San Antonio, TX

We arrived Sunday evening. It is really nice to see our friends, Craig and Monica.  (The last time we saw them was in January 2019, on our drive home, after we purchased Shorty.)  They welcomed us into their home with open arms. After visiting for a while, we ordered some take out, ate dinner, talked and laughed for a couple hours before we  turned in for the night.

Vibrant yellow flowers we saw on our walk.

Sidebar:  When Craig and I are at home, every morning, Monday through Thursday, we get up and go for a morning walk. When travelling I will plan various stops during the day to provide us opportunities to get out and stretch our legs.

Today is Monday. This morning, since we will be stationary for a couple of days we got up and took a walk in the neighborhood. We passed this  bush with pretty yellow flowers.🌻🌼    We made a few observations while walking. We saw a lot of glass (not screen doors) called storm doors. According to Monica they are so one can open their door during a rain storm to have the visibility but not allow the cold to come in. We also saw an abundance of wooden fences, rather than block walls, which we learned are subdivision rules.

Today was a very chill day  catching up and watching TV.  As evening approached we decided to get out and have some dinner. We opted for Mexican food at Sausalito’s.  (My) Craig loves ground beef, hard shell tacos which this establishment offered. The food was OK, but the company and conversation was excellent.

Sausalito Mexican Restaurant, the two Craig’s, Monica and I.😊

After dinner we stopped at a little park on the way back to the house, for a walk.  As soon as we parked and opened the door the sound of cicadas filled the air. These little illusive creatures, I have yet to see but have heard them in different states.

A little garden snake on the walking path.

This little garden snake was about a foot and a half long and at his thickest point was a little thicker than my thumb.  He was slithering across the walking  path, but as we approached he froze, playing dead. We stopped to take a photo and went on our way.

This little rabbit made an appearance from the brush.🐇
Lightening bugs.

After taking the circular walkway twice, Monica and I ventured on a different path. I am so glad we did,  because we  saw lightening bugs!  Never have I ever seen lightening bugs 🐛 in real life.  In the movie, Sweet Home Alabama, is the only time I have ever seen lightning bugs. I was so excited to see them for real!  It is the little things that make my day.😁 After all, I am the nature gurl AKA Dora the Explorer.😄😂🤣

We returned back to the house to chill and watch some TV for a while before we turned in the the night.

This morning, Tuesday 🌄 we got up early and went for our morning walk. We got back, sat in our rig and had a cup of coffee. I cut an apple, peeled a banana and got the peanut butter out. A quick snack is all we need.

Just before noon we went in the house to visit for a while. We watched the movie ’21 Bridges” with Chadwick Bozeman. (RIP) Excellent movie! We talked and laughed.

Before we left Craig and Monica, we thanked them for their hospitality, held hands and prayed for good health, healing and safe travels.  It is 4:30 p.m. Our next destination is Kreuz BBQ in Lockhart for dinner. I had been there once before in 2016 during a gurls road trip with Sandra and Teresa.  Since we are so close, (about an hour away) why not stop!? After all, it is in the direction of Arlington.😁

We have arrived.  Lockhart is said to be the BBQ Capital, (according to the signs we saw.)
Ordering up the meats, sold by the pound, served on butcher paper.
Ordering our side dishes.
Pork n beef ribs, brisket, cole slaw, mac n cheese, pickles and onions, cuz that is how they do it here at Kreuz.
Craig is ready to eat!

Kreuz BBQ was tasty. The meat was seasoned well and those beef ribs were MEATY 🐄 and lean.

We are back on  the road Arlington bound via Waco.  I initially wanted to stop at the Silos in Waco, but they are closed, oh well, next time. I didn’t need that deliciously, chocolatety, moist, rich, decadent, sugar filled 🧁cupcake anyway.🙄😔🤭

Sidebar: Anyone a fan if HGTV with Chip and Joanna Gains? Anyway, they have established the Magnolia Market at the Silos. It is a family friendly location that provides shopping, food trucks, a bakery and a hugh relaxing field complete with bean bag chairs for relaxing and stuff for the kids to do; very family friendly. And I have to say, their bakery has the BEST home made 🧁 cupcakes!!  Here is their site:

Arlington bound. We are on the 35N, it is dark now and time to stop and fill the tank…it was just below half way. (Carle, stop laughing🤣😂🤣😂)   The ride is quiet except for my singing and Craig’s whistling to the music.  I must admit that his whistling is far superior than my mediocre singing.  😆 We arrived at Jessica’s  about 10:45 p.m. It is always so nice to see daddy’s baby girl. 😉🥰 Until tomorrow.

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