The crew; Cousin Lorenzo, my Brother Bob and Craig.

I woke up this morning about 7:30 ish because I heard Bob outside moving the vehicles around. I slept really well!! I texted Craig to see if he was awake yet. He slept in my brother Bob’s house, and I slept in Shorty. I LIKE sleeping in Shorty, my bed is super comfy and I already have everything I need in here, you know? Bob has a big four bedroom three bath home, he wanted to make sure to have room for guests. (When travelling, if we have the opportunity, Craig will opt to sleep in someone’s house; I’d rather stay in Shorty.) Anyway, Craig was already up, so I washed up and got ready for the day. The goal: empty the moving truck and pick up truck. We all helped, well me, not so much, I tended to Bob’s plants and was dubbed “door monitor.” My job was to open and close the doors for them as they brought items into the house, and not to let the flies in. 😉

The view from my rig, watching the guys get started.
The unloading.
Shorty, my home away from ðŸĄ home.
Plants at the front of his house 🏠.

Since I am good with plants, in fact most of us Avila’s (my maiden name) are good with plants and have green thumbs.ðŸ‘ðŸ―ðŸŒąðŸŒī So, since I am good with plants I tended to the plants that he just transported. Many needed broken and dead leaves trimmed. Once he placed them where he wanted them, then I could tend to them.  He has some plumeria plants on the shady side of the house that I tended to as well.

Bob has this cool barrel that he stores wine in. They had to roll it off the truck 🚚.

Bob has been making trips twice a month between his homes in Long Beach, CA and Kingman, AZ for a couple of months now. Bob still has stuff at his Long Beach house, according to my cousin Lorenzo. Kitchen items mostly.  Muneca and I will have to go over and pack the rest of it up for him. He wants to get the house in the market by November 1st.

His cats, getting used to their new surroundings.

Did I mention that he has two cats? Bob’s two cats finally made the trip up. They get to live in the spa room. Bob is going to build them an outdoor enclosure so they could go outside when they want to, and he won’t have to worry about coyotes bothering them. Their names? Hum, I have only ever heard him call them “Little girl” and ” Big boy.”

Once the truck was unloaded he and Lorenzo returned the rental. When they got back the crew helped Bob move the big items in the house 🏠 where he wanted them.

He had called me last night and asked me to marinade some carne asada so we could grill it today. Before I knew it he had the grill going and got sidetracked moving more stuff, so I grilled the meat. Lorenzo is not yet retired and wanted to get home. So after I grilled the meat we put his backpack and cooler in our rig so we could hit the road. Bob offered salad ðŸĨ— and beans to accompany the meat, but I just made us some quick meat and tortilla burritos for the road. I know Bob wanted our company, and Craig and I may have stayed a little longer, but Lorenzo has projects going on at home to get back to in Upland. So we bid our farewells and hit the road.

Craig, Lorenzo, Bob and me.

Bob has been in his home for a few months and has been doing ALOT of yard work. He added some yard art!

Purdy burd! ðŸĶĪ

Sunday afternoon traffic was RIDICULOUS!! It took us about an hour and a half to get through this traffic…the dreaded El Cajon pass was a ðŸŧ bear. We crept along in stop and start traffic for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles!! I often wonder what folks do in traffic if they have to use the restroom!!ðŸ˜ģ I am grateful that mine travels with me!😉

We finally got Lorenzo home after dark. Craig and I got home about 9 p.m. That traffic made the drive tiring. Craig and I were HUNGRY so we picked up a burger on the way home. We got home, ate, unloaded very little, showered and went to bed.

Home ðŸĄ. We are home after 18 days on the road. It’s bitter sweet (for me.) Tomorrow we unpack, wash all of the bugs off of Shorty’s face, empty his tanks, fill him with fresh water, wash the linens, sweep, mop and clean him up and get him ready for our next outing. Back to reality. Until the next post. Happy Trails!!😁👋🏞

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