Prescott Valley, AZ

Our future home land.😁🏜

We have come to a point in our lives where the congestion and traffic of a Los Angeles suburb has become too much. We, like many of our friends, are considering relocating; some already have. One friend is thinking about Texas or Louisiana and another is considering Nebraska. Craig and I have talked about moving for a while, which is one of the reasons we bought our RV; so we could travel the country to see where we might want to plant our feet. Arizona caught our attention pretty quickly.🏜

Anyway, I have been searching on Zillow for homes in Prescott and Prescott Valley for a while now. We are drawn to the dry heat in the summer and mild four seasons. So, we began our day scouting neighborhoods and searching for some particular homes that I found on Zillow that that I wanted to see in person and check out the neighborhoods.

One of the homes I really like. Beautiful neighborhood.

This home is in our ideal neighborhood. Each home is on about a quarter of an acre of land with plenty of space between them, and it is an RV friendly neighborhood! They are not cookie cutter homes, have large back yards and LOW HOA fees.πŸ‘

We saw a couple of GOOD SIZE lots of land too and are kicking around the idea of purchasing a lot (in our desired neighborhood) and building a home on it. Lots of research would need to be done, but it is a possibility.😁🏑 Not posting a pic of the land on purpose so no one gets any ideas.😁🏜

Our agent, Simon Fort w/Arizona Prime Real Estate.

We contacted the real estate agent listed, Simon Fort, and had the opportunity to look inside of the home (posted) in the Mingus West subdivision. It checked many of my boxes; but sadly, it is no longer available.πŸ˜” Simon took us around a few neighborhoods to view some other homes. We shared some of our must haves with him. We agreed to meet Tuesday morning to look at a few more homes and neighborhoods that check our boxes. Tonight I will sit down and write a list of “must haves” and “pluses.” Some must haves: single story, three bedrooms, two bath, master bedroom with walk in closet, a soaking or garden tub, open floor plan, large lot to park shorty, and much more. A few of the pluses would be a landscaped yard, fruit trees and an RV garage. I am looking forward to our meeting tomorrow morning.

A new build we walked thru.

SIDEBAR: We will NOT leave Prescott without seeing our friends Mark and Roxanne! We agreed to meet for a late breakfast or lunch after meeting with our agent. As always, we are looking forward to seeing them!πŸ˜πŸ‘


We met with Simon at his office in Prescott this morning. Their real estate computer system was down. (I forget what he called it.)  πŸ˜‘ Technology. Love it when it works and hate it when it doesn’t. Oh well, such is life. 🀷😁 Anyway, Hopeful that it would come up, we waited and chatted. I provided him with a list of our “must haves” and “pluses.” We reviewed and talked about our list. He assured us that he would put the parameters in the computer to fine tune his search for us, later when the system comes back on line. Meanwhile, we chatted. He shared some of the town history with us, why he liked Prescott, information about different areas, neighborhoods and new builds. After about an hour of chatting about what we liked, our price point, etc. we hopped in his car for some sightseeing.

In chatting with Simon we learned that he has lived in Prescott for 20+ years, has a background in marketing, enjoys his job and is happily married. He is a real “genuine guy,” friendly, easy to talk to, a good listener and easy going. πŸ‘

Simon took us thru several neighborhoods in Prescott and a couple in Williamson. South View, Granite Park Ranch and Pinon Oaks are a few of the areas he showed us.  His mother in law’s condo was in an area he was showing us and driving thru. Who happened to be outside? His wife and mother in law! Lovely ladies!πŸ˜ƒ

Really liked this area.

Following are some pix of homes from those areas. I love the use of boulders and stones.

The homes were beautiful with creative desert landscaping using boulders and stones. Many homes had RVs or RV parking in the Pinon Oaks subdivision with large lots that caught or eye!πŸ‘€

After sightseeing with Simon we bid our farewells and then met with Mark and Roxanne for a late lunch. It is always nice catching up with them.😍😍 Such LOVELY folks! I forgot to take a group pic today, so I had to go to my archives.

An archive pic of Mark and Roxanne during a previous visit. Me photo bombing. 🀣
Phase 10 card game.πŸ˜ƒ

Some homes had tell tale signs of an earlier snow. The snow in the sun had long since melted, but the snow in the shade was hanging on.❄

Target, Prescott

This is about as much snow we are willing to deal with.πŸ˜β„ The 89, Mountain road leaving Prescott.

A cool sight on highway 71. Lone Indian on a horse, metal sculpture.

Driving down Highway 60 with a little Jazz.

Beautiful sunset drive to Jazz.

Drove thru Quartzite where the nationwide rally is being held. We saw thousands of RVs, trailers, vans, 5th wheels, and some converted busses. I’m sure they will have a great rally! We have to pass this year.

Homeward bound. It’s been a fun and fruitful trip. For me it is always a little sad when our trips end. Ideally, I would LOVE to travel for 3 months at a time, just think of how much of this country we could see! πŸ‘€ One day, one day…πŸ˜πŸ‘


Another chilly morning. Got up and hopped on the shuttle to go see some hot air ballons.  The event began Thursday, but it’s been too windy for the balloons. Well this morning it finally happened. I was told that 25 Balloons launched about 7:30.  Carle text me early this morning to say that from his vantage point he could see 20 balloons, and one is a frog!

Compliments of Carle.

By the time Craig and I got to the launch site there were only a couple still around. (We slept thru the launch.)  One was giving tethered rides and one was being deflated and folded. “Tethered rides” are balloon rides that only hover about 20 feet up in the air because they are secured to the ground with ropes. So for $20 bucks one could say they rode in a hot air balloon for about 10 minutes.πŸ˜‰ Otherwise, one could pay $200/person for a real hot air balloon ride. We didn’t do either.

Balloon launch site.
Balloon Basket
Deflated and ready to roll up for storage

We grabbed a cup of coffee and walked around for a while.  The sun was bright and warm, so walked over to the main stage to watch the entertainment; belly dancers and a band. We were entertained for an hour or so then decided it was time to head back.

Great view! We are parked there on the left, in the green circle.

We got back to camp and packed up; dumped the black and grey tanks, filled up our fresh water, and hit the road. On or way out of town we stopped at Walmart for a few things. We only had a cup of coffee and it was about 2 in the afternoon. We sat in the parking lot and ate lunch.


We hit the road after lunch, and between Lake Havasu and Kingman on Highway 40 we saw this interesting sight.

Big rig cab on a pole!

Continuing on highway 40 we saw SNOW on the ground. We knew it would be cold, but did not anticipate snow. BRRRR❄ Fortunately it was only off to the side and not on the roads.

SNOW. Not expecting this!

Those desert stretches get dark, fast.

Highway 40, before Chino Valley

Since I am the navigator I had been looking for a place to stay for the night, with hook ups. I favor the app Park Advisor. I found this place.

Elks lodge

I didn’t realize it was an Elk’s Lodge. I called and spoke with Dale who said they had some spots available, so we set our sights on Prescott Valley. We arrived and Dale told us to pick a spot and complete the paperwork. $25 bucks a night. Sweet! He called me after we settled in and paid. He asked for my Lodge and member number. What?Β  We are not members.Β  The app, Park Advisor didn’t say it was a “members only” camp sight.Β  Since we had already paid for 2 nights and settled in, all hooked up and warm, he let us stay as his guest. Whew! Grateful. We were WARM.


“Snug as a bug in a rug.” Who came up with that saying? Anyway, that is how I felt this morning! So toasty and warm!warm!! Boy, what a difference shore power (electricity) makes in our rig!!

I climbed out of bed this morning and sat in our dining area and this was my view out of the window. I am so glad we just snagged the first level sight we saw last night and didn’t drive around. We are on a ridge!

Well off to look at homes in Prescott Valley, AZ.

Lake Havasu, Day 3/4

Saw this wall on our bike ride.

DAY 3, Friday

Very early this morning as I lay in that half asleep, half awake state I heard a LOT of voices walking past our rig. (It was just before 7 a.m.) I quickly peeked out of the window to see about 15 adults walking in the direction of the stop where the bus picks us up to go to the festival. As I lifted my head the cold slapped me in the face in a wayΒ  that sent a shiver down my spine and then whispered in my ear “I don’t care that you are nice and warm under your fleece sheets and blankets! It’s mornimg, Wake up!” 😬 Apparently, Sometime during the night our heater shut off.Β  When we looked at the thermostat it read 57 degrees INSIDE of our coach. Outside it was 48 degrees.😳 Man o man, it was COLD!

We got up and immediately heated some water for a hot cup of coffee and tried to figure out why the heat shut off in the middle of the night.

After we had breakfast and straightened up we decided to take the bikes out for a ride. We set the navigation for “London Bridge.” The navigation took us in circles but we finally found it.

“Love Locks” on the London Bridge.

I recall reading something about why people place locks on the London Bridge but couldn’t remember, so I googled it. (below)

After we took a few pix at the bridge we went to the little shopping area below the bridge and took a few more pix.

A telephone booth, “What?!”
City of London

It was getting cold and we could see the sun was beginning to set so we headed back to our rig. It was a COLD ride back, but we made it safe and sound! We settled in and watched a movie before turning in for the night.😴

DAY 4, Saturday

I woke this morning to a chill in the air. Not like yesterday, but it was chilly. Again our heater turned off in the middle of the night. Ugh!! (We REALLY NEED to figure this out!!πŸ˜‘)Β  I needed to move and warm up, so I got up, got dressed and went outside for a quick walk to see how many balloons I could see…

About 7 this morning I got a text from my friend, Carle, saying that he could see Hot air balloons from his friends house.

Sidebar: Carle and I have been friends since 1990! We met working together; I was his secretary. We were an awesome work team and learned so much from each other. From the day we met, we clicked. We have ALWAYSΒ  had a great respect and admiration for each other. πŸ‘We each ended up moving on to other jobs, but have kept in touch thru the years.Β  We have encouraged each other, we have seen each other’s kids grow up, we have taken a couple of vacations together, we have cheered our kids successes and shared pix of our grandkids. Carle holds a special place in my heart.πŸ’ž We are GOOD friends.Β  (Don’t get it twisted; I am happily married and he has a significant other. Men and women CAN BE FRIENDS.) πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ€©πŸ™‹βœŒ

Anyway I knew that Carle and Joyce (his significant other) were going to be here at Lake Havasu this weekend with friends to go razor riding. Like I said earlier, Carle text me bright and early this morning at 7 a.m. saying that he could see hot air balloons near his friend’s house. He shared that he wanted to go “chase” a balloon to get a closer look but no one (in the house) was ready so he decided to hop in his truck to go balloon chasing. As he was driving, he happened by the balloon fest, took a chance and decided to drive amongst the RVs.

Meanwhile, I am walking in the parking lot looking for hot air balloons, and who pulls up in a big white truck?! Carle!πŸ˜ƒ Boy, was I surprised! So, he told me that he was going balloon chasing and asked me If I wanted to join him. ABSOLUTELY! So, since Craig was still getting ready for the day I decided to go balloon chasing with Carle. I stopped by our RV and told Craig about the plan. Cool, off we go!

So, Carle and I are talking, catching up, exchanging stories about our kids and what’s going on in their lives, our latest vacations; and then he spots a balloon!!Β  We parked to take a closer look.

Hot air balloon, up close!
Carle taking pix of the balloon being deflated and packed up.

It was too windy so the balloon pilot landed in a park. His team began the process of deflating and packing the balloon up. Carle and I took pix of the process. It was pretty cool!

Before he brought me back to my RV, we stopped at his friend’s house so I could say hello to some of his crew; Joyce, Tracey, Bambi, Renee, Robin and some other folks. On the way back he shared that they were deciding what to do for the day and would keep me posted; and invited Craig and I to join them. 😁

So, Carle called and told me that they were going to take the ferry to the casino on the island and invited us. We accepted! He picked us up and away we went!

Ferry boat line
The casino is in California across the river.

After hanging out at the casino and enjoying the lake views we took the ferry back to AZ. Carle brought us back to our RV and invited us to join him and his crew for dinner. Again, we accepted! Later that day Carle came back and picked us up for dinner. We dined at Shegrue’s. It was a NICE restaurant, with GOOD food. It was a tad pricy, but totally worth it! The ambience was nice, friendly and with a GREAT view of the Colorado River and London Bridge. We talked, laughed had a great time and witnessed a BEAUTIFUL full moon rise from the restaurant!πŸ˜πŸ‘

Dinner with these cool, funny peeps!

The crew today! Carle has some really cool, kind and funny friends! πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ We had previously met Tracey, Bambi, Renee and Robin when we went Razor riding at Bolder Creek with them last year. We also had the pleasure of meeting some new folks; Sue, Ed, Sue, James and Lee, all very kind, friendly people. (Hope I didn’t forget anyone.)

Carle, if you are reading this: We had a really GREAT day today! THANKS Carle and Joyce for including Craig and I in the festivities today. πŸ‘πŸ’ž A big thanks to your peeps for being so cool!! Have a safe trip back home. Peace✌ and Love my friend!😍❀

Lake Havasu, Day 2

We slept in this morning. We woke up to the sound of children’s laughter. 😁 They were running around playing and riding bikes.

It was about 9 a.m., we took our time getting ready for the day. I started the electric kettle to heat water for our coffee and started breakfast. I decided to make soyrizo ‘n’ egg burritos with cheddar cheese. Soyrizo is like chorizo, a Mexican sausage that is fried and mixed with eggs; it is a little spicy, but very tasty. The soyrizo is soy based and not as fatty and greasy, and a little healthier than regular chorizo. Anyway, we ate our burrito with a cup of coffee and listened to the kiddos playing outside.

While Craig was cleaning up the breakfast dishesΒ a fellow Facebook So CA RV member found me! (I had previously posted on Facebook that we were attending the Balloon Fest and asked if anyone in the group was attending. Pat replied that she and her sister would be attending.) I walked with Pat, along with her little dog Lucky, back to her rig and met her sister Wendy. Pat and Wendy are seasoned travellers and did some nice modifications to their 2018 Navion. Nice sisters! πŸ™‹πŸ™‹

SIDEBAR: I cook and Craig cleans.😁 I am a GOOD cook. We agreed years ago that if and when I cooked that he would clean the kitchen. Fair is fair, right!?πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

When I returned from my visit with Pat and Wendy Craig was ready to head over to the Balloon Festival. We walked to the bus pick up location and chatted with a few other RVers while we waited. The bus we rode in was a “party bus” complete with a “dancing pole!” We and a few of the other passengers had a good chuckle about the pole. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ’ƒ

When we arrived there were plenty of people already there. There were also plenty of vendors selling various food items, crafts, thing-a-ma-bobs and what-u-ma-gig-ums.😁

Here are a few pix.

Wind chimes and such
Garlic grater. πŸ‘I bought one.

The garlic grater is a little ceramic dish about the size of the palm of my hand. It is good for grating garlic, ginger, chocolate, Parmesan cheese and lemon rind. It came with a garlic peeler too. $20 bucks. The colors were so vibrant. I have plans for this little kitchen tool!

Magnetic bracelets. Craig and I each got one.

The magnetic bracelets are supposed to help with circulation since our bodies are made up with electric/ magnetic energy. Sounded good to us. We each got one. $20 each.

COOL Razors!

As we continued exploring we came across these COOL Razors! Some of them had awesome sound systems and head phones. One had helmets with fresh air piped into them. I have never seen such a thing or knew they existed. Very cool! They ranged on price from 15k to 50k.😳

This one here was super cool!!

As we continued exploring the salty smell of bacon-wrapped hot dogs had the nerve to sneak up in my nostrils followed by the sweet fragrance of funnel cakes and then the rich smell of coffee got my attention! Oh my! My nostrils were being accosted by delicious yumminess!πŸ™ƒ We resisted and kept walking to get a closer look at the lake.

Lighthouse by the lake.

After taking a walk by the lake we decided to meander over to the balloon launch area. We were disappointed that no balloons were being prepared for flight. We spoke with a few folks and were told that they would not be launching today because there was too much wind.

Hot air balloon baskets.
A hot air balloon was safely tucked away in this little trailer.

Well, we had seen enough for today and it was getting cold. We hopped on the bus for our ride back to our RV. We settled in and I made Craig’s favorite for dinner: tacos.

Tacos (with ketchup).

It was dark outside, and cold, but I could hear kiddos playing and laughing. I peeked outside and saw on the next row over, someone was projecting a movie on the side of their airstream!

Movie night.

As our neighbors had movie night Craig and I had a cup of coffee and chilled for the evening.

Until tomorrow.πŸ™‹

Lake Havasu, AZ

Sunset at Lake Havasu

The 5-hour drive to Lake Havasu was pretty uneventful, for the most part. We listened to music, talked and took in the desert and mountain views sprinkled with the small towns here and there once we got out of the city.

Why do we push our limits and make ourselves uncomfortable? 🀷 Why? Anyone who knows me knows that I am one of those people who runs to the gas station to fill up when my gas tank is half full. ALWAYS. I am uncomfortable with less than a half tank of gas in my vehicles. If the gauge is down to a quarter tank I start to panic and my heart starts to race. Why? I don’t know. I have NEVER run out of gas; and don’t plan to.

So, it was my turn to drive. I drove for a couple hours on Highway 40. While driving I glanced at the fuel gauge and noticed that we needed fuel. We started looking for a gas station and happed upon one on the California side of the California / Arizona border; but the diesel fuel was $4.89/gallon! WHAT?!  $4.89?! Ridiculous! Craig and I weighed our options. We had a quarter of a tank and about 30 more miles before the next gas station. In my head I was calculating; how much fuel does our tank hold? How many miles do we get to a gallon? Do we have enough fuel to get to the next gas station? Inside I was nervous but decided to take a chance and throw caution to the wind, so I kept driving.

About 15-miles after we passed the ridiculously priced gas station this warning light appeared on the dash! 😳 “Reserve fuel, drive to a gas station.”

OH MY GOD! My heart started racing, I felt panic rising up in my being. In my head I kept thinking “I have NEVER run out of gas” I have NEVER run out of gas!” I prayed; “Lord, please get me to a gas station.” Man, I was nervous! Well, we crossed over into Arizona and shortly thereafter we happened upon a Flying J. $2.38 a gallon! Hallelujah! Full tank. I. AM. RELIEVED. HAPPY.  CA: $4.89  AZ: $2.38 what a difference!

Well, we continued down the highway and alas, signs for Lake Havasu! We arrived about 5:30 p.m. and were greeted by a nice group of folks ready to sign us in and escort us to our spot.

We settled in, I took a quick walk to stretch my legs and then I made dinner. Polska with sauteed onion, bell pepper and zucchini. YUM!

The evening blessed us with this spectacular view. After dinner Craig watched Netflix while I blogged. I’m tired, it was a stressful afternoon, (for me).😴 Craig was cool as a cucumber; as usual.πŸ™ƒ Nighty-night.😍

Anniversary, 36th

Wedding Anniversary dinner, Maestros

As a kid I remember hearing “old folks” say how quickly time passes, “in the blink of an eye” they would say. Now, as an adult, a senior, I truly understand exactly what they meant. Time passes, ready or not.

On this journey we call life it is what we make of it. We build it. We shape it with our choices and decisions; good and bad. Where we are now is because of our past choices and decisions.

There is a song by Rod Stewart that I love; Young Turks. Some of the lyrics are: “Life is so brief,  time is a thief when you’re undecided. Like a fist full of sand it will slip right through your hands. 
Young Hearts be free, tonight, time is on your side.” Rod summed it up very well! Time passes, ready or not.

Well, 36 years ago on December 10th Craig and I said “I WILL.” We promised to loveπŸ’ž respect and support each other on this journey called life. Over these years our love, respect and friendship has flourished beyond what I could have ever imagined. We have developed into a very strong “team.” Whatever challenges life tosses our way we deal with; and celebrate our victories and blessings.

This year we celebrated our 36th Wedding Anniversary in Las Vegas, Nevada with friends Skip and Yasmine Davis. We dined, explored, caught a show, visited with family and friends, and laughed, ALOT!

Life is a BLESSING. Family and friends multiply the love and beauty in this world. We all have a time limit on this earth. Use time wisely. Be happy. Be kind. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Take a chance and fall in love. I did.β€πŸ’

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US.πŸ’πŸ’ŒπŸ˜ We are looking forward to many, many more happy years together!

Arizona – September (continued)

For some reason the text from Mortimer Farms didn’t post.πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Water wheel


We are members of Harvest Hosts, an organization for RVers. Their annual fee provides an overnight stay at hundreds of locations across the country consisting of farms, wineries, museums and golf courses. There are no hook ups, just a safe place to park and sleep for the night. They only ask that you patronize the host and purchase something from them as a thank you. I joined Harvest Host in December and had yet had the opportunity to use one. Well, I found a Harvest Host in Dewey called Mortimer Farms. It is customery to call the host to let them know you are coming, which I did, but it was after their business hours and they were closed; so I left a voicemail message and we headed to the Farm. When we arrived it was dark. We drove around the gravel lot and found a place for the night under some trees at the edge of the lot. We slept very well.😴 Early in the morning we heard voices, cars and busses. It turned out that a portion of the lot that we parked in was a school bus drop off point, so it was busy bright and early at 7 a.m. We watched and listened to the cars, kids, parents and busses scurrying along. After the morning hub-bub, around 8 a.m. I walked over to the Mortimer Farms store for a fresh brewed cup of coffee while Craig finished getting ready for the day.

The store

Mortimer Farms has a children’s play area, strawberry fields, a corn maze, dance barn and they host social events in their barn. It’s a hoppin’ little place!πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒπŸ€ 

Horse swings made from tires

As I roamed the store with coffee in hand the staff greeted me and provided some history on the farm. It sits on about 300 acres and is a family run business. They can their own veggies and make their own jams and butters. They have a honey farm on premesis too.

Honey and bee pollen
Various Body butters

By this time Craig had joined me. After surveying the market he decided to purchase some strawberry butter and Sweet Potato butter – not too sweet and perfect for his toast with coffee.

I purchased some body butter and some “bacon” flavored lip balm. Bacon? You say? I am a big bacon fan, so I just had to.😁 πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ The body butters had some interesting names like “Lime in the Coconut” “Cowboy” 🀠and “Beetle-juice Patchouli,” but the funniest names were “Monkey Farts’ and “Lions Breath.” LOLπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

This fart was sold out, this was a sample

Bacon balm!

Of course they had run out of the funny named body butters so I bought honey almond. I should note that they all smelled good!πŸ‘