Good morning. 😁 We slept in this morning. It’s almost 10:30 and I’m still in my lounge clothes sipping on a cup of coffee. With nothing particular to do or no where particular to go lazying around feels quite appropriate.😊  It has been a very relaxing morning, just sitting here with my coffee, peering out of the window. It is overcast and chilly, there are not as many people outside walking on the beach as there were yesterday morning.

The wall, spaces 5 to 18.
Details on Rincon. (Could not get rid of that little “ask Ventura” bubble.😑)

There are sections of Rincon Parkway that are more desireable than others. We are at “the wall.” Spaces 5 to 18 have a wall between the beach and our designated parking space, which is the least desirable part of this stretch – unless you have extra vehicles to park or visitors.  Spaces 1 to 4 and 19 to 127 have boulders separating the beach and the parking, (not a wall).  I must remember these spaces 28, 48, 65, 70 and 90 (has a stone fire pit).   These spaces I mention are prime spots as they have relatively easy beach access from the camp parking spaces.  (Mental💡note for future reservations 🤩.)  Reservations, which, by the way, can be reserved 90 days out, year round. 👍🏽

Well, today as I said has been a very chill day.  About 11ish, Craig and I shared a hard boiled egg and an apple with peanut butter – good protein and fiber. 💪🏽💩🤭

Protein and fiber.

Craig was listening to a podcast or something so I decided to take a bike ride Northbound to Hobson Beach.  Hobson Beach is a small campground with only a few hook up sites and the rest are dry camping. I took a quick spin thru it to check it out. The plus is that they have a little storefront burger/pizza joint. 👍🏽

Hobson Beach Campground
The ride heading back to Rincon.

I stopped by to get Craig so we could ride our bikes Southbound to check out Faria campground, the houses and the beach beyond Rincon. 

Craig was ready to ride.

The following are pix from our bike ride.

Another small campground with some hook ups and dry camping spots.
Ocean to the right, mountains to our left.
Craig capturing a pic of the beach house.
Beach house
This house! We could see straight thru the house, from the street to the ocean.
Carle and his crew on the beach in the distance.
Rincon Parkway
Craig enjoying the view.
Riding back to our rig.
Don’t know why I’m standing with my legs so far apart.🤭🤷🏽‍♀️
Chicken is done… making cheese toast on the grill.
The Cheese toast came out GOOD.
“Dunch” (lunch/dinner) salad w/chicken, bacon, egg, tomatoes, apple, and cheese. YUM.
What?! It’s 🥶 COLD outside.

I’ll leave you with this sunset video. The day is coming to an end. Be good. Stay safe. Remember to be a better you tomorrow.🥰🤩✌🏽

P.S. Carle, thanks to you and Joyce for inviting us to join you and your crew this week. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will be back to Rincon.🤩

4 thoughts on “RINCON, Day 3

  1. Oh my gosh DEBBIE!! Your pics, the outstanding video of sunset are so wistfully calming they bring a bit of mist to my eyes. Since I don’t live close to a beach, i decided to have my house painted in beach colors. My porch decor will have beach themed colors, and that will have to take place of the beach. That video of the sunset took my breath away! Thank you for posting!


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