shhh, 🤫 quiet.
So Zen.. ✌🏽
Namaste ✌🏽🧘‍♀️

This is such a charming town in Hill Country whose roots are German based. The store fronts are so unique and cute. A tourist town? Yes. But worth the visit. The town reminds me of Solvang in CA.😊🤔

Cute, but comfy?🤔 IDK…
Cute landscape and metal art in front of a boutique.

After Fredericksburg, on the drive toward San Antonio we spied a fruit stand with a big sign that said FRESH PEACHES. “Craig, pull over!” I shouted. He did. I was initially disappointed because it is no longer peach season.😔 But I purchased some produce; squash, apples and persimmons. Those Honeycrisp apples 🍎  are the SWEETEST I have ever eater. Sweet, crunchy and delicious! Yum!! Wish I could get these  back home.

My purchase; Apples, persimmons and squash.
The produce stand stop on our way to Fredricksburg. Craig chatting with the proprietor.
Craig and Donna, proprietor

We arrived at Craig and Monica’s house early evening as the sun was beginning to set. We have a lot of catching up to do. Until tomorrow.👋🏼

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