RINCON, until next time…

Heading home today.. We got up about 8:30 and got ready for the day then started packing up. Packing up is typically quick and easy. It consists of sweeping the interior, putting our pedestal table in the closet, closing the slide, turning our captains chairs back around, securing the outside chairs, sweeping, folding and putting the exterior floor mat in the garage, and securing all things inside so nothing goes flying when we hit the road.πŸ˜†

We each fixed a cup of coffee and enjoyed the ocean view listening to some jazz watching the waves reflecting on our time here.😁

The view from our couch.

We had a very relaxing time at Rincon and will surly spend more time here in the future. It seems that 3 days boondocking, aka, dry camping is long enough for us. Thirty gallons of fresh water in our tank only lasts so long. Yep, 3 days does it for us.

Here are a few pix of our ride home.

Malibu in September.
Malibu, CA
On PCH in Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica pier.
405 frwy, Southbound ALWAYS, ALWAYS a parking lot.

Rincon, until next time.πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Readers, be good. Stay safe. Remember to be a better you tomorrow.🀩✌🏽

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