Three Rivers, 8/26/21

Sequoia Camp Ground. We were in spot 30, by Sierra Drive, by the river.

Sequoia Camp Ground is where we stayed. It has been a super relaxing, chill little getaway.  It may sound a little contradictory, but this camp ground holds so many fond memories for me, and  even though the camp has changed alot I might be convinced to come back for a few days with family and or a group of friends. It is overall a good gathering place if one is headed to Sequoia National Park or just to relax for a couple of days. And, like I said in another post  there is a camp store that sells basic camping items, ice cream, ice, wood, bug spray, bread and the like.  Additionally, there are a few restaurants,  (if one wants a night off of cooking), a little market, a post office, fire station and a few little hotel/motels up the street.  

Last night before we turned in for the evening we walked into an open area in camp and looked up at the stars.  In the darkness there were so many stars visible to the naked eye. (No way we could see them in the city.)  There is a certain beauty and peace about standing in total darkness in the forest staring up at the sky. It is almost magical, spiritual, if you will…

Well check out time is 11 a.m. I got up about 7:30 and started straightening up, securing items and putting others away. It usually takes us about 30 minutes to get ready to hit the road. Craig secured our 🚲 bikes and 💺 chairs, closed the slide and awning and swept our floor mat and stowed it in the garage below.  Ready to hit the road, we begin our journey back home.

Before we left the area I wanted to stop at Lake Kaweah and the Slick Rock Recreation area to see how much it has changed.  The lake and recreation areas have taken a heavy hit with these decade(s) long drought.  True, we have had rain here and there but not nearly enough as you will see.  It actually saddened my heart to see the water level SO LOW.

You can see the water demarcation line in the mountain across the way. It has taken about 35 years to get that low.
Do you see all that green? All of that green and the little brown island in the middle used to be UNDER WATER.
This is what is left of Lake Kaweah.
Can you see the demarcation line on that hill across the lake? Yeah…the water used to be that high.
Lake Kaweah, Shockingly LOW WATER LEVEL.😔
30 years ago the majority of what you see here used to be UNDER water. It was a great recreation area.
Slick Rock Recreation area used to be so lush with the river running thru it.
Slick Rock Recreation area used to be a raging river a good 10 feet deeper, at its deepest point.😔
There is Shorty above patiently waiting for our return.
Craig walking in what used to be a raging river.
Standing in the middle of the river.
Smooth river boulders formed by decades of water flowing over them.
Take a 🎶  listen. Looking up river.
Earily calm.
All of these boulders and rocks used to be UNDER water. 😔
So dry.🏜 So sad. We did see little 🐸 frogs thriving tho.
This little plant was growing on a little clump of dry dirt in the river bed.
🌱Nature finds a way.🌿
Dry river bed.😔
From a river to a stream.😔😪

Why so many pix about this area? I don’t know. Maybe to bring awareness? Maybe to share my memories? Maybe to show how our little part of the world is changing? Maybe to share the importance of water? After all, Where there is water, there is life. What if this lake dries up, what then?? Something to think about.🤔

As we continued our drive back home on the 198 we passed a few vineyards and fields of fruit trees. This particular home on the hill surrounded by a 🍇 grape Vinyard caught our attention.

What a view they must have!

Continuing on we passed a fruit stand. I love to stop at country fruit stands and check them out. The fruit from these stands is almost always sweeter than anything I can get from the grocery store in the city. Craig pulled over for me.😁

CBD Honey? 🤔
The owner gave us a couple of samples. Craig was tossing his orange peel.
We bought a basket of 🍓 strawberries and ate them on the road. Yum!
We drove thru Exeter on highway 65.
Along and lonely highway 🛣.
We passed a HALO orange orchid at the foothills of Sequoia, and then this packing plant near Exeter.

Approaching Los Angeles County we passed Pyramid Lake.

Pyramid Lake
Can you see the Pyramid formation in the top left of the photo?
Hence, Pyramid Lake.😉
On the 5 freeway we passed Six Flags Magic ⛰ Mountain in Valencia, CA.
Heading South on the 405 Freeway there was an over turned car in the Northbound lane. We prayed that those involved were alright.
Yep, we are back in L.A.
A sea of 🚗 cars on the 405 South. Typical afternoon traffic.

We arrived home about 4:30 in the afternoon. It was a relaxing three and a half day getaway. We are so fortunate and blessed to be retired, have a motor home, and have the freedom to get away when we desire. #BLESSED.

Until next month when we head out to Rincon🏖 in Ventura county. Be Safe and Stay healthy. PEACE ✌🏽 ☮

3 thoughts on “Three Rivers, 8/26/21

  1. I always enjoy your travels, thank you for the posts. We had the identical RV, but recently switched to a smaller Airstream. Basically the same in a lot of ways, but still the same joy of getting away and enjoying travel. have a great rest of summer!


  2. Thank you. I never know who is going to read my little blog. I was admiring an Airstream across from us in camp. They are pretty sweet and sleek. How do u like towing as opposed to driving your rig? U2 enjoy the rest of your summer. Stay healthy and safe!😊🤩💪🏽


  3. It is sad to see the water so low in many of those areas. 😔

    Wow, seeing these pictures took me back to those camping days. Some of my most fond memories growing up!

    Until the next adventure!


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