I name my vehicles. I understand that not everyone sees the point, but to me, each vehicle has a personality (so to speak) or a style about them. So naturally, I began thinking about a name for our 2016 Winnebago Navion.

I had a little Black Toyota Prius back in the day that I named “Keimo” which is a nickname that Craig and my brother-in-law used to call me because I am part Native American. My current car is a Hyundai Elantra who I call “Ethan;” Ethan Elantra. He is my current ride. Way back in the day I had a little green Mazda 626 that we called “the booger” because he was green. LOL.

Anyway, I started calling our RV “Winnie” because she is a Winnebago. I liked it, but Craig was not too fond of the name. After some polling in an RV Facebook group we considered the name “Benzie” as was suggested by one of the group members, because our RV has a Mercedes Benz chassis. However, neither Winnie nor Benzie stuck or felt right to BOTH of us.

It’s funny how names come about. Anyway, after this weekend’s camping trip to Boulder Creek with some friends…and seeing just how small our RV is compared to the “beasts” as we called them, “Shorty” just seemed to fit! We found a name we can agree on. Shorty is 25’ long.

That’s “Shorty” on the right.

Caravan to the campsite.


Our friends Carle & Joyce have an RV that is about 38’ long; a Class A. Some of his other friends have RV’s easily over 30’ in length, and they tow toys! These toys are Razors. If you are not familiar with “Razors” (I wasn’t) they are kind of like dune buggies except (they’re not) they are specifically made to climb up and over boulders, easily drive thru sand, dirt, and mud! They are some rough and tumble little vehicles with roll bars of Nascar quality – just in case you flip over or roll!

Carle’s Razor & Class A

Boulder Creek RV Resort and Park is located in Lone Pine, California. Craig and I joined Carle & Joyce and several of their friends in a caravan heading to Boulder Creek so they could do some Razor driving over the weekend. We arrived at camp, checked in and set up on Friday.

Boulder Creek R V Resort & Park

After we set up, it was interesting to watch Carle and the others unload their razors in anticipation of Saturday mornings ride. We got to know some of his friends; Mr. & Mrs. *T&B and Mr. & Mrs. *R&R, plus many others. Altogether, I think there must have been about 10 razors and at least 20 folks getting ready for the Saturday morning ride.

Craig and I took our bicycles fully intending to take a bike ride into town while they all went Razor riding on Saturday. However, Mr. & Mrs. T&B invited us to ride in their four-seater razor – most were two seaters. Being newbies and having no gear and very little knowledge on what was in store, we accepted their invitation for the adventure.

Saturday morning everyone was out and ready to hit the road by 9 a.m. Mr. & Mrs. R&R loaned us helmets and goggles for the ride. We were advised to bring a blanket, as it might get cold because we were heading up to the snow- capped mountains. AND we were told “don’t worry if we roll, our roll bars are Nascar quality, just grab on to your harness and hold tight! Keep your arms in at all times.”

So, Craig and I hop into the back seat of this razor, put on the helmets and goggles and strap on our harness. The harness consists of two very sturdy over the shoulder belts and one across the lap. There are hooks and latches to ensure that you stay snug and tight in your seat, but a safety latch that will release it all with one swift tug should you need to exit quickly.

Mr. T ensured us that we would not roll, but not to worry if we did. I thought “roll?! I just might pee my pants!!”😳

Craig and I all geared up!

So everyone is all geared up, strapped in and lined up waiting to hit the road.

Shortly after we hit the road the razor we were in throws a belt and it must be replaced. Craig and I watched in awe as all of the razors stopped, some of the guys hopped out and started working on Mr. T’s razor. Like a Nascar team they huddled, talked, removed and replaced the belt and within 15 minutes or so we were on the road again. It was one of the most amazing, flawless and fast teamwork efforts I have ever witnessed. Craig and I were thoroughly impressed at how prepared and skilled these guys are! They certainly know their stuff!

The team fixing Mr. T’s Razor

As we began to climb the mountain, I could see the road above and below me and the other mountains at a distance. It was a pretty amazing sight. The roads were bumpy and very dusty.

It got a little bumpier and dustier the further up we went with mud splatters here and there. We stopped at one point for a break to enjoy the awesome view.

Heading up the mountain.

Quick break.

What an amazing view!

We hopped back in the Razors and began to climb the mountain again and drive over rocks, and when we were near the edges of the road at an angle I could feel my heart begin to race. In my head I kept saying, “we will NOT tip over, we will NOT roll down this ledge” as I held on tightly to the bar in front of me. While the entire ride was exhilarating and exciting it was a little terrifying at some points (for me). I have to admit, I was feeling uneasy here and there. Craig loved it all. Granted the ledges weren’t THAT high, but the thought of tumbling down one…Well let’s just say that I don’t like roller coasters.😳

From what I could tell all of the other riders seemed to enjoy the trails; it was old hat to them.

Rocky Roads.
Even the dog had a good time!

We drove through mud and snow, and arrived at the top of the snow-covered mountain and had to turn back because it was deemed unsafe to go any further.

On our way back our razor got stuck in the muddy snow. We all got out of the vehicle and Mr. T tried and tried to get out of the muddy snow, but could not. His wheels spun and kicked up snow and mud over and over again.

Once again, that awesome Nascar team came together to help. They had wenches and ropes, as did Mr. T’s razor. Within about 20 minutes Mr. T’s vehicle was pulled out of the muddy show and we were back on the road.

On the way back down the mountain we stopped for a lunch break and chatted. The ride back down the mountain was not as bad as going up.

Lunch break! Carle snacking.😁

We got back to camp about 3 in the afternoon and we were ALL dusty, muddy and tired. It was an adventure I won’t soon forget.

All tucked in for the night.


Sunday morning they were all on their razors heading for another trail. Shortly after they all hit the road Craig and I and hopped on our bikes and went for a ride into town. Town population was about 2,100 and was about 5 miles away and consisted of about maybe 12 blocks long with a Visitor Center, a McDonalds, a few restaurants, two gas stations and a small film museum.

What a spectaular mountain view!
We stopped to enjoy the view at Diaz Lake on the ride back.

When we got back to the RV park all of the razor riders had returned. BUT some of them were ready for a second run, and Craig joined them.

Craig and Carle ready to ride.

They drove to an old mining cave…and drove in it!!

My brave husband.💗🥰

Some sights along the way to the cave.

Spectacular view!
Some field residents.🐄

These are some of the nicest folks! There is something special about RVers. Their willingness to share and help a fellow RVer has been apparent in our travels. This was a different adventure for us. 👍

Monday morning we all packed up and headed home.

Thank you Carle and Joyce for inviting us, for the memories, and for introducing us to your very cool friends!

Until our next adventure!

*NOTE: Out of respect for people in my blog I do not use their names or post their pix unless I receive permission prior to blogging. therefore: Mr. & Mrs. *T&B and Mr. & Mrs. *R&R were used.

Great folks!!


When I am on vacation, having an adventure as I like to call it, it is RARE that I look forward to coming home. (Sidebar: in years past as soon as I saw the traffic and lights of the city I would silently cry dreading the day-to-day grind that awaited me – so sad that my “bliss” was over.) My feelings of “home sweet home” are short lived. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great home and a loving family. I just like to be out and about. I love to explore and meet people. I love to “literally” stop and smell the roses. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to travel. I always have. Travel is the thing that makes me the happiest; to be out, to wander, to explore and not know what tomorrow will bring or where I will be or who I may meet. What new sunrise will I be blessed to see or what magnificent sunset will grace our evening skys? That is my never ending question. That is my idea of HAPPINESS AND BLISS.

Could I live full time on the road??? That is a big, I THINK SO, I’d like to give it a go! Our first trip was 20 days, perhaps next time a month, then two, then three, then 6 months, then a year….I’m pretty sure I could do it….Craig? HUM???? I don’t know, but then again he surprises me!

We’ve been home for 10 days now. The first week home was full of what I call “adulting.” The not so fun stuff that has to be done to keep the household and life in order. Our first week back we did the typical stuff; unpacked, laundry, sorted thru the mail, paid bills, and did some grocery shopping; the typical grown up responsible stuff that needs to be done; adulting. Also, since securing our RV we had to get that registered in our home state of California. So rather than go to the DMV and wait in line a half-day, we opted to go to AAA and take care of our business there. After completing some paperwork, getting the vehicle ‘smog checked’ (to ensure that it complies with the California emmission standards), and paid a (not so pretty) State fee, we received our new California Licenses Plates (so shiny and new) and our temporary registration form.

Now that the majority of the “adulting” has been caugh up we are getting back to our daily routine of morning walks, Thursday yoga and date day. Friday is our date day, and has been for years. We typically go for a beach walk, catch a movie and go out to eat, in no particular order. On occasion, when the weather is really nice, we take a hike or go for a bike ride, nothing spectacular; just concentrated time with each other. We have learned that it’s not really what we do, but what we do together is what matters. Our children and grandchildren are at the age where everyone is pretty independent, so we have plenty of time for each other.

Since I retired in December, we will have a lot of “togetherness time.” I thank GOD that Craig is such an easy going, calm, level-headed individual, with loads of patience. He has been retired for 11 years now, and me the brand new retiree is getting used to being at home. I still wake up early, with no particular place to go, but I get up and stretch, read, pray and enjoy the morning quiet. Craig has his routine and has graciously let me fall into his morning walk and Thursday yoga routine until I figure out my own. I have been kind of tagging along with him when he runs errands. Conversation is easy, quiet is comfortable, we know each other well and laugh at each other’s silly jokes. We really do enjoy each others company!

I do have a list of “things to do” and hobbies I want to take up – I’m just taking my time getting to them. Afterall, what’s the rush, right? I am really enjoying my new found freedom. I’ve only been retired for a little over a month and I still get that feeling that I have to be somewhere and on a schedule. Craig tells me that it may take about a year until I feel really “chill” and “retired.” So, for now, I am really enjoying this time catching up on sleep, watching movies, reading, sitting in my lounge chair daydreaming and just doing absolutley nothing. Intro to retirement was a 15-day Panama Canal cruise in December and a 20-day cross country RV trip in January LOL, yea, I am feeling pretty chill!

Guess I’ll watch a movie now…

Homeward Bound

This is the second time we’ve stayed at an RV Park with full hook ups; sewer, electricity and fresh water. Since this is still a relatively new process for us, hooking up and emptying the black and grey tanks takes some time.

We are still familiarizing ourselves with our rig and pull out the Owner’s manual when in doubt. 🤓 (Or text the previous owners when we are totally baffled.)

If you think about it, an RV is truly a home on wheels. We have ALOT to learn about our new home!

Visiting our boys was great, but the time passed much too quickly. 😔🕰 (They are so tall, almost as tall as Craig.) We stopped by to get a quick hug before we hit the road, and off we went.

The boys chillin’ in our rig earlier.

After we left the boys we stopped at Cracker Barrel for some coffee and breakfast.

The ride was relatively quiet except for one of Craig’s playlists jamming Jill Scott, Michael, Stevie, Luther, Whitney, James Taylor, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Temptations, Shaka Kahn, Gregory Porter, Marvin Gaye, Harry Connick, Jr., and Earth, Wind & Fire. You name a group or artist and I’m sure they are on one of his playlists. 🎵🎶

The drive is about six and a half hours from Tucson, AZ to our home in Los Angeles, CA. I could sense Craig wanting to plow through to get home. I get it, afterall we left home on January 14th and today is February 3rd. We have been on the road for about 20 days now 😎🚐. And I have to admit, I AM LOVING THIS!! I LOVE BEING ON THE ROAD!!😎🤩💗💖 I am a wanderer and an adventurer at heart.💖💝

In my mind I am already planning our next month long trip. 😁🤩

I like to stop and stretch my legs – gas stations, rest stops, roadside stops, where ever. Everytime we stop to fuel up, I get out and walk around a bit. I don’t know about you, but my legs get RESTLESS!😟

We passed state line late this afternoon.

We are in California.😎

The diesel fuel rates have changed quite a bit while traveling from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast; from $1.90 to $4.00 a gallon. Yep, we are in California.🤨

Our view of Palm Desert as we enter the City limits.

We stopped at our favorite restaurant in Palm Desert for some BBQ.

One more fuel stop, then we should be home in about two hours…


Our boys, Tucson, AZ

Our middle daughter Muneca, (Spanish for “doll”) flew to Tucson to visit her her sons where they attend school. She knew we were going to stop for a visit with them, so she coordinated her trip to ride back to CA with us in our RV.

Our grandsons are twins, Reign and Remil.

We arrived Friday night in Tucson and met up with my grandsons and daughter for a bite to eat.

Reign, Muneca and Remil.

Saturday Morning Reign wasn’t feeling so terrific so he stayed home while his brother, Remil took us for a hike in Upper Madera Canyon – BEAR country.🐻 Living in these parts besides bear are mountain lion, squirrels, and a host of birds and other little critters.🐿🐾🦎🦅🐍🐜🐝🕷🦂🌲🌵🕸🌿🍂

The surroundings were BEAUTIFUL. The air was so fresh, clear, and crisp!! It was nice to feel the twigs and leaves crackle beneath my feet and keep an eye open for various wildlife. We saw very few people on the hiking trail above us. We had opted to hike up the river on the rocks hoping to see a little more wildlife.

Craig, Muneca and Remil as we headed up the river.

The hour long hike was invigorating.

We made it to the waterfall which wasn’t quite a fall but rather a trickle.

Yes, I was there too. 😁 Craig, Muneca and Remil in the distance.

Group selfies!😘 Craig, me, Muneca and Remil with the waterfall in the distance.

We had a great day hiking; but missed Reign.

Saturday night

Craig, Muneca and I spent the night at the Green Valley RV Park. This RV park was a blend of permanent residents in manufactured homes, full time RVers, snow birds and those of us just passing thru town. It was a nice, clean facility with a pool, jacuzzi, restrooms, showers, laundry room, and a recreation room with a pool table and full hookups for $42 a night. Not bad.👍

After dinner we checked into the RV park and settled in. We taught Muneca how to play Phase 10, the card game we played with Mark and Roxanne in Prescott. 😂🤣😊 It is a great game, lots of laughs!

Sunday morning, isnt that a song by Maroon 5?? 😘

Anyway I woke up this Sunday morning to the sound of the pitter-patter of rain on my roof. As I lay warm and cozy in my bed I lifted the shade and watched as the storm clouds lazily passed and the light of the day shone through.

We made one last stop to see our boys before leaving AZ.

Great seeing you guys. See you both again soon. We love you!😍😘😿💗💖💞 Granna and Papa.💑

On The Road Again

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with Mark and Roxanne in Prescott, AZ. They live on an acre in a spectacularly large and beautiful home.

This is their home, garage and private driveway.

A selfie on their property.

At the risk of repeating myself, I just have to say it again!😁 Mark and Roxanne are the SWEETEST, most hospitable, and genuine people EVER. Craig and I felt so welcome, comfortable and at home. 🏡 We were so relaxed that we took a nap, chilled and did laundry while there. We felt like family!😍

You know, life is interesting. In life you meet ALOT of people. There are times you might be more drawn to some people than others. Kindred spirits? I think so. That’s just the way life is. Some folks are in your life for a season, and others for a lifetime. For those of us fortunate enough to find those kindred spirits, it is a blessing. Mark and Roxanne are those “kindred spirit” kind of people. Sweet, sweet spirits.🤩😍

Anyway, Before we left town we got a quick tour of the historic downtown Prescott “Wiskey Row” where Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday used to frequent during the wild west.

We did a little shopping. I got a magnet and some jewelry, and Craig? A coffee mug.🙃

Mark admiring some art.

Craig and Mark peeking in Matt’s Saloon.

In this historic bar…those steps led to a brothel back in the day…😲

A cool piece of Art.😁

Afterwards we were given a tour of their recently remodeled church. 💒

We joined them to pick up their grands from school. I could see Roxanne and Mark beam at the sight of their little ones. It is very apparent that they play a very big role in their grandchildren’s lives; the kiddos were very happy to see them too. They are the CUTEST, well-mannered children.

#Proud grandparents.

Proud grandparents with their favorite little people and our RV. We gave the kiddos a tour of our RV; they thought it was pretty cool. Mark really likes it too.😁😉

Well, the time came for us to leave these lovely people and Prescott.😔

Thank you Mark and Roxanne for letting us be a part of your lives for a couple of days, and letting us meet your beautiful grands. You are very special people.

Until next time.😊

On to Tucson to visit our twin grandsons, Reign and Remil.😍

Prescott, AZ

I woke up yesterday morning in a nice warm bed, to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. Still sleepy-eyed I went to the dining room in my pajamas and joined Roxanne for a cup of coffee.

After chatting and drinking our coffee we all got ready for the day. We met Frank and Laura for an early lunch. These are Mark and Roxanne’s friends from Montana who are in town visiting their son. They are RVers.

After lunch we all went for a hike at Lynx Lake.

The weather was perfect for a hike. We walked and chatted. Besides being RVers I learned that Laura is an avid birder and Frank is into photography. We had plenty to chat about.😁

Here we all are; Craig, me, Mark, Roxanne, Linda and Frank. We took this pic and then parted ways. Linda and Frank headed to see their grandchild’s sporting event. Mark and Roxanne took Craig and I for a quick tour and shared some of the citys history and the growth that they have seen over the years.

We headed back to their home to relax for a bit. The gracious hosts that they are had snacks and meals readily available. After dinner we played a couple of games; Phase 10, a card game and Yatzee. What a great evening with WONDERFUL folks.😁


FINALLY, I got to drive!

Spending Tuesday night in Winslow was nice because the next morning we went back to the famed “corner” to take more pix and have some breakfast.

We stopped in the little corner tourist shop for a souvenir; I got a magnet and a hat, and Craig a coffee mug.

While there we met Tommy Dukes, Arizona Blues Hall of Famer. He was setting up on the corner to jam for the tourists. Tommy is a really friendly guy who talked as though he had know us his entire life. A real sweetheart!

After being tourists and enjoying the little shops we stopped for breakfast at the Falcon Restaurant on Route 66. The food was good and there is plenty of RV and Trucker parking.

At the Falcon restaurant our outstanding server Keanna was just as lovely as she could be with that southern hospitality and her sweet spirit. It was such a blessing to meet and talk with her! She shared a little with us and we with her.

Keanna, remember to dream big, because dreams do come true!! 💝Blessings always!!

After breakfast we hit the road heading to Prescott to visit our friends Roxanne and Mark; who we met on the Panama Canal cruise in December. But you know what?! It feels like we have known each other for YEARS. They are the nicest, most precious, sweet spirited people!💗💝 They are a gift and blessing in our lives. Kindred spirits. It’s not often in life that one meets such beautiful people that you bond with so quickly. That was Mark and Roxanne.

While on the Panama Canal cruise we met some lovely people! We had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Mark and Roxanne; Janice and Jerry, and Donna and Larry. We forged lasting friendships and plan to visit each of them…there are talks of a reunion cruise. Time will tell.😉

I FINALLY got to drive. Craig drove across the country because it was so doggone windy! Anyway, I got to drive a couple of hours from Winslow to Prescott, AZ.

Typically I am the navigator while Craig drives, but he was while I drove. Here is my navigator acting up, being silly.

He took a lot of great pix while I drove. Too many to post. But here are a couple.

There was plenty of snow along side of the road on the way to Prescott. We arrived at Mark and Roxanne’s late Wednesday afternoon. They greeted us with much love and a tour of their beautiful home; which is HUGE! We settled in and were treated to a dinner of steak, baked potatoes, salad, and green beans, which they prepared. YUM. After dinner we retreated to the TV room to relax and be entertained by Trevor Noah. Roxanne being the wonderful hostess that she is provided cake and ice cream for desert.

We spent the night warm and cozy in one of their many guest rooms.

We feel so at home; it is lovely here.🏡😉💝

The Land of Enchantment…

This morning we work up in Amarillo, TX and it was freezing!

We spent the day on the road.

We plowed thru The Land Of Enchantment and stopped only to eat at Sadie’s a New Mexico recommended restaurant. (Thanks cuz!)

We were hungry and it hit the spot. 😁🌮🌯🥘 New Mexico food is a little different than Mexican food, but it was good. The salsas were SPICY, but tasty!

Craig wanted to keep driving so we did.

There was alot of open land and highway to see. And SNOW on the side of the road. BRRRRR! It was COLD all day🌨🌬

So what does one do when they drive all day long? We sing to songs from Craig’s playlist; from James Taylor to Michael Jackson to Boney James to Aretha to Carol King to Keith Urban to Ella Fitzgerald! He has a great playlist. Well, Craig whistles – he is an awesome whistler and can whistle to anything. I sing, not well, but I love to sing!

Today during a bathroom stop we had a quick dance break, just to get the blood moving.🕺 Other than that we talk.

The other day while driving down the highway we practiced calling each other by name. Hahaa!! 😂🤣We RARELY call each other by our given names; Craig and Debbie. He is “hun” or “hunny” and I am “bun” short for “hunnybun.” We have used these names for each other for about 35 or so years! So when I call him “Craig” or he calls me “Debbie” it sounds so foreign! We always end up cracking up!! Anyway, we were purposefully making conversation and using each others names. IT WAS HILARIOUS (to us)!!

The New Mexico skyline is really pretty at dusk.

And night…

We hit the Arizona stateline after dark and drove past the petrified forest. Darn it! I was a little disappointed. But that’s ok, I will just add it to one of our future adventures when the weather warms up.😁🌵🦂🐝

As we entered AZ, I told Craig that I wanted to stop at the “corner of Winslow, AZ” so we did!!

The Eagles made Winslow, AZ famous with their song “Take it Easy.” This stop was the highlight of my day!🤩😊

Thank you HUNNY!!😘


So we left Arlington today about noon. We enjoyed our weekend with Jessica.😁 It was sad to leave her but it was time to move on. 😔

Our goal was to be in Albuquerque by tonight but between Wichita Falls and Donley the wind🌬🌬 was whipping and it was so COLD!! Our little RV was getting pushed around so much that Craig had to drive really SLOW.🛵 The big rigs kept right on trucking, passing us at speeds of 75 mph.

🙃 Well, since it was so windy we only got as far as Amarillo, so we are spending the night in a Super Walmart parking lot.

Here are some of the sights on our way. This is a little one street town, population was about 758. The highway was their main street.😮

Another little town had a population of about 2,200.

We saw little houses like this one periodically, with miles and miles of flatland between them. Where do they go grocery shopping? The doctor? Movies? They were out in the boonies, 🏡 with NOTHING around them.

LONG stretches of highway like this one are becomming pretty common to us now. Most times they are pretty peaceful and a little mesmerizing. We witnessed this beautiful orange skyline, and with the jazz playing in the background, it was a pretty amazing moment.

But sometimes the long dark stretches of highway remind me of the Twilight Zone and could be kind of creepy. No kidding! Like this one…

Me and my crazy imagination could think of all kinds of crazy scenes. 😱 But I don’t go there. 😁

Speaking of the Twilight Zone, do you remember the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds?

In the trees near us there are hundreds of birds darting around from tree to tree. It’s dark so I can’t see what kind they are, but they sound beautiful. I have NEVER seen this many birds together in the wild, and at night! Breading season maybe? I don’t know. Anyway, we are parked not too far from them so hopefully they will still be here in the morning.😊

It’s late, my eyes are tired. Onward to Albuquerque tomorrow.

Brrrr, Chilly.

Today in Arlington.

We leave Arlington this morning and head to New Mexico on our way to Prescott, AZ to visit new friends we made on our cruise in December; Roxanne and Mark.

Craig and I will look over my maps and chart a course before we hit the road.

But before we leave Texas, we must find some good Texas BBQ! I have a couple of places in mind…🤩😎

To be continued.

Marshall, TX

So, since we are in Texas we went to visit Craig’s 91-year old Aunt Melba, his mama’s sister. We visited her at his grandparent’s three bedroom, one bath home, where his mama grew up with 11 siblings. Aunt Melba resides there and tends the the property with two sons. The home sits on 26 acres of land that his grandparents bought for a whopping $700 over 100 years ago! Last year a hurricane came thru and took out some trees and a little church on the family property, but the house remained unscathed.

The drive there looked like this…

Once we got off of the main highway we saw a lot more two lane roads with houses sprinkled here and there.

The driveway to the house is a dirt road right off of the highway. The house sits at the end of the little dirt road surrounded by the 26 acres.

Below: Jessica and I took a walk around the property to survey the land. 😁 It has changed ALOT! Last time I was there, several years ago, Aunt Melba had a vegetable garden, flower beds and cows.

Years ago she let the neighbor’s cows graze on some of the property. She shared that he moved. She told me that she is no longer able to keep the garden and flower beds up. 😔 But that isn’t stopping her from making plans for the property. Where there is a will, there is a way!!

Below is the home in the distance.

Some of the land. The sky was so blue and the air so cool and crisp! Doesn’t that look like a postcard?!😉

Here is a view of the house as Jess and I walked back across a portion of the property. The sky started to get cloudy, and it got colder, but it didn’t rain. 😊

The house is over 100 years old and needs some work, but it is warm and quite cozy inside.

Here we are in front of the house with Aunt Melba and her son George, who is caring for her.

We visited a couple of hours and then hit the road back to Arlington to spend more time with Jessica.😍

Sunday, the Lord’s Day

We went to church with Jess today. She attends and volunteers as a Greeter at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill.

Pastor Hennessy taught on the Holy Spirit. Excellent message! Craig got the CD so we could listen to it again.😁

After service we went to brunch at Mudhen’s, a farm to table organic, vegan and Keto friendly place. We walked around the Farmer’s market and drove thru some neighborhoods looking at homes. (I think Jess wants us to move here.😉) Afterwards we came back home to her place to chill for a while.

We met up with her very good friend Ashley. We all enjoyed dinner at Twisted Root Burger, a real good burger place that serves, buffalo, elk, bison, turkey, boar and some other types of gamey meat burgers. They make their own buns and grind their own pasture raised, organic cattle. Nothing is frozen; everything is fresh! Oh, they make fried pickles; and a variety of sliced pickles are availabe in barrels; ranch, sweet n spicy, butter, dill and a couple of other flavors. Unfortunately neither of us took pix. 😐 But we recommend this burger joint. Jess knows all the good spots to eat!

Overall, it was a chill day. We enjoyed the weekend with our baby gurl.😉

Well, we hit the road in the morning…THANKS JESS! We loved our visit in Arlington. We love u!🤩😘😍💗💝

Arlington, TX

So, we own rental proptery in Denton County, in a town called Corinth. While Jess was at work we borrowed her car and took a drive to see our property.

We purchased this property in 2005 or 06, I can’t remember, but that was the last time I saw it. Anyway, it’s a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in a nice neighborhood near schools and a new shopping center. The area has changed quite a bit, the community is definately growing!

Prior to that drive we had lunch at Jason’s Deli for a salad and some soup. Delicious soup! We discovered Jason’s Deli when we first hit Texas. We are fans and highly recommend them. The food is reasonably priced, flavored well, and they provide hearty servings. I had the beef stew soup, and Craig the tortilla soup. DELISH! They have a really good salad bar too!

After we picked Jessica up from work we headed home to her place. We relaxed and binge watched “This is Us.” Craig and I had heard of this series and had seen maybe one episode. Well, after binge watching almost the entire first season, we will have to binge watch some more to catch up! Excellent show!

Anyway, today is Saturday and we (Craig, Jessica and I) are heading to Marshall, TX to visit Craig’s 91-year old Aunt Melba.

On to Marshall…😁


We are in Arlington at Jessica’s chilling and doing laundry. She is in the kitchen making banana nut bread for her daddy. Such a good daughter. 😍 “Daddy’s baby gurl” as Craig calls her.😉

Let me back up. So, after a good nights sleep at the Cracker Barrel we popped in for breakfast, and then we hit the road, Waco Bound.

We are BIG fans of Chip and Joanna Gains of HGTV’s, “Fixer Upper.” They are such a cute couple and great team! We admire their work and sense of decorating style, so we had to stop by the Magnolia House at the Silos! I had been there once before in 2016 on a girls road trip, so I recognized the silos as we approached. I was so excited!

We parked and walked about a half block to the entrance. As we approached the corner my nose caught a wiff of sugar. 😉 I could smell bakery items. Alas, as we rounded the corner there was the bakery; and a line to get in.😳

The bakery.

We walked past the bakery and headed to the main building.

Prior to entering the building we were greeted by smiling staff. They made me feel so welcome, like visiting an old friend. We could tell that customer service and smiles are a top priority!

The store is so nicely organized and the displays provide some simple but cute decorating ideas.

I LOVE this apron sink and concrete counter!

The grounds are EXTREMELY family friendly and designed to make you want to stay and relax! There is a family area, a big green play area for kids with toys and balls. There were bean bag chairs, picnic benches, food trucks, gardens, a green house, garden shop and the bakery.

In the distance I saw some seniors relaxing, sipping coffee and eating bakery items and kids were running and playing with the balls. One young mom was sitting in a bean bag chair with an infant in her lap enjoying the sun. It was a very zen and welcoming environment.

We each made a purchase; me a “Magnolia House” magnet and Craig a coffee mug.😉

As we were leaving we stopped in the bakery… Do u remember those cartoons where a character would float thru the air because their nose was caught by a delicious smell?? Yea, it was like that! 😳 Yes, we succumbed to the sweet treat temptations! When in line a smiling staff member handed me an order card and pencil to help speed up the process. I got the “classic,” a chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting.🤪 It was so moist! I gotta say, it tasted like a little bit of heaven! I felt a little bit of guilt as I licked that creamy, sweet goodness off of my fingers. 😊 Craig, he got a cinnamon roll and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie which he saved for later.

The bakery order card.🙃

They get profs for cleanliness and customer service throughout the facility; a first class organization!! A MUST visit if you are ever in Waco, TX.😊

We met Jessica at her job, Team Rubicon, in Grand Prairie. She introduced us to some of her coworkers and gave us a tour of the facility.

The “Teddy Award” is a quarterly employee award for those who are willing to step outside of the box and risk failure to accomplish something great! Jessica was the first recipient of this awesome award in 2015. #Proudparents

Jessica treated us to dinner at Torchys. A really GOOD taco place. TASTY!!

Well, the banana nut bread is cooling. Craig will probably have some with coffee in the morning. Me? Nope. That cupcake was more sugar than I’ve had in a couple of months, but it was finger licking good.😉 The laundry is done and it’s late.

Good night.😴


We have officially been RV owners for 9 days, YAY US! 😁 Until now we have been fortunate enough to be overnight guests at friends homes. On the nights that we have slept in our RV, we have dry camped. Dry camping?! What?! 🤔 This is basically when you don’t have access to a dump station. Essentially your bodily waste and shower water stays in your RV tanks. 😵😳 However, last night, as I mentioned we spent the night at an RV park with full hook ups. Well, this morning we stuggled a little trying to figure out which levers did what. We did get a crash course when we picked up the RV, but, hey, it was alot to remember. Any who, it was a bit of a stuggle trying to empty the tanks, but with a little help we got it done. It will take us a little while to learn all of the features, functions, noises and the little nuisances about our RV. But this cross country crash course has us learning quickly! AND, We are really grateful that Mark and Diana are just a phone call away!! ☎️👍Our answer people!

Well, we hung around San Antonio today and visited with an old friend of Craig’s from church; his name is Craig, too.

We visited for a while with Craig and his wife Monica. Sweet people. Craig is actually a pastor in San Antonio. They relocated from Los Angeles with their children several years ago. After visiting they treated us to lunch at Pappadeaus; a popular southern seafood restaurant. The food was spicy and tasty.

Us with Craig and Monica.

We hit the road shortly after lunch. It was a chill day. Thanks Craig and Monica for the relaxing day, your hospitality and lunch!

So, tonight we are hunkered down in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. Yes, they welcome RVers and truckers. I have a new appreciation for this establishment.😁

Staying in an RV park can get costly night after night. Rates could cost anywhere from $25 to $80 a night, so one on a budget looks for FREE 99 when we can get them.

We are Arlington bound in the morning to visit with Jessica, our youngest daughter. On our way we will stop by Waco.

Any HGTV Fans? Chip and Joanna Gaines? We love their show, Fixer Upper. 😁They are such a good team and sweet couple. Anyway, I want to stop by and see their shop Magnolia House. I understand that they have a restaurant too. We’ll see what we can see.

Until then.😊 Good night.


We returned from The Alamo and River Walk earlier. As we are settling in for the evening it starts to rain. The wind is blowing and it’s raining. Fortunately we are warm and snug in our RV.

You know, you REALLY have like someone and thoroughly enjoy their company because these are such close quarters. 😁 Fortunately, we do. Not that we don’t get on each others nerves, LOL, because we do. Anyway, here we are hunkerd down chillin in our RV.

Earlier at the Flying J having our propane tank filled. This guy had to take a class to do this, it requires safety training. He said whever he fills a tank that everyone must vacate the vehicle – in case it explodes! What the what?!? That is what he said, and he was SERIOUS. He also said its never happened, but it is safety precaution.

Settling in earlier getting ready to blog. Craig looking for some tunes.

OK, enough writing tonight, my eyeballs are tired. Until tomorrow.😊

San Antonio’s River Walk

We opted to spend the night Alamo City RV park.

It is very reasonably priced with all of the amenities; laundry, showers, pool, wifi, movies and books available to borrow, free popcorn and nice folks!

We have been owners of our RV for one week now and today is the first day we are fully hooked up. 😊 Since it was our first time we needed help. We heard that RVers are a community of friendly folks willing to help another RVer. Well, we experienced that this evening. After we parked and got our hoses and such out, Craig couldn’t quite get things to work properly, so I walked over to a couple relaxing by their RV and asked for help. They were happy to assit in setting us up and explained how things worked. They suggested a few things that we would want to consider getting. Bill and Laura shared that they were new fulltime RVers and were loving it. As they left they said if we needed anything else to “just holler.”

One reason we chose this RV park is their location. They are a bus ride from the Alamo and River Walk. Bus #24 stopped directly in front of the RV park. We hopped on and enjoyed the ride.

We first saw the Alamo.

We enjoyed the River walk, it was so pretty in the evening.

On the streets there were these horse drawn carriages, each uniquely decorated.

Craig chillin.😘

After quite a lot of walking we headed to the bus stop to head back home. That was an adventure because we didn’t know exactly where to catch the bus to head back. We finally found it and boarded.

On the bus ride home we met other RVers who had also taken the bus to the River Walk. One of the three couples were full time RVers; new retirees who sold EVERYTHING and are travelling in their 36′ Class A motohome, towing a truck. Two of the couples were camping at the KOA park down the street from us. The third couple were actually our neighbors who had pulled in and set up after we had.

This is such an interesting journey. We are meeting some really NICE people. Could we live fulltime in an RV? 🤔 Hum, I don’t know. It is something I could consider…

Houston to San Antonio

The drive from Houston to San Antonio was a WINDY one!! Lord, a few times I thought we were going to get blown off of the highway. Craig had to hold on tight to that steering wheel!

And then we see hurricane evacuation signs.😳 What the heck?! This made me a little uneasy. That wind was really ROUGH.🌬🌀 I think being in a high profile vehicle added to it.

On a lighter note something pretty cool that we noticed is that the highway numbers are printed on the highways!

Can we do this across the country, please?! Thank you Texas for making highway driving easier. 👍

My favorite place to stop in Texas; Buc-ee’s. I LOVE Buc-ee’s! It is a 7-11 on steroids! They sell just about everything; FRESHLY made on the spot sandwiches, salads, roasted candied pecans and potato chips. They have more spices and sauces than you can imagine; T-shirts, souvenirs and specialty items. I love meandering thru the isles, you never know what you might stumble across. Oh, and they the BEST beef jerkey, and the largest variety I have ever seen. And gas pumps, did I mention the massive amount of gas/diesel pumps they have? No waiting in line here!!

It is a one stop shop! I LOVE Buc-ee’s!! They also have the CLEANEST bathrooms anywhere. Hands down!

Oh here are a few interesting items I saw at a local Walmart. King cake and duck fat. I didn’t know duck fat was a thing? Did you?🤔

New Orleans Drive by

So we headed to New Orleans with the intent to visit the famed Bourbon Street to enjoy some jambalaya, or gumbo, enjoy the sites and listen to some jazz.

If you have ever been there you know how narrow the streets are. It was a little difficult navigating thru them. We were unable to find adequate RV parking so we just drove around taking in the sites.

The Rams and New Orleans Saints football game was playing at ALL of the establishments we passed so there were few folks in the streets. We could hear cheers and jeers from the bars and restaurants as we leisurely drove thru the streets. We know how rowdy crowds can get when their team loses so we decided to keep going and continued to Houston.

The New Orleans colors, purple and gold were abundant and there were alot of interesting characters.😁 Here are a few pix.

On to Houston…


We headed to Houston to visit our adopted daughter Felicia. We arrived Monday evening and visited with her family for a few hours before retiring for the evening.

Her husband Justin, a physician, makes his own kombucha! He explained the lenghty process and offered us some; it was quite tasty!🥂

Her three bedroom split level home is in a lovely little tree lined neighborhood. I was ready to sleep in our RV parked along side of her home, but she invited us to sleep in their cozy guest room. We did.😴

After breakfast and a little morning visit we hit the road. Thank you Felicia and Justin for your hospitality and breakfast.😁 (Her husband, Justin is camera shy.) Here is Felicia and her son Daniel.

Us with Felicia and Daniel.

On to San Antonio…

On the road again…


I have a new found appreciation for Walmart. 😁

While travelling in an RV is exciting it poses certain challenges, such as where to park at night to sleep?

While there are many camping and RV accommodations across the country they are not always available when YOU are tired and want to rest. Like a hotel if you don’t make a reservation you are taking your chances. Sure, you can plan ahead city -by-city or state-by-state, calculate your driving time and reserve a place in advance. OR, you can fly by the seat of your pants (like we are) and drive until you get tired.

Have no fear! In the US there are several options for weary travelers to stop and rest. My favorite so far is Walmart!

Most Walmart Supercenters welcome RVers to stop and sleep OVERNIGHT. Now, you cannot set up camp, get your grill going or sit in your camp chair to enjoy the sun. NO. It is ONLY an overnight stop to rest and then get going in the morning. This has worked out well for us as we travel across country back to California. Why Walmart? It’s FREE-99. FREE. Who doesn’t love free? And it’s Walmart, they have everything! We bought a travel iron and ironing board and some snacks.😁 As a courtesy patronize them if you stay the night.

Other places that RVers could stay overnight free of charge:

– FLYING J Truck stops*

– Union 76 truck stops*
– Kmart factory outlets
– Some major shopping centers
– Cracker Barrell
– Cabella’s
– Bass Pro Shops
– Rest stops

– Some public lands

*Dump stations and propane available

As a courtesy, patronize the establishments that you stay at, when possible. It is a small price to pay.

Speaking of paying, RV parks and campgrounds charge anywhere from $25 and up depending on the amenities offered. The more amenities, the higher the daily price.

Now, don’t get me wrong I have no problen paying when I intend to set up camp and stay a couple of nights. But just passung thru town, I’ll take the FREE-99.


Sunday morning

So we woke up to a windy, cold morning. I need coffee.

Getting ready for the day. 🌚 We might have to sit here for a bit because that wind is really kicking!! 🌬🌬 When we are able to safely hit the road, we will be New Orleans bound.😁

If you have any suggestions on what to see or where to eat, please let me know!

Until later…

Montgomery & Mobile

Deandre, Sheree, Craig and I walked to breakfast at a local eatery called Filet Vine aka “Dirks” to the locals. It was a cozy little corner store/deli/buffet with friendly folk and good food.

After a nice breakfast and some much needed coffee they gave us a tour of Downtown Mongomery and it’s history. We visited the Legacy Museum.

If you are ever in Mongomery, AL I highly recommend that you visit this museum! It chronicles the history of slavery like I have never seen. It was very informative and educational. It was difficult to read about the many accounts and injustices of slavery. 😢 I was moved to tears at a couple of the exhibits.

We then drove by the river front where ships brought slaves, and saw the route that they walked on Commerce Street to the fountain where they were sold at auction.

We saw where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. , spoke on the back of a truck near the Capitol steps just a block from his church. We saw this Civil Rights Freedom Rider sign.💔

It was so apropos that we were in Montomery on the weekend of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday. Thank you Dr. King, THANK YOU. 💖

Thank you Deandre and Sheree for the informative tour and your hospitality.

The family.😘💝💞 We love you guys! Keep up the good work in your community through COMMON GROUND!!👍

On another note, something I’ve never experienced before…

A TORNADO WARNING! 😬😳 I gotta say that freaked me out just a little bit! It had rained a bit during our tour and as we decided to continue our RV journey again, it began pouring rain! Sheets of rain pounded our RV. We took refuge at a corner gas station and waited.

The rain lightened up after about 30 minutes so we continued our journey down the highway. Observation: The Waffle House and Cracker Barrel restaurants are quite popular in these parts! Just thought you’d like to know. Oh, and Carle’s Jr. is Hardy’s out here. I didn’t know this.

Some interesting sights off highway 64… We passed Murder Creek. MURDER CREEK! Really? Who came up with that name? Is there a reason it’s called Murder Creek? One has to wonder.🤔 We also passed Little Lizard Creek. That one makes sense, little lizards. 🦎 But Murder Creek???

Anyway, we are hunkered down in a Walmart supercenter parking lot. FREE overnight stays for RVers and Truckers, or any weary traveler, I suppose.

It sure is WINDY. We will be rocked to sleep tonight!

Like I always say, “Life is an adventure!”

Montgomery, AL

Our drive from Georgia to Alabama was pretty smooth. We decided to stop for a bite, and saw some familiar eateries, but we wanted to try a local place. We decided on the “Cook Out,” a local burger chain according to the young lady behind the counter. The food was OK. It was a standard burger joint. It was the prices that surprised us. Their cook out tray offered lots of choices.

It filled the space for two hungry travellers, as that was the only meal we ate yesterday.

We stopped for fuel along the way. Our RV felt pretty small next to the big rigs.

Craig behind the wheel. Our official driver. Me, I’m the navigator. We use GPS but I follow along with my maps, just in case we hit a dead zone. I just don’t totally trust technology!😁 Like I said, I’m old school.

We arrived at Deandre and Sheree’s home in the evening and visited with them for a few hours before we retreated to our RV for the night.

It was our first night actually sleeping in the RV. All went well. It was warm and cozy!

Our Basement Suite

Our Georgia visit is coming to an end. Tomorrow we say goodbye to Mike, Julie and our Basement Suite and head to Montgomery, AL.

Craig, me, Mike and Julie. They are the kindest, most, generous people and wonderful hosts! We enjoyed Mike’s Jamaican Jerk chicken and Julie’s Cajun shrimp and sausage dish. 😊

Thank you Mike and Julie for opening your hearts and home to us. Thank you for being such good friends! We enjoyed our visit and will miss you both! Until next time! 🤩😍

Rainbows and Sunshine

While travelling can be exciting and an adventure, it is not all rainbows and sunshine, as you probably well know. Driving thru traffic, getting to the airport, changing planes, and wondering if your luggage will be at your destination when you arrive can bring a certain level of stress. Fortunately for us, everything worked out perfectly. OR, so I thought. Before we arrived at Mike and Julie’s house we stopped to top off our tank with diesel. Our RV is diesel, not gas. While there I opened my luggage to retrieve the rest of our maps. Well, what a surprise! TSA had gone thru my luggage which typically wouldn’t be a problem except that 90% of my clothes and items were WET! aughhh! It had been raining heavily just before we left LA. I imagine that they opened my luggage in the rain or near some puddles, to inspect it, and tossed my items on the ground. Fortunately I use packing cubes. Nevertheless, the majority of my items were wet…in both of my suitcases! That was annoying. Fortunately, I knew I could wash everything at Mike and Julie’s; which I did. 🙂

Did I mention how COLD it is in GA? Where we are it is mid 50’s during the day and the nights have been in the mid 30’s! Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like the cold. I know, I know, it’s January. It is supposed to be cold, and it is! Craig and I will spend time in our RV today making sure we know how to use the heating system, and stove before we hit the road in the morning. We don’t want to freeze out tushies off on the road! LOL, I’ll post more pix later.

The view from our basement suite.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hello all! It has been a BUZY three days! First I want to apologize for not blogging sooner. I had to catch up on some sleep!

So, as I posted on Facebook, Craig and I now have physical possession of our RV. Hallelujah!!! Let me tell you about our journey. It began Monday night January 14th when we caught a red eye from LAX to Jacksonville, FL by way of Ft. Lauderdale. We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at 5:30 a.m. with a three-hour layover. We grabbed a bite to eat and waited. We hopped on our 9 a.m. flight to Jacksonville and caught an Uber to the Wells Fargo in Callahan, FL where we met with Diana and Mark to make the transaction.

Mark and Diana are LOVELY folks! Since Diana and I had been corresponding about the RV and a bit about our families, I felt as though we had known each other for a long time. Well, we pulled up in the parking lot and there it was, MY RV. It was exactly how I had imagined it. We greeted each other with hugs and smiles. They began telling us all about the features, buttons, gauges and extras. Mark gave the most thorough “tour” of the RV, inside and out while Diana gave me some highlights and showed me where the “goodies” were that they left for us. This lovely couple blessed us with many extras that would be useful in the RV – coffee pot, pot, pans, towels, sheets, first aid kit, hoses and many more extras to get us started on our trek back across the country. Think about it, this is a house on wheels!

We then took it a test drive with Craig getting comfortable behind the wheel, me shotgun, and Mark in the back, on the couch sharing even more information about the unit. As we rode down the highway, I felt like I was in a dream. It was an amazing feeling, realizing that MY prayers, savings, and my heart’s desire was coming to pass. It felt like a dream.

We returned to the Wells Fargo parking lot where Diana had waited for us with our luggage. We chatted a bit more then got down to business. We all signed the required documents, we paid them and we got the keys and the title. After they helped us load our luggage in our RV Diana handed me one last thing; a nylon velcro bag containing all of the manuals for the RV covering the unit from tip to tail. If I were to stack these manuals on the table they would be a good 7” high! That is A LOT of information to review. Craig and I were on “information overload” but we were four happy very happy people!


Alas, the transaction was complete and this beautiful Winnebago Navion was OURS! We watched as Mark and Diana drove away. We sat in OUR RV and just grinned at each other, feeling a little overwhelmed. We smiled and said almost in unison, “This is OUR RV!” Well, Craig started it up, I checked the map and we were on our way. (Sidebar: I am old school, I like paper maps. I don’t trust electronics or Navigation systems. I have a paper map for every state that we plan to drive thru plus a US map – just sayin’.)

We departed Callahan, FL and headed North on Highway 23 toward Atlanta to visit our friends Mike and Julie who had relocated to GA from CA several years ago. As we drove we saw trees; lots and lots of trees. We passed near the outskirts of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, drove through “Bacon” county, near “Coffee” county, yes, these are real counties! While driving up Highway 23, besides trees we saw land, lots and lots of land. On many stretches we would see a house and then another about a mile down the highway. Talk about space! I wondered aloud if they had septic and propane tanks since many of the homes were in areas that were very remote. I have travelled through many states, and I do not recall ever recall seeing so many trees, so much wide-open land and so many empty fields. One thing that Craig and I both noticed were churches. We passed so many little churches on the highway. It was actually quite beautiful and a little eerie at the same time. Eerie because we had not seen ANY people, only cows here and there, but no people. In fact, we saw very few other vehicles on the road. We were the only vehicle on the road for miles and miles at a time. It felt a little like the twilight zone. It became a little more eerie when we saw a confederate flag hung on a doublewide trailer along the highway. We looked at each other and I started to hum the twilight zone theme.

It was late in the afternoon and we were tired. Mind you, we had been awake since Monday about 8 a.m….and it was now Tuesday afternoon about 4 p.m. We caught a couple of cat-naps on our flights, but neither of us got more than an hour of sleep. We were tempted to pull over and take a nap, but opted not to, so Craig kept driving.

Craig trying to catch some ZZZ’s on the plane.😴

We had the navigation set and no music playing. We didn’t preset any stations on the radio and we did not have the correct cord to play music thru our phones. We just chatted and familiarized ourselves with the sounds of the RV – the blinds tapping the windows the sound of the refrigerator and the sound of the engine. During a quiet moment, I looked at Craig and said, “This is OUR RV!” After hours of driving, the realization hit me; I was the owner of an RV. This RV, the RV that Craig was driving was OURS! It was such an overwhelming and yet fulfilling moment that I sat there and quietly cried happy tears.

After hours of driving, about 10 p.m., we arrived at our first destination, Mike and Julie’s near Atlanta. We have been friends with Mike and Julie for at least 20 years. These lovely people are some of the most generous I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and are the most gracious hosts ever! Their home in GA is in a gorgeous community with a stream running thru the back yards. Besides the usual wildlife of raccoons, squirrels, and opossums, there are deer. Deer. It is truly a beautiful neighborhood.

Evening View of the nearby lake.

We bid our hello’s and then Mike showed us to our room so we could rest. The room they let us use is actually their basement – which in all honesty is an apartment! It is a spacious fully carpeted one bedroom, full bathroom, living room, huge TV w/cable, a kitchenette fully stocked with snacks, and a pool table! We have access to the backyard from our room. This is our space while staying with them. It is quite lovely.

We slept in this morning – when we were ready for the world, Mike, Craig and I went to lunch atJim and Nick’s BBQ. It was Delicious! We also went shopping for some RV essentials before coming back to relax.

We will spend a couple of days here with Mike and Julie. While here besides visiting we are setting up our RV and getting a little more acquainted with its features. Craig and I will look at the maps and decide which direction we are heading next. I will keep you posted.

We will spend a couple of days here with Mike and Julie. While here besides visiting we are setting up our RV and getting a little more acquainted with its features. Craig and I will look at the maps and decide which direction we are heading next. I will keep you posted.

Until next time…

The Green’s RV Journey


“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”
– Anonymous

“Do not go where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are the Green’s – Craig and Debbie from Southern California; both born and raised. We are believers who understand that FAITH makes all things possible.   Craig, the “city guy,” was raised in South Central Los Angeles and me the “nature girl” was raised in San Pedro, a small port town by the beach.  We met in briefly in 1979; shortly thereafter we worked together in a small photography studio.  We became very good friends and then married in 1983. 

Our ultimate goal is to travel and explore all 50 states and Canada; happily, we can check Hawaii off of our list. We are excited to meet new people, make friends, handle our business, and make many memories as we journey and explore this big, beautiful country of ours! Who knows, we just may find another state to plant our feet in!  We have no particular plan or timeline. We will see where the road leads us…maybe we will meet YOU along the way!!

Since Craig’s strength is photography, he will be our primary photographer during our travels and I will be our primary blogger. So, when you see those breathtaking sunsets and landscape shots, they were most likely taken by Craig.  I love to take photos too (with my phone) and may post a few as well.  But the really beautiful pix were more than likely taken by Craig.  Stay tuned and enjoy the journey with us…


January 5, 2019

Dreams, goals, desires, fantasies.  We all have them, or should.

I’ve heard that most little girls have dreams and visions about their wedding, future husband or family. Is it advertising?  Programming?  My generation? I’m not sure; but what I am sure of is that I was never that little girl.  I have never dreamed about those things.  I have always dreamed and envisioned myself traveling.  Travel.  There is something about the unknown and an adventure that calls to me.  The thought of driving down a road exploring, seeking new horizons, watching a sunset, a sunrise, taking a stroll through a field of flowers – stopping to smell them, sitting by a lake or stream letting your mind wander, or hiking up the side of a mountain to enjoy the sights at a distance. That has been my dream as long as I can remember.

When I was a kid every weekend my dad would take my brothers and I somewhere; the beach, park, or the mountains.  He loved the outdoors.  We would talk, walk, hike, and explore.  He made every outing feel like an adventure. I credit him for igniting the “adventurous spirit” in me.

For years and years I have seen people driving  RV’s down the highways and roads, and I couldn’t help but wonder, what adventures lie ahead for them?  Where are they going? Where will they stop? What will they see?  Who will they meet?  In my heart of hearts I have always known that some how, some day I would join those fortunate travelers and adventurous people and hit the road in MY very own RV. 

Well, at the age of 63 my dream is coming true.  For the last several years I have been dragging my husband with me to RV shows.  Fortunately for me they have been held in October, on my birthday weekend.  So this has been how I have chosen to spend my birthday weekend;  at an RV show.  I loved wandering through the various RV’s marveling at the size and amenities of each model.  Some so large that they were, quite frankly, intimidating, and some so small that only one person could occupy it comfortably. 

During our RV show visits I learned that there are three basic “classes” of RV’s: the “Class A,” a bus type; the “Class B,” a van conversion; and the “Class C,” a sort of combination of a Class A and B, with a van/truck front and bus back. Mind you there are quite a few variations, but after looking at the various models, one begins to see a pattern in the models and amenities.  After much note taking, photos, research and comparing we have selected the “Class C.”  I knew I would not purchase a new one because, well, they could be quite expensive and like a car, once you drive it off of the lot, sadly, the depreciation factor begins.  So, I began my search for a used RV with certain parameters; a small 24 foot model with ample storage, low miles, excellent condition and nothing older than a 2016. Also, it had to be a Mercedes sprinter chassis because the Ford and Chevy models didn’t provide enough leg room for Craig, who is 6’1’’.  Ideally the Winnebago Navion View was my first choice with a Forrest River 2401R as a close second.  Although they both provide the space we needed, the Navion View was what I really wanted.  It has a pretty sleek look to it and provides plenty of room for two, ample interior storage, and a Mercedes diesel powered engine that surprisingly gets great gas mileage, comparatively speaking.

The hunt to find OUR RV began early in 2018.  I decided to search online just typing in google searches for “Used Class C RV’s for sale.” I would visit on line sites such as “Camping World” and “RV Trader” taking hours at a time combing over and comparing the various Class C’s for sale.  After months of searching I came upon an RV that hit all of my boxes; a beautiful 2016 Winnebego Navion.  After combing through the interior photos I would close my eyes and imagine myself in the passenger seat watching the tall redwoods or sequoias pass my window as we slowly drove through the winding mountain roads. I imagined camping overnight and getting up early to sit outside in my camp chair on a brisk morning, wrapped in a blanket, sipping a cup of coffee watching the sunrise in the distance; listening to the forest wake up; birds chirping and singing in the background, squirrels scurrying about, playing and looking for food.  I could envision me in the quiet of the morning having private conversations with God and listening for his casual reply.  Yes, I could actually see these things in my mind’s eye.  I began thanking GOD for the manifestation of my dream – not sure how this will all work out, but just knowing in my heart that it would.

Knowing that one day soon I would have an RV of my own I began to research RV travel groups, blogs and organizations geared toward travellers and RVer’s alike.   I have recently joined  a few organizations; RVillage, ParkAdvisor, RoadTrippers, Campendium, Harvest Hosts and Gasbuddy. We look forward to utilizing these resources and meeting many wonderful people on the road.

Back to that beautiful 2016 Winnebego Navion.  Around Thanksgiving I reached out to owners Mark and Diane via RV Trader expressing interest in purchasing their beautiful RV.  We came to an agreement in December 2018.  However, since Craig and I were going on a 15-day cruise to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary, they agreed to hold the RV for us until January after I retired.   (Sidebar: I retired on 12/30/18.  Craig has been retired for 11 years now.)

During the month of December, Diane and I kept in touch learning a little about each other and our families.  She learned that this is our first RV and that our plan is to travel the country to see where we might want to plant our feet.  I learned that they have a mountain cabin that they desire to retire to someday.  Being the beautiful couple that they are, Mark and Diane are blessing us with the pots, pans, utensils, towels, sheets, blankets and a utility box containing some RV essentials.  They also filled the gas, propane and water tanks for us along with making the RV shiny and clean inside and out.  What a blessing these lovely people are. Craig and I will have the pleasure of meeting Mark and Diana on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 when we pick up our RV. 

This ends my first post. Until we meet again!