Kingman, AZ

So, one of my younger brothers (I have 5 younger brothers) is waiting for Escrow to close on his home in Kingman, AZ.πŸ‘πŸ‘ I am SO HAPPY for him!! (And a little tiny bit jealous, to be honest)!! He is ecstatic! He beat me out of California. We have talked about leaving for a few years now, he beat me to the punch.πŸ™ƒ

Shorty and Bob’s future home.

Out travels began with the need to get our twin grandsons back to their dad in Sahurita, which is South of Tucson, AZ, so they could continue their studies. Their mom, my daughter, Muneca (Spanish for doll, is pronounced “Moon-Ye-ka”), arranged with their father to meet us in Quartsite, which is a good half-way point.  We got there first, so we decided to get out to stretch our legs.  We walked around exploring  the desert landscape.  Across the highway was a little storefront shop with piles of various rocks gem stones and minerals for sale. We just peered, but didn’t cross.  Before we knew it, their dad pulled up.  We exchanged pleasantries while the boys took their items from our RV and loaded them into their dad’s SUV. After bidding our farewells and squeezing hugs, off they went.

Me and my grands; Reign, LeLahni and Remil.

Sidebar: Our grandsons are seniors in high school. Remil wasΒ  voted “Homecoming King” earlier this year. He and his brother Reign are scheduled to graduate next month, in May. However, it looks like they will have to finish their studies at home because of this covid-19 virus. AND, at this point, it doesn’t appear that they will have a prom, grad night or a graduation ceremony. It is not the worst thing in the world but those activities mark a transition in young people’s lives. It is an accomplishment, a passage into “young adulthood” so to speak. To celebrate their graduation and achievements we had scheduled a family vacation to Hawaii (in June), but it appears that we will have to postpone until this pandemic is over. Well, as long as they are healthy and happy, all is well.😁  (LeLahni is their 25 year old sister who joined us for the trip.)

Well, after the boys left with their dad down Highway 40, we headed up Highway 95 to Kingman, AZ. Our goal, to see my brothers soon to be home. 🏑 🏜 While driving up the highway my daughter and granddaughter revealed that they had never been to Lake Havasu. WELL, since it was on our way, we stopped to stretch our legs.

Colorado River, AZ
London Bridge, Lake Havasu
London  Bridge “Locks of Love” (mentioned in an earlier Lake Havasu post.)

Sidebar: Prior to any of us leaving Bob mentioned having a BBQ. He said he would grill some meat; and we agreed to bring a nice big green salad, and a couple of sides.

When we arrived in Kingman, Bob was grilling some rib eye steaks and country style spare ribs. (YUM-YUM!) After hours on the road, we were hungry! When we hopped out of Shorty, we could smell the fragrant smoke from the meat on the grill! πŸ₯© Ray, the current owner welcomed us and gave us a tour of the house highlighting some of the latest repairs and upgrades that he and his worker Pi had completed.  This single story ranch style home has four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, two of which are master suites, with their own bathroom. The big fireplace is see through, in that it greets you in the living room as well as the other side of the wall in the family room. There is new carpet throughout. One of my favorite features in this home is the Arizona sunroom; which also has a hot tub. (I would grace this room with ALOT of Plants!) The home sits on just under an acre of land, and is zoned for 🐴horses and πŸ”πŸ£ chickens! It needs some work, but has great bones. The front of the house has a circular gravel drive and plenty of room to park. A portion of the back yard is fenced and has some grass, but beyond the fence it is full on desert, complete with cactus, 🏜 wild bushes and flowers,πŸ€πŸŒΌ cottontail rabbits,πŸ‡ hummingbirds, lizards,🦎 a wide variety of song birds 🐦and quail. The quail are really cute!

Shorty and the front of the house

After the tour with Ray, while the steaks continued to accost our nostrils, we prepared the salad, a side of corn, beans, and tortillas. Bob had some chips and other snacks available too. We all sat and ate and chatted. All of us; Ray, his wife, Pi, my brother Bob, husband Craig, daughter Muneca and granddaughter LeLahni. We were all hungry; and then we were FULL, happy and tired.

Grass, Back yard. Enjoying the mountain view, birds and fresh air.
Desert part of the yard beyond the chain link fence. There is Bob at the edge of his soon to be property. (He is the speck in the center of the photo.)
Grass and desert yard.

After a GOOD nights sleep I woke up about 7 a.m. brewed some coffee and joined my brother in his yard enjoying our morning brew. He shared some of his home improvement and landscape ideas with me. Besides landscaping, one idea he has is to design a dirt track for his ATV. That will be some great family fun!! He will build a tool shed and an additional garage along with some interior painting and gardening.

My brother Bob is a divorced man, who doesn’t need a four bedroom home; but, he wanted to have plenty of room for family and friends to visit. πŸ˜‰ He, like my dad was, is very handy with his hands. He loves to build things and is particularly good with wood. He has more tools than ANYONE I personally know. He has a big, trusting, generous heart. He is an overall good guy. I am so proud of him and am very happy for this new phase in his life. I KNOW as soon as he is a little settled, I will be visiting.😍

Well, the time to return to California was upon us. We bid our farewells and left Bob’s about 1 p.m. We stopped for a bite to eat, and pressed forward. Our drive home was relatively uneventful except for some very high🌬 winds. We could feel gusts of wind push Shorty to and fro and I could see Craig holding the steering wheel with both hands; not his usual one hand casually holding the wheel while his other taps his leg to the beat of whatever song is playing. No, he was holding that wheel securely with both hands. Muneca and I had both wanted to drive for a bit sometime during the trip, but Craig decided to stay at the wheel because of the high winds.😍

As we entered California the sky and weather began to change. The winds had died down and in the distance the sky began to get cloudy, we could see big, dark rain clouds forming.

Cloudy skies
Cloudy skies

BUT, what really got my attention was the lack of vehicles on the freeway! It was a little eerie. Never ever in my life had I seen so few vehicles on a California freeway.

Empty freeway.
Empty freeway

Like I said, it was eerie. However, the lack of vehicles on the road gave me a sense of peace and calm. I didn’t get the usual “anxious” feeling I get when we are on these over-crowded California freeways. My little silver lining to this pandemic.πŸ˜‰

Well, we arrived home safely and unpacked. I needed this little getaway! Shorty will get cleaned inside and out in the morning. He is my little home away from home. Until next time; stay safe and stay healthy. Peace.✌

Travel During These Uncertain Times

The c-virus has interrupted lives worldwide. Travel has become minimal for many reasons; health and safety, first and formost. I understand that anyone can be a carrier of the virus, however according to what I have heard on the news, the very young and older populations are more at risk.

We have a few trips planned, but wisdom dictates that we reconsider. The first trip that we have scheduled is an RV camping trip to Yucaipa with a camping group. However, the majority of the California state parks are closed thru April 3nd, and probably beyond. This particular trip is scheduled for the 2nd-5th of April. BUT, We decided to aire on the side of caution and cancel. I had mixed emotions about this one because the location is only a little over an hour away from home AND we would be in our RV, more that 6 feet away from anyone else. We would technically be sequestered, right? So, why not be in our RV parked somewhere out in nature? Well, wisdom dictates that we stay home, because of the many unknowns. We are healthy, but in the 60’s age bracket. So we nixed  this trip, and home we will stay.πŸ™ƒ

Our next trip is scheduled for Las Vegas, Nevada, mid-April, a non camping trip. We are scheduled to stay at the Elara hotel. But, I have seen recent photos of the the Las Vegas strip, and it is a ghost town. I haven’t cancelled this trip yet, but probably will reschedule it for later in the year.

Las Vegas Blvd. aka ” the Strip”
Las Vegas Blvd. aka ” the Strip”

Las Vegas has probably never had its streets so bare. This 24 hour city of glitz and glamour is being hit hard, just like every where else.  Las Vegas may just have to wait for us to visit. There really is no point in going since the casinos, buffets, shows and restaurants are closed.  After all we have been there SEVERAL times before. Vegas can wait.πŸ™‚

We have a family trip scheduled for Hawaii this summer; 🏝 but we will have to wait this out for a couple of months to see if rescheduling will be necessary. Hawaii will be there, so if we have to reschedule, so be it. BUT, I am hopeful that all will be well with our world by the summer and we will begin to return to a state of normalsy.

The last scheduled trip we have this year is for the New Mexico Hot Air Balloon festival in October. I am really excited for that trip and am very hopeful that we will be back to normal by then. Time will tell.

During these uncertain times it has become the norm to seeΒ  empty shelves as we venture out to the grocery stores to get basic supplies and food items.Β  In my 64 years, I have neverΒ  experienced anything like this pandemic. These are indeed strange times. It is during times like these that brings out the best and worst in society.Β  Many are hoarding basic supplies such as water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels and bleach, and selling them at a premium. We are seeing price gouging at its finest.πŸ‘Ž Shame on them!Β  On the flip side I have seen more cooperation from neighborhood grocery stores than ever. Many grocery stores are accommodating seniors by providing special hours to shop before the hoards of the population come in, storm the aisles and strip the shelves. Some even provide free home delivery! I have seen more neighbors helping each other out in various ways, like checking on each other, volunteering, sharing supplies and bartering. Awe, the best and worst in us always comes out when we are under pressure. That’s when you find out who YOU REALLY ARE.πŸ™ƒ Are you being helpful or hurtful? Think about it. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I consider myself 50% optimistΒ  and 50% realist, so I like to look for the silver lining (with a hint of reality). If you think about it there is one, or a few silver linings.Β Β  With people working from home and the schools shut down, families are being forced to spend more time together.Β  Home schooling anyone? Monopoly; learn about real estate. Scrabble; sharpen spelling skills. Jenga; motor skills and gravity. Nature shows and museums can be viewed on line. Get creative with the kiddos. It is a great time to teach life skills; sew on a button, stitch a ripped seam, or hem those jeans. Everyone needs to learn how to cook. Measuring cups equal fractions, equals math. Just saying.Β Β  Adults, we are probably cooking more and making our own coffee, thereby saving money. With the imposed “stay at home” mandates there are less cars on the road which equates to less accidents and less road rage. Bonus saving πŸ’² money on gas. I’d like to think that the air is a little cleaner because if it.😁 That makes me happy.

Final thoughts. Check your local news service to see how you can help. Remember to wash your hands. Be kind. Be patient. Check on your friends and family. Now might be a good time to learn something new or read that book. Facetime a loved one. Work in the garden.Β Eat healthy. Drink water. Take vitamins. Let’s extend grace to each other as we all wait for this to run its course. Most importantly. PRAY. πŸ™ BE SAFE. STAY HEALTHY, we have more travelling to do, more experiences to share and stories to tell. Peace.✌

Lake Elsinore

A flock of pelicans relaxing on the beach. Homes nestled in the foothills.

Yesterday morning I got up and took a walk around the facility again to take more pix. My last post talked about some of the amenities. I forgot to mention the cool Yurts they have for rent.

Yurt Village

So, if you dont have a motorhome or camper, you could rent a vintage airstream ($$$) or a more cost effective Yurt ($$). But, if u do have a motorhome they allow one tent per camp sight, if u choose to bring campers along. The sites were reasonable considering all of the amenities included. We actually walked into town and spied a few Mexican restaurants, a couple of breakfast places and some fast food joints. So if one didn’t want to cook, there you go!

It is a nice size pool.

They have a nice size pool too. I don’t know if you could see them in the picture, but there are 3 ducks at the far end of the pool.πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦†

Splash pad video

Saturday night we had a group potluck.

Gathering for the potluck.
People and food dishes arriving

The potluck was a great opportunity to meet and chat with other folks in the group. I have found that RVers are some of the FRIENDLIEST folks! And, the food; 🀀a wide variety of dishes were enjoyed. We had many home made dishes; chicken enchiladas, lasagna, pulled pork, little smokies, rice, meatballs, trip tip, bbq chicken wings, beans and desserts. I made a HUGE salad with spring mix, romaine, sweet baby bell peppers, radish, red onion, cucumber, honey crisp apple, cherry tomatoes and avacado. We also had pizza and chili dogs. I was full!πŸ€ͺ

Launch Pointe was kind enough to let us use their hall because of the uncertain weather. Here is a view of the camp ground from the upper level.

There’s Shorty!😁

Oh, I forgot to mention that there is a little burger joint on the premises called the Bobble. It is right next to their bait and tackle shop.

Bait n Tackle and the Bobble

Sudebar: There are warning signs all over saying NOT to eat the fish or swim in the water. But they have a bait and tackle shop and a beach area. Hum.πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ You are allowed to boat and water ski; perhaps during the summer? I don’t know.

Wrist bands

Oh yea, when you check in everyone in your party is provided with a wrist band that grants you access to the pool, laundry room, showers and restrooms on the facility.

Anyway, It’s Sunday and we are heading home. The group’s next trip is to Yucaipa in a few weeks; if it is not cancelled because of this stupid C-virus… time will tell. Until next time…

Lake Elsinore, CA

Lake Elsinore, Launch Pointe

We arrived yesterday, late afternoon. It rained the entire way here the 91 to the 15. On a good day the drive would be a little over an hour, but yesterday it took us 3 hours. There were SEVERAL accidents along the way.

We are a part of the Facebook “So CA RV” group, who organized the trip. Of the group at last count about 35 families signed up to participate in the outing.

I woke up early this morning to the sound of rain tapping overhead, it was actually quite soothing. I brewed a cup of coffee and planted myself on the couch enjoying the pitter-patter of the rain, waiting for it to stop so I could take a walk and explore the facility.

It’s a small four cup coffee pot. Yes, that is a BIG coffee mug.
Our dinette

I washed my coffee cup, put on my coat and boots, grabbed an umbrella and set out to explore. The air was fresh and the light sprinkles slowly came to a halt. This is a really nice family resort. They have a pool and jacuzzi, of course, but they also have a really cool play ground and splash pad for the kiddos! I have to admit if it was a hot day, I would have enjoyed the splash pad with the kiddos! 😁

Cool playground
A really cool splash pad!

The facility also has some really cool, vintage airstreams available for rent. They are strategically set up in a wagon train circle, surrounded by lush landscape and beautiful retro furnishings. A cool 60’s and 70’s throwback. Here are a couple.

Vintage Village

I met a couple of other couples that are part of the SO CAL RV group. We chatted a bit before continuing our morning explorations.

Shorty, by the lake
Shorty, in the mist

I got back to home base and chatted with Craig for a bit, we enjoyed some bacon and eggs, did some reading and then took an afternoon walk by the lake.

Lake Elsinore
Craig checking his phone.
Sheriff and Rangers safety training

While out walking by the lake we saw Sheriff and Park Rangers doing some water safety training. As we continued our walk we met our neighbors in the camp sight next to ours. We chatted for a while getting to know each other. In the middle of our conversation the safety trainer, Ramos, came over and started chatting with us. (It turns out that Ramos is a retired police officer who conducts safety training, rescue diving and other life saving classes to Sheriff and Park Ranger recruits.) We all talked about our children, travel, eateries and sports; the conversation was easy and flowed. We learned that he (Ramos) and I are from the same home town, and that he doesn’t live far from the couple we just met. Small world!! The conversation finally broke up because my legs and hands were freezing.πŸ₯Ά I think we were all cold, but the conversation was flowing so well that no one really wanted to end it. Darn me!πŸ™ƒ

Craig and I returned to Shorty, waiting for us our camp site, and warmed up with a cup of coffee. β˜• We watched some videos on You tube and laughed sipping our coffee. Our youngest daughter Jessica called. The three of us chatted and laughed for a good hour or so. Unexpected calls from our daughters are always nice.πŸ’ž After our chat I prepared some dinner.

Dinner: polska kielbasa, onion, bell pepper & zucchini seasoned with cajun spices. Yum!

Well, my phone is down to 24%, time to recharge. Good night for now.

Tuesday, 3.10.20 – Date Day

I told you that Tuesday is date day, right? We have fallen into a routine of either going to the movies and taking a walk at the beach or we will take Shorty (our RV) out for the day.

Today we decided to take Shorty to Royal Palms, a beach in San Pedro, CA, we affectionately call The Palms.

View from the passenger seat.

This is one of my favorite childhood places. My dad used to bring us here as kids to walk the beach, explore and search for interesting rocks. We would walk and hop from rock to rock all while listening to him talk. I really don’t remember many of our conversations, but I KNOW without a doubt that I was loved; I could hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes.  I always “feel” my dad’s presence when I am here. It is very calming.

Sidebar: My dad was murdered shortly after I graduated from high school. I was 17. 😭😭

Anyway, whenever I need comforting or a place to feel safe and loved, this is my place.😍 It calms me and brings me a kind of peace. If I have things on my mind and need to think, this is my safe place. Warm feelings and very fond memories of my dad come flooding back whenever I sit and listen to the waves. Sometimes when I sit very quietly on a rock and listen to the waves I could almost FEEL him sitting next to me. It is a feeling like no other. πŸ’ž

Sidebar: Craig proposed to me here at the Palms one December night in 1983.πŸ₯°πŸ’˜

When here I love to walk among the billions of stones and pick a few interesting ones to take home. I have a round planter container on my porch where I place them all. When we move to Arizona I will bring them with me, a little bit of a California beach, and place them in my yard.

Captivating rocks

I find I am drawn to rocks with lines and  layers in them. They seem show some history of decades gone by with each layer. The largest one is no bigger than a golf ball.

So, today on our way to the Palms, Craig and I grabbed a pastrami sandwich from a popular local deli, BUSY BEE.  If you are ever in San Pedro you MUST stop by BUSY BEE. (Oh, and they only take cash.) The sandwiches are so big and hearty we only eat half! One sandwich could actually be shared, but we like our own.πŸ˜‰ I brought some cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and baby bell peppers from home to accompany the sandwiches. YUM.

Anyway, after we got our sandwiches we found a nice spot here at the Palms. We sat and watched a couple of  surfers refining their skills and practicing on the smaller waves. I could watch the waves crash against the shore for hours.

A lone surfer.
The view from the comfort of my bed. Like my sunhat?

The day began cold and rainy, but the sun decided to grace us with its presence this afternoon. It is after 5 and I have long since settled in relaxing and writing and Craig is playing jams, whistling and reading a book. A very chill date day, together with Shorty.

Craig reading. Ocean view.

Tomorrow I will begin preparation for our Lake Elsinore trip.

Prescott Valley, AZ

Our future home land.😁🏜

We have come to a point in our lives where the congestion and traffic of a Los Angeles suburb has become too much. We, like many of our friends, are considering relocating; some already have. One friend is thinking about Texas or Louisiana and another is considering Nebraska. Craig and I have talked about moving for a while, which is one of the reasons we bought our RV; so we could travel the country to see where we might want to plant our feet. Arizona caught our attention pretty quickly.🏜

Anyway, I have been searching on Zillow for homes in Prescott and Prescott Valley for a while now. We are drawn to the dry heat in the summer and mild four seasons. So, we began our day scouting neighborhoods and searching for some particular homes that I found on Zillow that that I wanted to see in person and check out the neighborhoods.

One of the homes I really like. Beautiful neighborhood.

This home is in our ideal neighborhood. Each home is on about a quarter of an acre of land with plenty of space between them, and it is an RV friendly neighborhood! They are not cookie cutter homes, have large back yards and LOW HOA fees.πŸ‘

We saw a couple of GOOD SIZE lots of land too and are kicking around the idea of purchasing a lot (in our desired neighborhood) and building a home on it. Lots of research would need to be done, but it is a possibility.😁🏑 Not posting a pic of the land on purpose so no one gets any ideas.😁🏜

Our agent, Simon Fort w/Arizona Prime Real Estate.

We contacted the real estate agent listed, Simon Fort, and had the opportunity to look inside of the home (posted) in the Mingus West subdivision. It checked many of my boxes; but sadly, it is no longer available.πŸ˜” Simon took us around a few neighborhoods to view some other homes. We shared some of our must haves with him. We agreed to meet Tuesday morning to look at a few more homes and neighborhoods that check our boxes. Tonight I will sit down and write a list of “must haves” and “pluses.” Some must haves: single story, three bedrooms, two bath, master bedroom with walk in closet, a soaking or garden tub, open floor plan, large lot to park shorty, and much more. A few of the pluses would be a landscaped yard, fruit trees and an RV garage. I am looking forward to our meeting tomorrow morning.

A new build we walked thru.

SIDEBAR: We will NOT leave Prescott without seeing our friends Mark and Roxanne! We agreed to meet for a late breakfast or lunch after meeting with our agent. As always, we are looking forward to seeing them!πŸ˜πŸ‘


We met with Simon at his office in Prescott this morning. Their real estate computer system was down. (I forget what he called it.)  πŸ˜‘ Technology. Love it when it works and hate it when it doesn’t. Oh well, such is life. 🀷😁 Anyway, Hopeful that it would come up, we waited and chatted. I provided him with a list of our “must haves” and “pluses.” We reviewed and talked about our list. He assured us that he would put the parameters in the computer to fine tune his search for us, later when the system comes back on line. Meanwhile, we chatted. He shared some of the town history with us, why he liked Prescott, information about different areas, neighborhoods and new builds. After about an hour of chatting about what we liked, our price point, etc. we hopped in his car for some sightseeing.

In chatting with Simon we learned that he has lived in Prescott for 20+ years, has a background in marketing, enjoys his job and is happily married. He is a real “genuine guy,” friendly, easy to talk to, a good listener and easy going. πŸ‘

Simon took us thru several neighborhoods in Prescott and a couple in Williamson. South View, Granite Park Ranch and Pinon Oaks are a few of the areas he showed us.  His mother in law’s condo was in an area he was showing us and driving thru. Who happened to be outside? His wife and mother in law! Lovely ladies!πŸ˜ƒ

Really liked this area.

Following are some pix of homes from those areas. I love the use of boulders and stones.

The homes were beautiful with creative desert landscaping using boulders and stones. Many homes had RVs or RV parking in the Pinon Oaks subdivision with large lots that caught or eye!πŸ‘€

After sightseeing with Simon we bid our farewells and then met with Mark and Roxanne for a late lunch. It is always nice catching up with them.😍😍 Such LOVELY folks! I forgot to take a group pic today, so I had to go to my archives.

An archive pic of Mark and Roxanne during a previous visit. Me photo bombing. 🀣
Phase 10 card game.πŸ˜ƒ

Some homes had tell tale signs of an earlier snow. The snow in the sun had long since melted, but the snow in the shade was hanging on.❄

Target, Prescott

This is about as much snow we are willing to deal with.πŸ˜β„ The 89, Mountain road leaving Prescott.

A cool sight on highway 71. Lone Indian on a horse, metal sculpture.

Driving down Highway 60 with a little Jazz.

Beautiful sunset drive to Jazz.

Drove thru Quartzite where the nationwide rally is being held. We saw thousands of RVs, trailers, vans, 5th wheels, and some converted busses. I’m sure they will have a great rally! We have to pass this year.

Homeward bound. It’s been a fun and fruitful trip. For me it is always a little sad when our trips end. Ideally, I would LOVE to travel for 3 months at a time, just think of how much of this country we could see! πŸ‘€ One day, one day…πŸ˜πŸ‘


Another chilly morning. Got up and hopped on the shuttle to go see some hot air ballons.  The event began Thursday, but it’s been too windy for the balloons. Well this morning it finally happened. I was told that 25 Balloons launched about 7:30.  Carle text me early this morning to say that from his vantage point he could see 20 balloons, and one is a frog!

Compliments of Carle.

By the time Craig and I got to the launch site there were only a couple still around. (We slept thru the launch.)  One was giving tethered rides and one was being deflated and folded. “Tethered rides” are balloon rides that only hover about 20 feet up in the air because they are secured to the ground with ropes. So for $20 bucks one could say they rode in a hot air balloon for about 10 minutes.πŸ˜‰ Otherwise, one could pay $200/person for a real hot air balloon ride. We didn’t do either.

Balloon launch site.
Balloon Basket
Deflated and ready to roll up for storage

We grabbed a cup of coffee and walked around for a while.  The sun was bright and warm, so walked over to the main stage to watch the entertainment; belly dancers and a band. We were entertained for an hour or so then decided it was time to head back.

Great view! We are parked there on the left, in the green circle.

We got back to camp and packed up; dumped the black and grey tanks, filled up our fresh water, and hit the road. On or way out of town we stopped at Walmart for a few things. We only had a cup of coffee and it was about 2 in the afternoon. We sat in the parking lot and ate lunch.


We hit the road after lunch, and between Lake Havasu and Kingman on Highway 40 we saw this interesting sight.

Big rig cab on a pole!

Continuing on highway 40 we saw SNOW on the ground. We knew it would be cold, but did not anticipate snow. BRRRR❄ Fortunately it was only off to the side and not on the roads.

SNOW. Not expecting this!

Those desert stretches get dark, fast.

Highway 40, before Chino Valley

Since I am the navigator I had been looking for a place to stay for the night, with hook ups. I favor the app Park Advisor. I found this place.

Elks lodge

I didn’t realize it was an Elk’s Lodge. I called and spoke with Dale who said they had some spots available, so we set our sights on Prescott Valley. We arrived and Dale told us to pick a spot and complete the paperwork. $25 bucks a night. Sweet! He called me after we settled in and paid. He asked for my Lodge and member number. What?Β  We are not members.Β  The app, Park Advisor didn’t say it was a “members only” camp sight.Β  Since we had already paid for 2 nights and settled in, all hooked up and warm, he let us stay as his guest. Whew! Grateful. We were WARM.


“Snug as a bug in a rug.” Who came up with that saying? Anyway, that is how I felt this morning! So toasty and warm!warm!! Boy, what a difference shore power (electricity) makes in our rig!!

I climbed out of bed this morning and sat in our dining area and this was my view out of the window. I am so glad we just snagged the first level sight we saw last night and didn’t drive around. We are on a ridge!

Well off to look at homes in Prescott Valley, AZ.